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A Sermon Preached at the Consecration of Two Archbishops and Ten Bishops
by Jeremy Taylor (1661)

Primitive Tradition Recognised in Holy Scripture
by John Keble (London, 1837)

A Sermon on the Neglect and Apathy of the Public in the Psalmody and Responses in the Church Services
by the Rev. W. Bennett (London, 1841)

The True Catholic Pastor of the Church of Jesus Christ
by George Washington Doane (Burlington, NJ, 1842)

Grounds for Abiding in the Church of England
by Joseph Oldknow (London, 1845)

The New-York Ecclesiologist
Number 1, October, 1848.

Sermons During the Season from Advent to Whitsuntide
By the Rev. E. B. Pusey, D.D. (Oxford, 1848.)

Sermon 1 [Advent]
Sermon 2 [Advent]
Sermon 3 [Christmas Eve]
Sermon 4 [Christmas]
Sermon 5 [Christmas]
Sermon 6 [Feast of St. Stephen]

Women Labouring in the Lord
by John Keble (1863)

Pentecostal Fear
by John Keble (1864)

Lectures on the Pantheistic Idea of an Impersonal-Substance-Deity,
as Contrasted with the Christian Faith concerning Almighty God.
By the Rev. Morgan Dix (1864)

The Woman and Her Accusers: A Plea for the Midnight Mission.
by W. A. Muhlenberg, D.D. (New York, 1871)

The Story of Nashotah
by the Rev. John H. Egar (London, 1873; Milwaukee, 1874)

Four Documents on the Reformed Episcopal Church
Foreword by the Bishop of New York (1874)

A Day at Nashotah
The Church Eclectic, 1893

John Wesley and the Anglo-Catholic Revival
by G.W. Taylor (1905)

Freemasonry and the Church
by Frederic Morehouse (Milwaukee, 1910)

William Laud: Archbishop of Canterbury and Martyr
by the Rev. Lucius Waterman, D.D. (General Theological Seminary, 1912)

Three Christmas Sermons
by A.C.A. Hall (1914)

English Catholicism
An Explanation of the Principles and Aims of the Anglican Society
by the Reverend C.B. Moss, D.D. (1931)

The Offices of Master of Ceremonies, Acolytes and Thurifer (no date)


The Book of Sports
by King Charles I (1633)

John Cosin

Sermon 17
Sermon 18
Sermon 19
Sermon 20
Sermon 21
Sermon 22

Instructions to the Clergy of the Church of England
by William Sancroft (London, 1689)

A Letter to Samuel Osgood, Esq.
Occasioned by his Letter upon the Subject of Episcopacy; addressed to a young Gentleman of this City.
by Philalethes (New York, 1807)

Prayers for Families and for Particular Persons Selected from the Book of Common Prayer
Translated into the Language of the Six Nations of Indians [Oneida]
by Eleazer Williams (Albany, 1816)

General Theological Seminary Commencement Address
by Samuel A. McCoskry (1839)

General Theological Seminary Commencement Address
by Levi Silliman Ives (1840)

General Theological Seminary Commencement Address
by William Heathcote Delancey (1841)

General Theological Seminary Commencement Address
by W.R. Whittingham (1843)

Sermons During the Season from Advent to Whitsuntide
By the Rev. E. B. Pusey, D.D. (Oxford, 1848.)


Trial of the Rev. O.S. Prescott, Presbyter of the Diocese of Massachusetts, on Charges of Heresy (1851)

Memorial of Sundry Presbyters of the Protestant Episcopal Church
Presented to the House of Bishops, October 18, 1853.
by William Augustus Muhlenberg (New York, 1853)

The Gospel in Its First Progress Westward
by George Burgess (Albany, 1853)

Good Deeds Done for the House of God
by George H. Houghton (1857)

The Late Riot at Lewes
by John Mason Neale (1857)

What "Free Church" Means and Why Churches should be Free.
A Pastoral Letter to the People of the Free Church of the Good Angels, Brooklyn, L.I.
by J.H. Hobart Brown (New York, 1857)

Free Church and Choral Service
by William Ingraham Kip (San Francisco, 1866)

The Criterion: A Means of Distinguishing Truth from Error
With Four Letters on the Eirenicon of Dr. Pusey
by A. Cleveland Coxe (New York, 1866)

The Law of Ritualism, Examined in Its Relation to the Word of God, to the Primitive Church, to the Church of England, and to the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States.
by John Henry Hopkins (New York, 1866)

The Reformed Episcopal Church
by the Rev. Charles Edward Cheney, D.D. (Chicago, 1874)

A Letter from the Rev. James DeKoven, D.D., to the Convention of the Diocese of Illinois (1875)

The Legality of the Election of Dr. DeKoven as Bishop of Illinois,
Established in an Opinion Given by Request of the Standing Committee
by S. Corning Judd (Chicago, 1875)

Is Fairness in Religious Controversy Impossible?
by Oliver S. Prescott (Philadelphia, 1879)

Ministers of Christ, and Stewards of the Mysteries of God
by Eugene A. Hoffman (1883)

What Hath God Wrought
A Transfiguration Anniversary Sermon
by G. H. Houghton (New York, 1887)

Forty-and-Five Years An Anniversary Sermon preached Sunday Morning, October 1st, 1893,
at the Church of the Transfiguration in the City of New York,
By the Rector, G. H. Houghton (New York, [1893])

The Sermon at the Decennary of the Rt. Rev. C.C. Grafton
by the Rt. Rev. William E. McLaren, D.D. (1899)

Consecration of S. Paul's Cathedral Fond du Lac and Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Diocese
Sermon and Historical Addresses (Fond du Lac, [1900])

Father Jones of Cardiff: A Memoir of the Rev. Griffith Arthur Jones, For over Thirty Years Vicar of S. Mary's, Cardiff
by Two Former Curates, J[ohn].W[ollaston].W[ard]. and H.A.C. (1907)

Liberty and Loyalty: Twin Watchwords of the Catholic Position
By A.C.A. Hall, Bishop of Vermont (1916)

Taking Part in the Service
Tracts on Principles of Divine Worship, Number 1. (1916)

A Sermon in Memory of the Reverend William Harold Price
(Shanghai, 1917)

Continuity, by JGH Barry (1922)

How to Conduct a Children's Mass
by the Rev. Reginald A. Kingdon (ca. 1925)

How to Make Mattins and Evensong Real: Some Practical Suggestions
by the Rev. Conrad A.M. Stewart (1926)

The Sacristan and Server
By the Rev. S. E. B. Serle (1927)

The Lambeth Conference and the Reformed Episcopal Church
Joint Commission on Approaches to Unity of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the U.S.A. (1941)

The Viscount Halifax (Charles Lindley Wood) and the Transformation of Lay Authority in the Church of England (1865-1910)
By Ronald B. Young
The General Theological Seminary, STM thesis 2003

Ritual, by JGH Barry (no date)

The Social Service of the Catholic Revival
by Ruth Kenyon (no date)

Public Worship Today: Hopes and Hindrances
by Percy Dearmer (no date)

The Spiritual Life in War-Time
by Evelyn Underhill (no date)


John Cosin

Sermon 14
Sermon 15
Sermon 16

Mark Frank

Second Sermon on the Epiphany
On S. Paul's Day

The Anglo-Catholic Use of Two Lights upon the Altar
For the Signification that Christ is the very true Light of the World
By George Ayliffe Poole (1840)

A Few Words to Parish Clerks and Sextons of Country Parishes
Published by the Ecclesiological late Cambridge Camden Society
By John Mason Neale (1846)

The Duties of the Deacons and Priests of the Church of England Compared
With Suggestions for the Extension of the Order of Deacons, And the Establishment of an Order of Sub-Deacons
by William Hale Hale (1850)

Suggestions for the Extension of the Ministry and the Revival of the Order of Sub-Deacons
by William Hale Hale (1852)

A Tract for the Church in Jerusalem
The Right to Make Proselytes from the Eastern Churches, on True Catholic Principle
by John Henry Hopkins (1854)

Small Dioceses and State Conventions.
Some remarks on the Polity of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in the United States
By a Layman. (1865)

Correspondence touching the Action of the American Church Union
in the Case of The Rev. Colin C. Tate, of Ohio. (1869)

Seven Addresses Delivered at St. Paul's Cathedral
At the Mid-Day Service, Good Friday, 1879.
by V. S. S. Coles (1879)

Sermon by the Rev. A.D. Cole, D.D.
Nashotah, 1875.

Surpliced Boy Choirs in America
By S. B. Whitney (1892)

Blessing and Ban from the Cross of Christ: Meditations on the Seven Words on the Cross
Given in Trinity Church, New York, on Good Friday, A.D. 1894.
By Morgan Dix. (1898)

The Temple of His Body
Being Good Friday Addresses on the Seven Words from the Cross
by Edward Allan Larrabee (1905)

Anglican Church in Corea
Being Documents, original and translated, issued by Authority during the Episcopate of the First Bishop of the Church of England in Corea between 1889 and 1905
by C. J. Corfe (Seoul, 1905)

To the Laity of the Church of England in Corea
To the Clergy and Laity of the Church of England in the Diocese of Corea
To the Members of the Mission Staff
To the Clergy of the Diocese
Diocesan Use for the Celebration of the Holy Communion
The Diptychs of the Mission
The Holy Scriptures and Catechetical Teaching
The Book of Common Prayer and Liturgical Translation
Office for the Admission of Catechumens
Church Discipline

The Calls of the Conqueror
Being Good Friday Addresses on the Seven Words from the Cross
by Edward Allan Larrabee (1908)

Ordination Problems
By John Wordsworth, D.D. (1909)


Ordination Per Saltum and Home Reunion

Faith, Works, and Grace: Addresses on the Seven Words from the Cross.
by Arthur Chandler, Bishop of Bloemfontein. (1920)

Anglican Orders and the Papal Decree of 1948
by J. L. C. Dart (n.d.)


Sermons Preached before the Bishop Seabury Association of Brown University, Providence, R.I.
With a Preface by the Rev. Henry Waterman. (1868)

The Catholic and Tolerant Character of the Church of England, Is it to be maintained?
By the Rev. Edmund Wood. (Montreal, 1871)

The Church in Philadelphia a Type of the Episcopal Church in Scotland.
A Sermon preached on the Dedication Festival at S. Paul's, Dundee, on Sunday, November 3, 1878.
by Charles Wordsworth, D.C.L. (1878)

A Form of Prayer to be Used at Bush Services in the Diocese of North Queensland (1885)

Visit of the Bishop of Salisbury to the Old Catholics of Bohemia
Foreign Church Chronicle, December, 1889.

A Letter on the Succession of Bishops in the Church of England:
Addressed to the Most Reverend John Heykamp, Archbishop of Utrecht, and to the Bishops of Harleem and Deventer,
With the Clergy and Laity of the Old Catholic Church of Holland.
By John Wordsworth, D.D., (1892)

The Purity of the Apostolic Succession and Mission in the Church of England
by W. K. Firminger, (Zanzibar, 1895)

Some Points in the Teaching of the Church of England, set forth for the Information of Orthodox Christians of the East
by John Wordsworth, Bishop of Salisbury (1900)

The Power of the Bishops to licence Laymen to Preach and Read Prayers.
A Letter to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury In Elucidation of the Report of the Joint Committee of the Convocation of Canterbury on "Readers and Sub-deacons."
by John Wordsworth, Bishop of Salisbury (1905)

The Creed: A Full and Sufficient Statement of the Christian Faith
by Morgan Dix (1905)

The Server's Manual
by Robert Frederick Lau (1917)

The Parish Priest
by J.G.H. Barry, D.D., and Selden Peabody Delany, D.D. (1926)

Anglican Low Mass
by Edward C. Trenholme, SSJE (1931)


A Coale from the Altar
by Peter Heylyn (1636)

Reasons Why the University of Oxford Cannot Submit to the Covenant

The Golden Grove, or, A Manuall of Daily Prayers and Letanies
by Jeremy Taylor (1655)

The Patriarchal Funeral
by John Pearson (1658)

Ichabod, or, Five Groans of the Church: Prudently Foreseeing, and Passionately Bewailing her Second Fall.
By Thomas Ken (1663)

A Sermon concerning Church-musick
by John Reading (1663)

A Guide for the Penitent
by Brian Duppa (1664)

Rules and Advices to the Clergy of the Diocese of Down and Connor
by Jeremy Taylor (1672)

A Sermon Preached November 5, 1673
by John Pearson (1673)

The Ladies Calling
attributed to Richard Allestree (1673)

The Life of the Learned and Reverend Dr. Peter Heylyn
by George Vernon (1682)

The Proceedings and Tryal
in the Case of the most Reverend Father in God, William, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury and the Right Reverend Fathers in God, William, Lord Bishop of St. Asaph, Francis, Lord Bishop of Ely, John, Lord Bishop of Chichester, Thomas, Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells, Thomas, Lord Bishop of Peterborough, and Jonathan, Lord Bishop of Bristol, in the Court of Kings-Bench at Westminster in Trinity-term in the fourth year of the reign of King James the Second, Annoque Dom. 1688.

An Answer to an Anonymous Pamphleteer
by John Savage (1690)

The Imitation of Our Lord
A Series of Lectures Delivered at All Saints', Margaret Street in Lent, 1860.
by the Rev. T. T. Carter (1866)

How to Teach the New Testament
by Charlotte Mary Yonge (1882)

On the Rite of Consecration of Churches, Especially in the Church of England.
A Lecture by John Wordsworth, Bishop of Salisbury (1899)


A View of a Seditious Bull sent into England from Pius Quintus Bishop of Rome,
by John Jewel (1582)

An Account of the Present Persecution of the Church in Scotland in Several Letters (1690)

On the Re-Introduction of the System of Private Devotion in Churches
by John Mason Neale, (1844)

Extreme Men: A Letter to A.J.B. Beresford Hope, Esq.
by the Rev. J. M. Neale (1865)

Sermons on the Blessed Sacrament
Preached in the Oratory of S. Margaret's, East Grinstead
by the Rev. J. M. Neale (no date, but posthumous)

The English Church Union. A Paper Read before the American Church Union
by the Hon. D. R. Floyd Jones, President. (1870)

Fasting Communion: How Binding in England by the Canons
by the Rev. Hollingworth Tully Kingdon (1873)

The Virgin Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Foundation of the Christian Religion
by Richard Meux Benson (no date)

The Sacramental Teaching of the Lord's Prayer
by the Rev. Edward A. Larrabee (1889)

Dancing before the Lord and Other Sermons Preached in St. Ignatius' Church, New York
by the Reverend Arthur Ritchie (1892)

Penitence and Peace: Being Addresses on the Fifty-First and Twenty-Third Psalms
By the Rev. W. C. E. Newbolt (1892)

The History of the English Church Union, 1859-1894
by the Rev. G. Bayfield Roberts (1895)

The Rights of the Church of England Under the Restoration Settlement
A Letter to the Lord Bishop of Winchester
by Viscount Halifax (1899)

The Ministry of the Word
By the Rev. W. C. E. Newbolt. (1900)

Duty and Conscience: Addresses Given in Parochial Retreats
At St. Mary Magdalen's, Paddington, Lent, 1883 and 1884.
by Edward King, D.D. Late Bishop of Lincoln. (1911)

The Divisions of Christendom: A Retrospect, by C. B. Moss (no date)

Richard Meux Benson

William Charles Edward Newbolt (1844-1930)


The Practice of Divine Love, by Thomas Ken (1685)

Appendix: Letter to the Poor Inhabitants within the Diocese of Bath and Wells

Tracts for the Times 67-69 [70].
Scriptural Views of Holy Baptism, by E.B. Pusey (1839)

Part I. Chapter I. [pdf]

Tract 76. Catena Patrum No. II.
Testimony of Writers in the later English Church to the Doctrine of Baptismal Regeneration. (1837)

Tract 78. Catena Patrum. No. III.
Testimony of Writers in the Later English Church to the Duty of Maintaining Quod Semper, Quod Ubique, Quod ab Omnibus Traditum Est. (1838)

Tract 81. Catena Patrum. No. IV.
Testimony of Writers in the Later English Church to the Doctrine of the Eucharistic Sacrifice,
With an Historical Account of the Changes Made in the Liturgy as to the Expression of that Doctrine.
[By Edward Bouverie Pusey]

Of the Establishment of an Oratory in London by the Society of the Holy Cross,
by Orby Shipley (1870)

A Sermon Preached before the Synod of SSC at St. Peter's, London Docks, May 1873.
By W. J. E. Bennett. With Synod Proceedings.

The Use of Collects, by J.B. Powell
SSC February Chapter, 1878

On the Honour Due to Our Lady, by J. Newton Smith
May Synod of the Society of the Holy Cross, 1885.

Russia and the English Church During the Last Fifty Years, edited by W. J. Birkbeck (1895)

Chapter 2

Sermons Preached on Special Occasions, 1860-1889, by H. P. Liddon (1897)


The Life of Henry Hammond, by John Fell (1662)

Officium Quotidianum: Or, A Manual of Private Devotions, by William Laud (1663)

A Rationale on the Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England, by Anthony Sparrow (1672)

A Sermon on the Martyrdom of King Charles I, by Thomas Wilson (1681)

The Case of the Present Afflicted Clergy in Scotland, by John Sage (1690)

Prayers for the Use of All Persons who Come to the Baths for Cure, by Thomas Ken (1692)

The principles of the Cyprianic age with regard to episcopal power and jurisdiction. Asserted and recommended from the genuine writings of St. Cyprian himself and his contemporaries.
By John Sage. (1695)

Tract 73
On the Introduction of Rationalistic Principles into Religion.

Tract 74. Catena Patrum No. I.
Testimony of Writers in the later English Church to the Doctrine of the Apostolical Succession. (1839)

Tract 82
A Letter to a Magazine on the Subject of Dr. Pusey's Tract on Baptism.

Life in Death: A Sermon preached at the Funeral of Walter Kerr Hamilton, Lord Bishop of Salisbury
By Henry Parry Liddon (1869)

The Position of the Celebrant at the Holy Communion, as ruled by the Purchas Judgment. Considered in a Letter to the Lord Bishop of Winchester. By Morton Shaw. (1874)

Portions of the Book of Common Prayer in Neklakapamuk (1878)

The Mission of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Island of Cuba (1879)

The Prospect of Reunion with Eastern Christendom
By W. J. Birkbeck (1894)

Introduction to Russia and the English Church During the Last Fifty Years, edited by W. J. Birkbeck (1895)

May I Come to the Holy Communion? by Morgan Dix, D.D. (nd)

The Church of England and the Church of Sweden
Report of the Commission Appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury (1911)

The Way of Churchmanship, by W. K. Lowther Clarke (1932)

Reality, by the Reverend F. S. Arnold (1933)

The Sacrament of Penance (Society of the Catholic Commonwealth, 1941)

The Gorham Controversy

The Purchas Judgment


An Apology for Authorized and Set Forms of Liturgy, by Jeremy Taylor (1649)

The Duty of the Clergy, by J.H. Hobart (1829)

A Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury from the Bishop of Exeter (1850)

The Social Influence of the Prayer Book, by A.J.B. Beresford Hope (1863)

The Defects in Our Practical Catholicity: Five Letters to the Rt. Rev. Wm. R. Whittingham, D.D., LL.D.,
by the Reverend William Chauncy Langdon. (1871)

Ecclesiastical Discipline: A Charge by the Rt. Rev. A.C.A. Hall, Bishop of Vermont (1904)

The Upright Man
Memorial Sermon for James DeKoven

Thomas Wilson's Works, Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology

volume four

Historical Notices of the Office of Choristers, by J. E. Millard (1847)

Apospasmatia sacra, by Lancelot Andrewes

Hadrian a Saravia, works

The Use of the Chalice: A Report of the House of Bishops on the Use of the Cup in the Holy Communion, 1913

Reservation under One Kind, by Sacerdos

The Way and Manner of the Reformation of the Church of England declared and justified against the clamors and objections of the opposite parties, by Peter Heylyn. London, 1657.

The Church in Wales: Disestablishment and Disendowment, by S.E. Downing (1914)

Passiontide Sermons, by Henry Parry Liddon

The Ornaments of the Rubric, by J.T. Micklethwaite [Alcuin Tract 1]

How to Help Your Parish Priest (SSPP)

Lenten Resources

The Relation of Freedom to Religious Thought, by James DeKoven

The Oxford Movement: Twelve Years, by RW Church

Lancelot Andrewes and Confession, by Marianne Dorman


Conversion, Catholicism, and the English Church
By Walter Carey, D.D. Bishop of Bloemfontein. London: Mowbray, 1923.

Our Debt to the Eastern Churches, by C.B. Moss.

The Catholic Faith and the Religious Situation. New York: The Churchmen's Alliance, 1921.

Some Thoughts about Lent for Busy People. By E.F. Pemberton.

Some Hints for Lent. By the Rt. Rev. A.C.A. Hall


A Tower of Memories. A sermon preached in St Peter's Church, Albany, on the dedication of a memorial tower to John Tweddle. Michaelmas, 1876. By Arthur Cleveland Coxe.

The Ornaments Rubric: Its History and Force, by Louis E. Daniels

What England Owes to the Oxford Movement. By S. L. Ollard. A.R. Mowbray, 1924.

The Book of Common Prayer in Pashto. London: SPCK, 1893.

The Book of Common Prayer in Persian. London: SPCK, 1898.

Convocation and the Psalter. A Criticism of the proposals of the Lower House of Convocation in the Province of Canterbury in regard to the revision of the Psalter. By the Rev. A. H. Baverstock

King Charles's Memory, by Frederick S. Arnold

The Obligation of the Clergy to Recite the Divine Office, by Thomas J. Williams

Early Attempts to Organize Religious Communities, by Duncan Convers

The Pennsylvania Dutch in the Episcopal Church, by Theodore Diller

Bossuet's Interest in the Church of England, by W. J. Sparrow Simpson

The Value of Confession, by Selden Peabody Delany. Milwaukee: The Young Churchman, 1914.

Baptismal Regeneration Briefly Defended and Explained.
H.U. Onderdonk. [no publisher] Canandaigua, August 4th, 1818.

The General Convention of 1871.
Report of the Council of the American Church Union. Presented to the Union at its Regular Meeting, Nov. 9th, 1871. New York: Printed for the American Church Union, 1871.

Fifteenth Annual Episcopal Address by Henry John Whitehouse, D.D., LL.D.,
Bishop of the Diocese of Illinois. Published by Order of the Convention, Printed by Round and James, Printers, 46 State Street, Chicago, 1866.

Our duty under recent perversions to the Church of Rome.
A sermon, preached at Christ Church, St Lawrence, on Sunday, the 27th February, 1848.


Duty and privilege of Holy Communion. A sermon preached at the temporary church of St Lawrence, Sydney, on Sunday, 2nd October, 1842; by the Minister of that parish.

The Chancel Monument. A sermon preached by the Rev Canon Vidal, BA at Christ Church, Sydney. On Sunday, the 8th November 1868.

Extracts from Jubilate Deo  Written by Fr Hogan, Rector of St George's Goodwood, on its fiftieth anniversary in 1953.

Anglo-Catholics: What they believe. By Leonard Prestige. Published for the Catholic Literature Association of the Anglo-Catholic Congress by the Society of SS. Peter & Paul, London, 1927

The Deity of Christ Four Sermons preached during Advent, 1921, in Grosvenor Chapel by Charles Gore. Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1922

The Good Estate of the Catholic Church. By Viscount Halifax. New York: Longmans, Green and Co., 1930.

Reservation of the Blessed Sacrament for the Sick. A Paper read before the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament on its Festival, June 4th, 1896. By the Rev. E. A Larrabee. Fond du Lac, Wisconsin: Office of the Secretary General, 1896.

Freedom of Confession in the Church of England, A Letter to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury by the Rev. T. T. Carter. London, Oxford and Cambridge: Rivingtons, 1877.

The Importance of Musical Knowledge for the Priesthood of the Church, by the Reverend James Nevett Steele. New York: James Pott, 1894.

The Western Rite and the Eastern Church:
Dr. J. J. Overbeck and His Scheme for the Re-Establishment of the Orthodox Church in the West. By David F. Abramtsov
Submitted to the Graduate Faculty in the Division of the Social Sciences in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements For the Degree of Master of Arts. University of Pittsburgh, 1961

The People's Order of the Mass. Authorized for Use in the Diocese of Nassau, 1939.