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A Letter from a Clergy-man in the Country, to a Dignified Clergy-man in London,
Vindicating the Bill Brought in the Last Sessions of Parliament for Preventing the Translation of Bishops (1702)

Sermons by the Late Rev. Cornelius R. Duffie, A.M. Rector of St. Thomas' Church, New-York
To which is Prefixed, A Memoir of the Author (1829)

Volume One

A Letter to the Hon. and Rev. George Spencer on the Oxford Movement in the United States
By Americo-Catholicus, Formerly a Member of the Protestant Episcopal Church (1842)

The Divine Institution and Use of the Festival System of the Church
By Jedediah Vincent Huntington (1843)

Lachrymae Ecclesiae: The Anglican Reformed Church and Her Clergy in the Days of their Destitution and Suffering during the Great Rebellion in the Seventeenth Century
By George Wyatt (1844)

Apostacy: A Sermon, in Reference to a Late Event at S. Paul's, Knightsbridge, Preached on the Twenty-second Sunday after Trinity, 1847
By William J. E. Bennett (1847)

Puseyite Developments, or Notices of the New York Ecclesiologists
Dedicated to their Patron, the Right Rev. Bishop Ives, of North Carolina.
By A Layman (1850)

A Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Rupert's Land, at His Primary Visitation
By David Anderson (1851)

On Some of the Prevalent Objections to Ritual Observances: A Sermon Preached in S. Barnabas' Church, Pimlico
By G. R. Portal (1854)

Christ and Not the Virgin Mary, the Head of the New Creation
By Cornelius E. Swope (1855)

Journal of a Walk with the Bishop of New Zealand, from Auckland to Taranaki
By C. J. Abraham (1856)

The Stranger in the Church
By George Burgess (1858)

A Letter to the Right Hon. and Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of London on the Subject of the Present Religious Movement in Italy
By the Rev. L. M. Hogg and T. Parry Woodcock, Esq. (1861)

Pastoral Letter from the Bishops of the Protestant Episcopal Church to the Clergy and Laity of the Church in the Confederate States of America (1862)

Six Short Sermons on Sin: Lent Lectures at S. Alban the Martyr, Holborn
By Orby Shipley (1868)

A Letter to the Right Rev. H. L. Jenner
By Henry Jacobs (1874)

The Church of Holy Memorials: An Open Letter to the Rev. John W. Brown, D.D., Rector of Trinity Church, Cleveland, Ohio
By James Aaron Bolles (1881)

Quiet Days and Retreats: Being Some Thoughts on Their Observance
By W. C. E. Newbolt (1894)

Our National Church: A Sermon Preached at the Anniversary Service of the Church of England Institute at Trinity Church, St. John, N.B. October 15th, 1902
By John de Soyres (1902)

A Visit to Norfolk Island
By P. Stacy Waddy (1906)

By James W. Stack (1909)

The Isles That Wait
By A Lady Member of the Melanesian Mission [Ellen Wilson] (1911)

Religion and English Society
By J.N. Figgis (1911)

The Church in Bondage
By R. A. Hilary Knox (1914)

History of the Diocese of Fond du Lac and Its Several Congregations, 1875-1925
By A. Parker Curtiss (1925)

History of the American Episcopal Church 1600-1915
By S. D. McConnell (1934)

Polynesia Patchwork: The Tale of a Pacific Diocese
By C.W. Whonsbon-Aston (1948)

Women of Melanesia
The Mothers' Union, (c. 1956)

Bishop's College Calcutta 1820-1970 (1970)


The Catholicism of the Anglican Church and Its Branches
By Walter Farquar Hook (1825, 1844 edition)

Seventy Years Since; Or, What We Owe to Bishop Seabury
By Arthur Cleveland Coxe (1848)

The Nobleness of Theological Studies
By George Burgess (1862)

The Anglo-American Church in Paris and the Great Exhibition: A Sermon, Preached on the Occasion of the Opening of the Anglo-American Church, Paris
By William Bacon Stevens (1867)

"Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord:" A Sermon Preached before the University of Oxford, at the Church of St. Mary-the-Virgin on Advent Sunday, December 1st, 1867
By Alexander Heriot Mackonochie (1867)

Memorial Sketch of Frederick John Cookesley: Late Missionary in Labrador and Canada
By W. G. Cookesley (1867)

What is Doing in Furtherance of Church Reformation in Italy?
By Lewis M. Hogg (1867)

Walter Kerr Hamilton, Bishop of Salisbury: A Sketch
By H.P. Liddon (1869)

A Memoir of Alexander, Bishop of Brechin, with a Brief Notice of His Brother the Rev. George Hay Forbes
By Felicia Skene (1876)

The Mexican Branch of the Church, As Described by Eye-witnesses
By Heman Dyer, Albert Zabriskie Gray, Manuel Aguas and Alfred Lee (1876)

The Pioneer Missionary: A Sermon in Commemoration of the Rev. James Lloyd Breck
By Robert B. Fairbairn (1876)

Report of the Committee of Inquiry Appointed by the Convention of the Diocese of Pennsylvania in the Matter of St. Clement's Church (1879)

Canon Liddon: A Memoir
With the Four Sermons Preached at St. Paul's Cathedral in April
And His Last Sermon Preached at St. Mary's, Oxford on Whitsunday (1890)

William West Skiles
A Sketch of Missionary Life at Valle Crucis in Western North Carolina 1842-1862
Edited by Susan Fenimore Cooper (1890)

The Third Lambeth Conference
By William Stevens Perry (1891)

An Open Letter in Reference to the Consecration of Dr. Brooks
By G. F. Seymour (1892)

The Beginnings of the Episcopal Church in New Haven
By Edwin Harwood (1895)

Bryan King and the Riots at St. George's-in-the-East
By William Crouch (1904)

Mankind and the Church
Being an Attempt to Estimate the Contribution of Great Races to the Fulness of the Church of God, by Seven Bishops
Edited with an Introduction by the Right Rev. H. H. Montgomery (1907)

The Church on the Prairie
By H. H. Montgomery (1910)

An Attempt at Unity in Japan
[Anglican and Eastern Orthodox Churches]
By Charles Filkins Sweet (1912)

Diary and Letters of the Reverend Joseph W. Cook, Missionary to Cheyenne
Arranged by N. S. Thomas (1919)

In His Will: Retreat Addresses
By Frank Weston (1922)

In the Matter of the Presentment of Bishop William Montgomery Brown
Church Advocate's Brief on Appeal (1924)

Memorial Sermons for Charles Henry Brent, Bishop and Doctor (1929)


The Life of John Travers Lewis, First Archbishop of Ontario
By His Wife (no date)

A Letter to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury Occasioned by the Late Meeting in Support of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts
Anonymous (1838)

The Lutheran Aggression: A Letter to the Tranquebar Missionaries
By G. U. Pope (1850)

The Unseen World; Communications with It, Real or Imaginary
By John Mason Neale (1853)

"A Little One Shall Become a Thousand:" A Sermon Preached at the Opening of the Cuddesdon Theological Institution, on Thursday, June 15, 1854.
By George Augustus Selwyn (1854)

Further Thoughts upon the Diocese of Oxford
By an Oxfordshire Idler (1858)

"That They All May Be One"
By James Beaven (1859)

A Parting Letter to the Congregation of Christ Church, Elizabeth
By E. A. Hoffman (1863)

The Protest of the Minority of the Corporation of Trinity College (1864)

A Letter to the Laity of the Diocese of Natal
By John William Colenso (1864)

The Southern Cross and Southern Crown; Or, The Gospel in New Zealand
By Miss Tucker (1866)

The Work and Prospects of Theological Colleges
By H. P. Liddon (1868)

South Sea Island Labour Traffic
By J. C. Patteson (1871)

Abounding in the Work of the Lord
By E. A. Hoffman (1890)

Duties of War Time
By William Reed Huntington (1898)

Religion and Politics
By Algernon Sidney Crapsey (1905)

For the Church Living and Universal. Argument of Edward M. Shepard as Counsel for the Rev. Algernon S. Crapsey, S.T.D., before the Court of Review of the Protestant Episcopal church, upon his Appeal from the Judgment of the Court of the Diocese of Western New York.
By Edward Morse Shepard (1906)

Reunion and the Roman Primacy: An Appeal to Members of the English Church Union
By Viscount Halifax (1925)

The Anámnesis of the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ Containing the Liturgies of the Offertory, Consecration, and Holy Communion, Commonly Called the Mass
According to the Use of the Society of the Catholic Commonwealth (1947)

Western Christianity's Whence and Whither
By F. Hastings Smyth and D. Hecht (1948)


Abbeokuta, or Sunrise Within the Tropics: An Outline of the Origin and Progress of the Yoruba Mission
By Sarah Tucker (1854)

Funeral Services at the Burial of the Right Rev. Leonidas Polk
Sermon by Stephen Elliott (1864)

Sketches of the Rites and Customs of the Greco-Russian Church

Introduction by Charlotte Yonge (1869)

The Limits of Ritualism in the Protestant Episcopal Church
By W. W. Lord (1872)

Catholic Worship Not Pharisaic-Judaism: Or a Brief Explanation of Some Matters in Divine Service Popularly Misunderstood
By R. W. Enraght (1873)

Confirmation Address
By J.W. Colenso (1880)

A Lecture on the Manners and Customs of the Japanese
By William B. Cooper (1880)

The Centenary of the British Colonial Episcopate
By William Stevens Perry (1887)

Journals of the Mashonaland Mission 1888 to 1892
By G. W. H. Knight-Bruce, Bishop for Mashonaland (1892)

Coleridge Patteson of Melanesia
By Joseph Hopkins Twichell (1906)

South Sea Epic: War and the Church in New Guinea
Compiled by Ruth Henrich (1944)

H.H. Montgomery--The Mutton-Bird Bishop
By Geoffrey Stephens (1985) [PDF]


The Unreasonableness of a Separation from the New Bishops
By Humphrey Hody (1691)

A Sermon Preached at the Opening of Christ's Church at Sorel in the Province of Canada
By John Doty (1785)

The Pastor's Obligations to His Flock
By William Heathcote De Lancey (1833)

The True Church Principles of Restoration to the Episcopal Office
By John Henry Hopkins (1854)

Addresses to Candidates for Ordination, on the Questions in the Ordination Service
By Samuel Wilberforce (1860)

Last Journal of George Burgess
Edited by Alfred Lee (1866)

A Plea for Law and Order (1868)
[Correspondence of David Dick and other members of Christ Church in Meadville, Pa., with John B. Kerfoot, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, regarding ritual complaints]

Union with Rome
By Albany J. Christie (1869)

The Best Mode of Working a Parish
By John Franklin Spalding (1888)

The Episcopal Church and the Colored People
By Owen Meredith Waller (1898)

The Church's Burden
By George Herbert Kinsolving (1902)

By Henry Scott Holland (1910)

From Samarai to Ambasi in the Whitkirk
By J. O. Feetham (1917)

Discerning the Lord's Body
By Frederic Hastings Smyth (1946)

The Good Shepherd
By Philip Strong (1983)


New Directory
Pastoral Letters from the House of Bishops of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America

The Necessity of Keeping Our Parish-Churches
By Francis Fullwood (1672)

A Vindication of Their Majesties Authority to Fill the Sees of the Deprived Bishops
By Edward Stillingfleet (1691)

A Pastoral Letter to the Members of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America
Signed by William White (1817)

A Sermon Preached on the Death of the Late Lord Bishop of Quebec
By John Strachan (1826)

A Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Connecticut
By Thomas Church Brownell (1836)

A Pastoral Letter to the Clergy and Other Members of the Protestant Episcopal Church, from the Bishops of Said Church, assembled in General Convention, in the City of New-York, Oct. 6, 1841.
Signed by A. V. Griswold (1841)

Visitation Charge
By Richard Bagot (1842)

The Law and the Prophets Fulfilled in Christ
By Philander Chase (1844)

A Pastoral Letter to the Clergy and Members of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America (1844)

The Struggle of Sense against Faith
By Levi Silliman Ives (1844)

A Brief Review of the Episcopal Church in Virginia
By William Meade (1845)

The Argument of the Bishop of New Jersey
By George Washington Doane (1852)

The Sermon at the Consecration of Horatio Potter
By Francis Fulford (1854)

Pope Pius IV. and the Book of Common Prayer
By E. C. Harington (1856)

Primary Charge before the Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in South Carolina
By Thomas F. Davis (1856)

The Relations and Duties of Free Colored Men in America to Africa
By Alexander Crummell (1861)

Discourse on the National Crisis
By Ferdinand Cartwright Ewer (1861)

A Rector's Reply
By Ferdinand Cartwright Ewer (1864)

The Captive Missionary: Being an Account of the Country and People of Abyssinia
By Henry A. Stern (1868)

The Sermon Delivered at the Opening of the General Convention
By Alfred Lee (1868)

Primary Address
By William Croswell Doane (1869)

A Sermon Delivered at the Institution of J. Sebastian B. Hodges
By William Pinkney (1870)

Report of the Missionary Bishop of Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming
By George M. Randall (1871)

Last Days in Ceylon
By Piers Calverley Claughton (1872)

The Bishop's Address
By William Croswell Doane (1874)

Pastoral Letter of the House of Bishops of the Protestant Episcopal Church;
Read before the General Convention at Trinity Church, Boston, Mass., on Wednesday Evening, October 24, 1877. (1877)

The Custody of Church Property
By George Woolsey Hodge (1879)

Samuel Crowther: The Slave Boy Who Became Bishop of the Niger
By Jesse Page (no date, but c. 1892)

The Apostolic Commission
A Sermon preached at the Consecration of the Rev. William Lawrence, D.D., as Bishop of Massachusetts
By Henry Benjamin Whipple (1893)

Unity and the Lambeth Declaration: Lectures under the Auspices of the Minnesota Church Club (1896)

An Account of the Consecration of the Cathedral Church of Ss Peter and Paul, Dogura
Philip Nigel Warrington Strong (1939)

Among the Ruins
By Arthur Bell (1943)

The Chaplain-General's Call for Mid-Day Prayer
By John Taylor Smith (World War I)


A Sermon on the Qualifications, the Authorities, and the Duties of the Gospel Ministry
By William White (1804)

A Discourse delivered before the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church
By Theodore Dehon (1814)

The Velvet Cushion
By John Cunningham (1814)

Christ's Warning to the Churches
By Alexander Viets Griswold (1817)

A Plea in Behalf of a Separation of the Domestic and Foreign Departments (1835)

A Thanksgiving Sermon
By Thomas Pyne (1835)

A Sermon
By Clement Moore Butler (1844)

The Conspiracy against the Late Bishop of New-York
By James C. Richmond (1845)

Facts Connected with the Presentment of Bishop Onderdonk
By John Jay (1845)

Statement of Bishop Meade, in Reply to Some Parts of Bishop Onderdonk's Statement of Facts and Circumstances Connected with His Trial (1845)

What Ought the Diocese To Do?
Considerations addressed to Churchmen of the Diocese of New-York.
By a Layman (1845)

Three Addresses Delivered at the Commencements of the College of St. James, Washington County, Maryland
By John B. Kerfoot (1848)

A Charge to the Clergy of the Diocese of Pennsylvania
By Alonzo Potter (1849)

"The Doctrine of this Church," and That Alone to be Held and Taught by the Ministry of Christ, in the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States: A Charge to the Clergy of the Diocese of Maryland.
By William Rollinson Whittingham (1849)

The Blessedness of the Sacraments aside from Their Immediate Efficacy
By Benjamin Bosworth Smith (1850)

Special Vocation of the Protestant Episcopal Church in These United States
By Benjamin Bosworth Smith (1850)

The Personality, Kingdom and Power of Satan
A Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Maine
By George Burgess (1859)

A Steadfast People the Pastor's Joy and Crown
By Noah Hunt Schenck (1859)

Pastoral Letter of the House of Bishops of the Protestant Episcopal Church (1862)

Memorial of the Rev. Wm. Chauncy Langdon, on the Subject of the Italian Reform Movement (1865)

A Letter to a Layman of the Diocese of Illinois
By William Rudder (1875)

The Reunion Conference at Bonn 1875
A Personal Narrative by William Stevens Perry (1876)

Pennsylvania Protestant Episcopalianism Not the Religion of the Bible and Prayer Book
By Henry Flanders (1878)

God's Call and Faith's Obedience
By William Bacon Stevens (1881)

Benjamin Bosworth Smith, First Bishop of Kentucky: A Memorial Discourse
By Alfred Lee (1884)

Letters, Documents, &c. in the Matter of Episcopal Jurisdiction in China (c. 1904)

Christianity and History
By J. Neville Figgis (1905)

The Recognition of the Unitas Fratrum as an Old Episcopal Church
By J. Taylor Hamilton (1925)

Glimpses of Missionary Work in the Diocese of South Japan (Kyushu)
By Arthur Lea (1931)

"Out of Great Tribulation."
The Presidential Address and Charge of The Right Reverend Philip Nigel Warrington Strong M.A., Bishop of New Guinea to his Diocesan Conference at Dogura, Papua on Monday June 30th 1947.

Part I. Review
Part II. The Diocese in Retrospect
Part III. Looking Forward

Mothercaft: The Solomons and the New Hebrides
Southern Cross Booklet No. 8 (no date, but circa 1949)

John Coleridge Patteson
A Sermon by Canon Charles Elliot Fox (1961)

The Anglo-Catholic Campaign against Revision of the Book of Common Prayer: The Hickleton Conference of 1911
By Rene Kollar (1993) [PDF]

Liturgical Spirituality under the Southern Cross
By David V. Vunagi (1998)

The Church of Melanesia 1849-1999 [PDF, 547 k]
1999 Selwyn Lectures Marking the 150th Anniversary of the Founding of the Melanesian Mission
Edited by Allan K. Davidson (1999)

Itinerary and Acta of George Augustus Selwyn
Compiled by Michael Blain (2006) [PDF]


A Sermon preached before the Corporation for the Relief of the Widows and Children of Clergymen in the Communion of the Church of England in America
By Samuel Auchmuty (1771)

A Sermon delivered at the Consecration of William Meade
By William White (1829)

The Annual Sermon before the Board of Missions
By John Johns (1838)

Suggestions arising out of the Proposed Alterations in the Cathedral Establishments of England and Wales
By Charles Abel Moysey (1838)

The Triennial Sermon
By J. H. Otey (1838)

The Change at the Resurrection
By Benjamin T. Onderdonk (1840)

The Drummond Schism Examined and Exposed
By a Layman of the Church [William E. Aytoun] (1842)

On the Important Discrepancy between the Church of England and the Scottish Episcopal Community
By Edward Craig (1842)

Reasons for Withdrawing from the Scottish Episcopal Church
By D.T.K. Drummond (1842)

An Address to the Congregation of St Thomas' English Episcopal Chapel, in reference to "A Dissuasive from Schism, &c. by the Right Rev. C.H. Terrot, D.D., Bishop."
By the Rev. David Thomas Kerr Drummond (1843)

Episcopal Government
By John Henry Hopkins (1845)

A Narrative of "Griswold," the African Youth, from the Mission School, at Cape Palmas, Who Died in Boston, May 16, 1844 (1845)

Missale Romanum; Or, the Depth and Mystery of Roman Mass
By Daniel Brevint (1847 edition)

A Sermon, preached by the Rt. Rev. N. H. Cobbs, D.D., before the Annual Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Alabama (1847)

The Moderation of the Episcopal Church
By Manton Eastburn (1849)

How a Minister of Christ May Both Save Himself and Them That Hear Him
By Charles P. McIlvaine (1850)

By William Rollinson Whittingham (1850)

A Letter to Miss Sellon, Superior of the Society of Sisters of Mercy, at Plymouth
By Henry Phillpotts (1852)

Two Letters on Protestant Sisterhoods
Edited by W. A. Muhlenberg (1852)

A Letter to His Grace the Duke of Newcastle, Secretary of State for the Colonies, &c. &c. &c. on behalf of the Melanesian Mission of the Bishop of New Zealand, and also on behalf of Missions to the Aborigines of Australia.
By Lewis M. Hogg (1853)

A Short Inquiry Respecting the Vestments of the Priests of the Anglican Church
By Cecil Daniel Wray (1856)

A Memoir of John Armstrong, D.D., Late Lord Bishop of Grahamstown
By the Rev. T. T. Carter (1857)

The Book of Prayer for the House of Prayer
By William Bacon Stevens (1859)

The Lily of Tiflis
A Sketch from Georgian Church History
By John Mason Neale (1859)

The Peace of Jerusalem
By C. F. Knight (1859)

The Quay of the Dioscuri
By John Mason Neale (1859)

Fifth Triennial Charge
By Alfred Lee (1860)

Israel's Stumbling Blocks
By William Bacon Stevens (1860)

The Bride of Ramcuttah
A Tale of the Jesuit Missions to the East Indies in the Sixteenth Century
By John Mason Neale (1860)

The Way of God in the Storm
By Morgan Dix (1861)

Practical Wisdom in the Planting of a Church
By A. Cleveland Coxe (1868)

The Men of Wonder
By Henry John Whitehouse (1870)

Letter from Manuel Aguas (1871)

Lucia's Marriage
By John Mason Neale (1871)

Rest in Death. A Funeral Sermon on the Decease of the Rev. John Purchas, M.A.
Preached at All Saints', Lambeth, on Sunday October 27, 1872.
By Frederick George Lee (1872)

The Church in Maritzburg
By William Kenneth (1872)

Church Patronage
By A. Mozley (1872)

The Melanesian Mission
By C. H. Brooke (1872)

The Lord's Supper in Relation to Christian Union
By William Augustus Muhlenberg (1873)

The "Ardent Longing" of the Anglican Communion for Peace and Unity
By Henry C. Lay (1874)

Journey from Rangoon to Toungoo, and Six Weeks in the Toungoo Mountains of Burma
By John Trew (1874)

The Pongas Mission
By Joseph Turpin (1874)

Bishop Patteson Memorial Church
From The Illustrated London News, March 12, 1881.

A Discourse delivered in the Cathedral of Our Merciful Saviour, at Faribault, Minnesota on the Eve of the Centenary of the Reverend Samuel Seabury, D.D., Oxon., to the Episcopate of Connecticut, by the Bishops of the Catholic Remainder of the Church in Scotland, at Aberdeen, November 14th, A.D., 1784, and repeated in the Cathedral at Davenport, Iowa November 16th, A. D., 1884.
By William Stevens Perry (1884)

Statement Respecting our Church Work in Mexico
By Alfred Lee (1886)

A Missionary Apostle
By William Stevens Perry (1887)

"Thy Kingdom come." A Sermon preached in Lambeth Palace Chapel March 25, 1887 on the Occasion of the Consecration of the Ven. G.F.P. Blyth, Archdeacon of Rangoon, to be Bishop of the English Church in Jerusalem and the East
By Edward Bickersteth (1887)

The Consolations of the Cross
By Charles Henry Brent (1904)

Nellie Peters' Pocket Handkerchief and What It Saw
By Charles Todd Quintard (1907)

The Lord's Prayer in Twenty-four Languages as Used in the Diocese of Melanesia among the Islands of the South Pacific (1926)

Forty Years in Anvik
By John Wight Chapman (1931)

A Catechism with Prayers to be used by Those Preparing for Holy Baptism and Confirmation, and for Catechumen's Class (1935)

Message to Mission Staff, 31 January, 1942 [Radio Broadcast]
By Philip Strong, Bishop of New Guinea (1942)

The Visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Cathedral of All Saints, Albany, New York (1946)

An Historical Sketch of the Diocese of Saskatchewan of the Anglican Church of Canada
By Walter Frederick Payton (1974)


Essay on Gothic Architecture
By John Henry Hopkins (1836)

The Christian Sacrament and Sacrifice
By way of Discourse, Meditation, and Prayer, upon the Nature, Parts, and Blessings of the Holy Communion
By Daniel Brevint (1847 edition)

The Altar
By Isaac Williams (1849)

Catholic Orthodoxy and Anglo-Catholicism: A Word about Intercommunion between the English and the Orthodox Churches.
By J.J. Overbeck (1860)

Correspondence Concerning the Appointment of an Orthodox Bishop to Natal (1868)

Missionary Bishopric for Algoma (1872)

The Diocese of Bloemfontein; being Extracts from the Journal of the Rev. W. H. Bevan (1872)

Niger Mission: Bishop Crowther's Report of the Overland Journey from Lokoja to Bida, on the River Niger, and thence to Lagos, on the Sea Coast, from November 10th, 1871 to February 8th, 1872.
By Samuel Adjai Crowther (1872)

Extracts from the Journal of a Voyage to the Labrador in the Church Ship "Lavrock" in 1872
By J.B.K. Kelly (1872)

On the Revival of the Diaconate
By C. H. Sale (1872)

The Diocese of British Columbia (1872)

Round Delhi
By C. J. Crowfoot (1872)

Twelve Years in Mauritius
By Bishop Ryan (1872)

In the Bahamas
By Addington Robert Peel Venables (1872)

The Proposed Bishopric of Ballarat (1872)

Church Building at the Antipodes (1873)

The Finished Course, Being Recollections of Bishop Patteson on the Anniversary of His Death
By C. H. Brooke (1873)

Notes of a Missionary Tour by the Bishop of Honolulu
By Alfred Willis (1873)

Notes on the Overland Route, via the Persian Gulf and the Euphrates Valley
By W. B. Keer (1873)

A Bishopric for the Arctic Circle (1874)

My Introduction to the Hawaiian Islands
By J. Bridger (1874)

The Church in the West Indies
By H. H. Parry (1874)

Codrington College, Barbados
By W. T. Webb (1874)

The Offices of the Old Catholic Prayer-Book
Done into English and Compared with the Offices of the Roman and Old German Rituals (1876)

Historical Sketch of Racine College
By Homer Wheeler (1876)

Address of the Right Reverend John Williams, D.D., LL.D.
To the Convention of the Diocese, assembled in Waterbury, June 13, 1876,
Being the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of his Election to the Episcopate (1876)

Addington Venables, Bishop of Nassau
A Sketch of His Life and Labours for the Church of God
By William Francis Henry King (1877)

Family Prayers for the Use of the Cree Indians
Translated by J. A. Mackay (1881)

Sketches of Our Life at Sarawak
By Harriette McDougall (1882)

Owindia: A True Tale of the Mackenzie River Indians, North-West America
By Charlotte Selina Bompas (1886)

The Visit of the General Convention of 1886 to Racine College (1886)

By William Hobart Hare (1888)

Foreign Missions
By John Richardson Selwyn (no date)

Foreign Service Order
By J. R. Selwyn (1896)

Occasional Paper of the Melanesian Mission (June, 1892)

Facts about the Church's Mission in Haiti
A Concise Statement by Bishop Holly (1897)

A Refutation of the Charge of Apostacy made by the Bishop of Honolulu
By John Usborne (1901)

Twenty Years of a New York Rectorship
By William R. Huntington (1903)

The Mind of Christ Jesus in the Church of the Living God
By Charles Henry Brent (1908)

Theological Terms in Native Languages
By Copland King (1913)

Proposals for a Central Missionary Council
By Frank Weston (1914)

The Great Thousand Years
By Ralph Adams Cram (1919)

Chinese Ancestor Worship: A Study of Its Meaning and Its Relations with Christianity
By James Thayer Addison (1925)

Te Alaa Hakatulou Iaho Katoa, Te Veisili Talatala Ma Te Hakatulou Mea Kanakana Ite Kaitapu
[Private and Daily Prayers, the Catechism, Preparation for Holy Communion in Sikaiana] (1932)

The Church in Melanesia
Edited by Stuart W. Artless (1936)

Within the Green Wall
The Story of Holy Cross Liberia Mission 1922-1957
By the Rt. Rev. Robert Erskine Campbell, O.H.C. (1957)

Spearhead: The Story of the Melanesian Brotherhood
By Brian Macdonald-Milne (no date)


An Address in Behalf of the China Mission
By William J. Boone (1837)

Reasons for Not Joining a Party in the Church
By F. D. Maurice (1841)

A Sermon Occasioned by the Burning of the Episcopal Church in the Parish of Grand Manan, N.B.
Preached by the Rev. John Dunn (1841)

The Colonies of Heaven
By Samuel Farmar Jarvis (1846)

Report of a Mission to the Ottahwahs and Ojibwas on Lake Huron
By F. O'Meara (1846)

Reasons for Refusing to Consecrate a Church Having an Altar
By Charles P. McIlvaine (1846)

Second Report of a Mission to the Ottahwahs and Ojibwas on Lake Huron
By F. O'Meara (1849)

The Prospects of the East African Mission.
A Letter to the Rev. Henry Venn, B.D.
By the Rev. Owen Emeric Vidal, M.A. (1850)

The Utmost Parts of the Earth
By William F. Taylor (1856)

The Cruise of the Beacon: A Narrative of a Visit to the Islands in Bass's Straits
By Francis R. Nixon, Bishop of Tasmania (1857)

The Nature of Worship: A Sermon, preached by the Rev. J. Sabastian B. Hodges, Assistant Rector, at St. Peter's Church, Pittsburgh, Pa., August 24th, 1856 (1857)

Cautels of the Mass translated from the Sarum Missal by John Purchas (1858)

Voices from the East; documents on the present state and working of the Oriental Church.
By John Mason Neale; Translated from the original Russ, Slavonic, and French, with notes (1859)

Extracts from a Journal of the Bishop of Honolulu, September to November, 1862
By Thomas Nettleship Staley (1863)

An Account of the Visit of Bishop Patteson to Brisbane, 1864
From the Moreton Bay Courier [Brisbane], April 9, 1864

A Man of God Approved in Christ!
A Sermon Commemorative of the Life of the Rt. Rev. William Jones Boone, D.D., Missionary Bishop to China.
By William Bacon Stevens (1865)

The Light of the World
A Sermon preached at the Consecration of Henry A. Neely as Bishop of Maine
By Horatio Potter (1867)

Address delivered at the First Annual Meeting of the American Church Union
In Trinity Church, New York, April 23d, 1868.
By the President, William F. Morgan, D.D. (1868)

Five Years' Church Work in the Kingdom of Hawaii
By Thomas Nettleship Staley, Bishop of Honolulu (1868)

Plea for the Red Man
By Henry Benjamin Whipple (1868)

The Evangelical Ideal of a Visible Church
By Charles Edward Cheney (1874)

Whence, Whither and Why
By William T. Sabine (1874)

Reasons Why I Became a Reformed Episcopalian
By W. R. Nicholson (1875)

A Sermon on the Occasion of the Consecration of S.I.J. Schereschewsky
By William Bacon Stevens (1877)

The Missionary Episcopate
By Arthur Cleveland Coxe (1884)

Address of H.B. Whipple on the 25th Anniversary of His Election as Bishop of Minnesota (1884)

A Teacher of the Violin and Other Stories
By J.H. Shorthouse (1888)

The Bible, Prayer Book and Terms in Our China Missions
By Samuel Isaac Joseph Schereschewsky (1888)

The Apology of the Church of England
By John Jewel (1888 edition)

The Principles of Government of the Anglican Church in Hawaii, traced to their source, for the settlement of certain controverted questions; to which is added a review of the present position of the Anglican Church in the Kingdom of Hawaii. Published by request of His Majesty King Kalakaua.
Honolulu, R. Grieve, 1890.

Manitoulin; Or, Five years of Church Work among Ojibway Indians and Lumbermen, resident upon that Island or in its Vicinity
By Harold Nelson Burden (1895)

The Archbishops on the Lawfulness of the Liturgical Use of Incense (1899)

Appeal of the English Committee for a New Mission Ship (1900)

With God in Prayer
By Charles Henry Brent (1907)

Hints to Missionaries to Melanesia
By Walter G. Ivens (1907)

School-days in Norfolk Island
By Florence Coombe (1909)

A Form of Spiritual Communion
By Bishop Cecil John Wood (1916)

Suggestions for Revision of the Prayer Book (1920)

The Good News
By Bernard Iddings Bell (1921)

India and the Church: Being Impressions of Some Members of the Mission of Help
Edited by E. Priestley Swain (1923)

The Doctrine of the Infallible Book
By Charles Gore, [no date, but 1924]

On Our Island
By Etta Mason (1926)

The Words from His Throne: A Study of the Cross
By Charles Lewis Slattery (1927)

A Pioneer of Papua: Being the Life of the Rev. Copland King
By Gilbert White (1929)

Sermon preached at the Consecration of the Reverend Walter Hubert Baddeley to the Office of Bishop of the Missionary Diocese of Melanesia
In the Cathedral Church of Saint Mary, in the City and Diocese of Auckland, on the Feast of St. Andrew November 30th, 1932 by the Reverend Thomas Cartwright Cullwick, former Archdeacon of Southern Melanesia (1932)

Objections to Missions Answered
Wellington: N.Z. Anglican Board of Missions, 1932.

The Wake of the Southern Cross
By Cecil Wilson (1932)

Precis of a Report by the Bishop [Walter Hubert Baddeley] given at a meeting of the General Committee at Church House, Westminster, 29th January, 1936
Sydney: Union House, 1936.

Our Church and Orientals in America (1937)

Melanesia To-Day: Solomons Christians
By the Rev. Donald Mayberry, Chaplain U.S.N.R. (1944 or 1945)

Melanesian Mission
The Community of the Cross (1946)

The Printed Word: The Solomons and the New Hebrides
Southern Cross Booklet No. 4a (no date, but circa 1949)

Metacosmesis: The Christian Marxism of Frederic Hastings Smyth and the Society of the Catholic Commonwealth
By Terry Brown (1987)

Directions for the use of Incense at High Celebration of the Holy Eucharist (no date)

Sonnets of the Cross
By Thomas S. Jones, Jr. (no date)

The Role of the Anglican Church in Mauritius
Le rôle de l'Église Anglicane à Maurice

By Trevor Huddleston (1981)


A Companion for Candidates of Holy Orders. Or, the great importance and Principal Duties of the Priestly Office
By George Bull (1794)

Lewchew and the Lewchewans
Being a Narrative of a Visit to Lewchew or Loo Choo, in October, 1850.
By George Smith, Bishop of Victoria (1853)

Our National Relations with China
By George Smith, Bishop of Victoria [Hong Kong] (1857)

Rose and Minnie, or, The Loyalists: A Tale of Canada in 1837 (1861)

Two Sermons
By Thomas Nettleship Staley (1863)

"The Waiting Isles." A Sermon preached at the Farewell Service of the Mission to the Sandwich Islands, in Westminster Abbey, July 23, 1862.
By the Right Rev. the Bishop of Honolulu.
Honolulu: Printed at the Polynesian Office, 1863.

An Inaugural Sermon preached in the Temporary Cathedral of Honolulu, October 18, 1862.
By the Right Rev. the Bishop of the Diocese.
Honolulu: Printed at the Polynesian Office, 1863.

Diocesan Board of Missions.
From the Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday, April 16, 1864, page 5.

Notes [of a] Visit to Norfolk Island, the Head Quarters of the Melanesian Mission, in November, 1872
From the Journal of the Bishop of Auckland, New Zealand. [Bishop William Garden Cowie] (1872)

The Lessons of the Holy Sepulchre
By J. R. Selwyn (1873)

Norfolk Island and Its Inhabitants
By Joseph Campbell (1879)

Litany of the Melanesian Mission
Auckland, N.Z.: Wilsons and Horton, [c. 1880-1906]

The Mexican Episcopal Church
Letter of the Four Bishops, and Historical Statement of the Provisional Committee (1894)

The Reformation in Mexico (1894)

Ritual Notes on the Order of Divine Service
By the Editors of "The Order of Divine Service," &c., &c. (1894)

By Reef and Shoal: Being an Account of a Voyage amongst the Islands in the South-western Pacific.
By William Sinker (1907)

Pictures of the English Liturgy, by Martin Travers.
London: Society of SS. Peter and Paul (1916)

Volume I: High Mass
Volume II: Low Mass

The Black Slaves of Prussia
By Frank Weston (1918)

Florence Buchanan: The Little Deaconess of the South Seas
By Emlyn Jones (1921)

Francis de Sales Buchanan: Missionary in New Guinea
A Memoir by Gilbert White, D.D. (1923)

Melanesian Mission Occasional Papers No. 4.
Hints on District Work
By J. M. Steward (1926)

All Saints' Church, Brisbane 1862-1937
By D. L. Kissick, B.A. (1937)

Reminiscences by R. Hodgson [The Ven. Reginald Hodgson]: Missionary Priest in Melanesia Mission 1916 + 1924 (1966)

Some Thoughts on Identity in Anglican Religious Life
By Petà Dunstan (2002) [PDF]

Anglican Missions to the Japanese in Canada
By Timothy M. Nakayama (2003) [PDF]

Bishops and Religious 1897-1914
By Petà Dunstan (2004) [PDF]


A Memorial Representing the Present State of Religion, on the Continent of North-America
By Thomas Bray (1701)

The Royal Martyr K. Charles I. An Opera
By Alexander Fyfe (1705)

A Sermon delivered in Christ-Church, Philadelphia at the Opening of the Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church
By William White (1787)

A Thanksgiving Sermon, preached January 1, 1808, in St. Thomas's, or the African Episcopal, Church, Philadelphia:
On Account of the Abolition of the African slave trade, on that day, by the Congress of the United States
By Absalom Jones, rector of the said church (1808)

Fifteen Sermons Preached at the Rolls Chapel
By Joseph Butler
Cambridge: Published by Hilliard and Brown; Boston: Hilliard, Gray, Little, and Wilkins, 1827.

The Catechism of Thomas Becon, S.T.P.
Chaplain to Archbishop Cranmer, Prebendary of Canterbury &c.
With Other Pieces Written by Him in the Reign of King Edward the Sixth.
Edited for the Parker Society by the Rev. John Ayre, M.A.,
Cambridge: Printed at the University Press, 1844.

The Cumberland Station
By Archdeacon James Hunter
From Church Missionary Intelligencer, February, 1855

Directorium Anglicanum
Being a Manual of Directions for the Right Celebration of the Holy Communion, for the Saying of Matins and Evensong, and for the Performance of Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, according to Ancient Uses of the Church of England.
With Plan of Chancel and Illustrations of "Such Ornaments of the Church, and of the Ministers Thereof, at All Times of Their Ministration, (As) Shall Be Retained, and Be in Use as Were in This Church of England, by the Authority of Parliament, in the Second Year of the Reign of King Edward the Sixth."
Edited by the Rev. John Purchas, M.A., Christ's College, Cambridge.
London: Joseph Masters, 1858. [first edition]

"Songs by the Way"
The Poetical Writings of the Right Rev. George Washington Doane, D.D., LL.D.
Arranged and Edited by His Son, William Croswell Doane
New York: D. Appleton, 1860.

Penitentiaries and Reformatories
By Felicia Skene
Edinburgh: Edmonston and Douglas, 1865.

The Communion Service from the Book of Common Prayer
With Select Readings from the Writings of the Rev. F. D. Maurice, M.A.
Edited by the Right Rev. John William Colenso, D.D. Lord Bishop of Natal.
London: Macmillan and Co., 1874.

The Shadow of the Holy Week
By Felicia Skene
London: J. Masters, 1883.

Missions to the Oneidas
By Susan Fenimore Cooper
Serialized in The Living Church 1885-1886

The Streets and Lanes of the City
By Mary Eleanor Benson
With a brief memoir by her father [E. W. Benson, Archbishop of Canterbury].
London: Privately printed, 1891.

A Broadcast June, 1945
By W. H. Baddeley, Bishop of Melanesia (1945)

UnEnglish and Unmanly: Anglo-Catholicism and Homosexuality
By David Hilliard (1982) [PDF]

Maisin Christianity: An Ethnography of the Contemporary Religion of a Seaboard Melanesian People
By John Barker
A Thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of doctor of Philosophy in the Faculty of Graduate Studies (Department of Anthropology and Sociology) University of British Columbia, 1985 [PDF]

"Unpretending labours": Julia Farr and the Melanesian Mission
By Janet Crawford
Presented at the First Biennial TransTasman Conference: ANZ Missionaries, At Home and Abroad 2004 [PDF]

The Choir School in the American Church: A study of the choir school and other current chorister training models in Episcopal and Anglican parishes.
A supporting document submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree Doctor of Musical Arts, University of California at Santa Barbara
By Daniel James McGrath, June 2005 [PDF]

Amy Oxley: Letters from China
An Australian Missionary Nurse of the Church Missionary Association of New South Wales, Fujian Province, China 1895-c1920
A documentary narrative by Ian Welch, Australian National University, 2006. [PDF]

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