Project Canterbury

Sermons Preached on Special Occasions, 1860-1889

by H. P. Liddon

London: Longmans, Green, and Co. 1897.


Sermon 1. Christ's Welcome to the Penitent.

Sermon 2. The Aim and Principles of Church Missions.

Sermon 3. Active Love a Criterion of Spiritual Life.

Sermon 4. Profit and Loss.

Sermon 5. The Conflict: With Undue Exaltation of Intellect.

Sermon 6. The Victor in the Times of Preparation.

Sermon 7. Personal Responsibility for the Gift of Revelation.

Sermon 8. Jonah.

Sermon 9. A Sister's Work.

Sermon 10. Christ and Education.

Sermon 11. Noah.

Sermon 12. The One Salvation.

Sermon 13. Love and Knowledge.

Sermon 14. Teaching and Healing.

Sermon 15. Devotion to the Church of Christ.

Sermon 16. Religion and Arms.

Project Canterbury