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The Altar; or Meditations in Verse on the Great Christian Sacrifice

By Isaac Williams

London: Joseph Masters, 1849.

I. The Gate of Gethsemane

II. The Garden

III. The Cup of Agony

IV. The Kiss of Judas

V. Christ in Bonds

VI. The House of Annas

VII. The Fall of S. Peter

VIII. The Penitent Restored

IX. Pilate's Judgment-Hall

X. Christ before Herod

XI. Pilate and Herod Reconciled

XII. Christ Stripped of His Garments

XIII. Christ Crucified

XIV. The Crown of Thorns

XV. "Behold the Man!"

XVI. Christ Condemned

XVII. Pilate Washing His Hands

XVIII. Christ Bearing the Cross

XIX. The Mourning Women

XX. The Nailing to the Cross

XXI. The Cross Lifted up

XXII. The Cross Dripping Blood

XXIII. Christ Prays for His Enemies

XXIV. The Promise of Paradise

XXV. The Blessed Virgin and S. John

XXVI. Christ Expiring on the Cross

XXVII. Christ's Body on the Cross

XXVIII. The Burial of Christ

XXIX. The Covering of Christ's Body

XXX. Christ Risen

XXXI. Christ Appearing

XXXII. The Forty Days

XXXIII. The Ascension

XXXIV. The Descent of the Holy Spirit

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