Taken in the Reign of King EDWARD the Sixth,

Name of Parish and Date
of Inventory.
Crosses. Candlesticks. Altar Cloths. Other Vestments. Remarks.

S. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL, London, 1552, 6 EDWARD VI., more than two years after Ridley's Primary Visitation.

N.B. — It will be remembered that the law as to ornaments had now just been altered by the 5 & 6 Edward VI., c. 1.

A precious cross of cristal, set in silver, and all gilt, with many precious stones about him on both fides, and a crown of silver and gilt, set with many and divers precious stones. A fair cross with the crucifix, and Mary and John, with two angels. A great large cross, with the crucifix enamelled. A plain cross, plated with silver, and gilt, and 4 red stones set with pearls and stones. Two cristal crosses. Two great candlesticks, silver, and parcel gylte; 2 other candlesticks, silver, and parcel gilt; 2 candlesticks of silver, the shafts of cristal. One rich front for high altar, full of perles; 1 hanging white damask, richly made, with needlework hanging of red velvet, with angels; another of blue silk, with goodly images ; another of blue silk, with crucifix in midst. Hanging of red silk, with stripes of gold ; another of white damask, with flowers of silk; another of red bawdekin, with a crucifix and flowers, with many other hangings and cloths. 241 copes of clothe of gold, silk, satin, velvet, embroidered in gold and colours; 76 tunicles, with gold and embroidery, and figures; 32 vestments, richly embroidered ; 41 albes, 9 corporas cases, and the linen.
Several basons of silver. Five fyne towels for the communion. This inventory is signed by Walter May, Dean, and 3 of the Canons.
London, 16th of September,
A cross of silver, parcel gilt, weighing 45 ounces.

Two fair candlesticks of silver, both weighing 82 ounces. Five table cloths, one plain, four of diaper. An altar cloth of russet velvet, and a crucifix of gold.

2 fair copes of cloth of gold, red and blue velvet. A vestment of white damask, cope of red velvet, with flowers.

A communion table with a frame.
London, 1552.
Cross of latteen, another for Lent. 4 pairs of latteen candlesticks. Upper and nether cloth of gold and red velvet; do. blue velvet flowered and embroidered; do. white velvet, do. white damask, and others; 21 of diaper, 8 plain. 6 old chasubles, 6 copes, 6 albes. Diaper towels, corporas cases.
Aldersgate Street, London, 1552.
Cross, silver-gilt, lxxi. ozs.   Altar cloth, red bawdkin, cloth of gold, another red and blue velvet embroidered, another red and white satin of Bruges, and several others. 2 copes of cloth of gold. 2 red bawdkin, with crosses of gold. Several vestments, deacon and subdeacon, cloth of gold, white damask, &c. Cruets of silver. 5 corporas.
Cold Abbey, London, 6 Ed. VI.
A crozier staff, cross of silver and gilt, weighing 100 ounces. 2 candlesticks, copper and gilt, 2 candlesticks, silver and gilt, weighing 64 ounces, 2 great candlesticks of latteen.

8 altar cloths of green damask, with flowers, 6 hanging. of green satin, 7 do. of white damask, with flowers, 8 altar cloths of white,with drops of blood for Lent, and others.

Cope of red cloth of gold, priest, deacon, sub-deacon ; 3 other such. 2 do. with flower-de-luces, 2 copes, blue, with grapes of gold, and several others; vestment of crimson with angels of gold, of crimson with spangles of gold, of green cloth of gold, and roses of gold; green silk with swans of gold, and several others, some white and black damask and silk; 6 copes for children.

Brede Street, London, 1552.
Silver cross, parcel-gilt, 81 ounces. Pair of silver candlesticks up to 1552. Three carpets for communion table. Fourteen copes and vestments of silk, satin, &c. blue. green, white, some broidered; twenty vestments very rich. Fourteen copes and vestments of silk, satin, &c. blue. Falcon of latteen to put Bible on.
2 crosses, copper. 2 great, 2 small candlesticks. 3 altar cloths. Copes and vestments.  
2 crosses, latteen. 2 candlesticks, silver. 2 candlesticks, silver.

2 vestments, white satin, 2 others red and tawney, 2 copes of silk.

Cross,latteen,and 2 cross staves, copper. 2 standards of latteen. 8 table cloths, 10 do. Copes, vestments, in suits of green, red, &c. silk velvet. Corporas cloths.
Cross of wood, plated.

2 great candlesticks.   Copes and chasubles.  
Cross, silver and gilt. 2 standards of brass, and others. 9 altar cloths. Suits of vestments and copes of blue, green, red, and white silk, embroidered, and chasubles do.  
Cross of brass, cross staff of copper. Pair of candlesticks, brass. 3 altar cloths, 3 table cloths. Copes, vestments, with albes of blue, green, silk, velvet, &c. Corporas cloths.
Crucifix, with Mary and John. Wooden cross, silvered over. Altar cloths. Copes, and vestments, and chasubles, 1 blue and red, with albe; 1 with red cross; and two albes 1 red satin. Corporas cloths.

See also for further lists, Perry's Lawful Church Ornaments, pp. 88 — 92, 94 — 108; and Appendix lxv. — lxxiii.; also Ecclesiologist, No. cxiv. p. 197; and Stephens' edition of B. C. P. Vol. I. fol. 352 — 365; which prove what most of the Ornaments of the second year were nominatim.

* These extracts are selected from Mr. Chambers' Collection (containing an analysis of more than four hundred Inventories) to be found in the Appendix to his “Strictures, Legal and Historical, on the Judgment of the Consistory Court of London, in December, 1855, in the case of Westerton versus Liddell.” London: Benning.

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