List of Illustrations

The small illustrations are suitable for viewing on screen. The large illustrations are suitable for printing (at 600 dpi) and are up to nearly 1 MB in size.


1. The Holy Communion (frontispiece) small large

2. Deacon. Bishop. Priest (from a Brass). small large

3. Priest, in Surplice, Hood, and Stole. Acolyte, or Lay Clerk. Priest, vested in Cope. small large

4. Ferial Cope, Ely Cathedral. Biretta. Zucchetto. small large

5. Chancel, &c. small large

6. General View of Church Arrangements, &c. small large

7. An Altar vested. small large

8. Altar, &c. Oblation of the Elements. Book and Desk. small large

9. Ciborium. Standard Lights. Corporal Case. small large

10. Metal Wine Cruet. Chalice. Glass Water Cruet. small large

11. Paten. Alms-dish. small large

12. Diagram of Altar, showing the distinction between the north side and the north end. small large

Title page

small large