Directorium Anglicanum
First edition of 1858

Editorial comment

Scanning the text of this book has presented a number of problems.

1. The footnotes have subnotes and a substantial portion of the text is included in the footnotes. Most pages are presented in two columns: on the left the main text and on the right the footnotes. The subnotes are placed at the end of each webpage with appropriate hyperlinks. The original division into pages has in general been preserved, except

a) where a footnote runs onto a second page, the whole footnote has been shown on the initial page,

b) where a word in the main text is hyphenated and split over two pages the whole word is shown on the first page.

2. The text is printed using the long-s, which my OCR program normally interprets as an f. The OCR program also sometimes has trouble with italics and the ligature ct. Undoubtedly I have failed to correct all the errors so please advise me of any that you find.

3. Small capitals are shown as normal capitals.

4. Greek is shown without accents.

Peter Owen
peter (at) justus (dot) anglican (dot) org


Title page



List of Books and Editions

List of Illustrations


The Celebration of the Holy Eucharist 1

The Vestments 12

The Order of Administration 23
    continued 64

The Calendar 76

Matins and Evensong 86

The Creed of S. Athanasius 119

The Litany 120

Prayers and Thanksgivings upon several occasions 122

The Collects, Epistles and Gospels 123

The Sacrament of Holy Baptism 125

The Ministration of Private Baptism of Children in houses 127

The Ministration of Baptism to such as are of riper years 130

The Order for Confirmation 132

The Order for Matrimony 134

The Order for the Visitation of the Sick 136

The Communion of the Sick 137

The Order for the Burial of the Dead 140

The Churching of Women 143

A Commination or Denouncing of GOD'S Anger against Sinners 144

The Ordinal 146


Cautels (the Bread and Wine) 161

Of the Colours of the Vestments 163

Of the Fashion of the Vestments 164

Of the Preparation of the Altar and its Ornaments for Holy Communion 165

The Sign of the Cross 166

Directions for Celebrant 166

The Parts of the Altar 167

Directions for Deacon and Subdeacon 169

Solemn Service in the Absence of a Subdeacon 171

Directions for Acolytes or Lay Assistants 172

Directions for Servers 173

Celebration with two Servers 176

Directions as to Chalices and Patens 177

On the Music of the English Church 178

Form of Consecration of Churches, &c 181

Office for Restoration of a Church 192

Office for Expiation and Illustration of a Church 194

Solemn Service in Presence of a Bishop assisting Pontifically 196

Various Benedictions 197

Old Vestments to be burnt 200

Reconsecration and Reconciling of Churches 200

The Oil of Chrism 200

The Oil of the Sick 200

Holy Oil 200

The Lesser Sacrament of Penance 201

Form for the Admission of a Chorister 202

Floral Decorations 204

Rules for Sacristans 209

Flowers on the Altar 210

Flower Vases 210

Feasts of Obligation 210

Feasts of Devotion 210

Rules for a Sacristy 211

Cleansing of Church Furniture 212

Processions 213

Processional Banners, &c 215

Form of Bidding of Prayer 215

Ornaments of the Church 216

Ornaments of the Ministers 219

Extracts' from the Carlton Ride Inventories 222

Judgment of the Privy Council in the Cafe of the Knightsbridge Churches 224

Comment thereon by the Recorder of Salisbury 225

Glossary 230

Index 237



[Note: These corrections have been made to the online text.]

Persons using this Book are requested to make with a pen the following corrections:—

Page 22, a, line 4, for “triangular” read “quadrangular.”

Page 27, line 6, for the colon read a comma.

Page 27, a, line 1, for “before” read “during.”

Page 50, line 5, for “upon” read “outside.”

Page 53, b, line 2, for “IT” read “it.”

Page 72, line 5, omit “and gloria

Page 72, line 8, omit “and gloria

Page 219, a, line 30, for “The church-yard crosses” read “The Church-yard Cross.”

Page 219, b, line 16, after “maniple” insert “(worn also by Epistoler.)”