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Anglican Church in Corea:
Being Documents, original and translated, issued by Authority during the Episcopate of the First Bishop of the Church of England in Corea between 1889 and 1905
by C. J. Corfe, Bishop

Seoul: The Seoul Press, Hodge & Co. 1905.

The Diptychs of the Mission.

To counteract the inevitable tendency to selfishness and narrowness which affects Dioceses as well as Parishes; and at the same time to benefit by our prayers those who, we knew, were at such times interceding for us, it has been the custom since 1890 to make the following memorials at the English Eucharists in Corea.

And, following these weekly memorials, the 'year's mind' is given of places visited by the Bishop on his missionary journeys in which intercessions were mutually asked for and promised on these anniversaries.

RANDALL THOMAS, Archbishop of Canterbury
ARTHUR BERESFORD, Bishop of this Diocese
GEORGE, Bishop of Mid-China
CHARLES, Bishop in North China
FREDERICK, Bishop of Shanghai
WILLIAM, Bishop in West China
LOGAN, Bishop of Hankow
JOSEPH, Bishop of Victoria
JOHN, Bishop of North Tokyo
HENRY, Bishop of Kiu Shiu
WILLIAM, Bishop of South Tokyo
PHILIP, Bishop of Hokkaido
HUGH, Bishop of Osaka
SIDNEY, Bishop of Kyoto

The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts.
The Church Missionary Society.
The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.

The Community of St. Peter and St. Peter's Foreign Missionary Association.
The Society of the Sacred Mission.

The Benefactors of this Mission, especially--

The Members of the Association of Prayer and Work for Corea.
The Subscribers to the Hospital Naval Fund.
The Subscribers to the Education Fund.

The Catechumens of the Mission.

The Faithful Departed: especially--

Joseph Pownall, Priest,
Eli Barr Landis,
Elizabeth Webster.
Lay Lister Lois.
Henry Charlesworth


4. St. Anselm, Streatham
5. St. Peter, Streatham
6. St. Columba, Haggerston
8. Leamington
9. Edgbaston; Dockyard Churches in Chatham and Sheerness
10. Dursley
11. St. John Baptist, Hereford
12. Hereford Cathedral
13. New Swindon
15. St. Peter. Eaton Square
16. Friern Barnet; R. M Artillery Division, Eastney
17. R. N. Hospital, Haslar; St. Michael, Portsmouth.
18. Walton, Warrington;
23. The Dockyard Church, Devonport
24. St. Margaret's, East Grinstead
25. The Close Missionary Guild, Salisbury
26. Salisbury Cathedral
27. Hursley
28. Wilton
29. Shedfield; H. M. Training Ship Britannia
30. Markbeech.


2. Christ's College, Cambridge
3. Emmanuel College, Cambridge,
4. St. Cross, Homersfield
12. Welwyn
13. St. Saviour, Leeds
16. Exeter Cathedral
17. Beckenham
18. St. John the Divine, Norwood
19. Beddington
20. S. Michael, Bandon Hill; S. Mary, Wallingford
21. Benson, Wallingford
22. Farnham
23. Royal Hospital School, Greenwich
24. Knepp
26. Fonthill, East Grinstead
27. Chichester Cathedral
28. "Woburn Abbey"


1. St. Nicholas, Brighton.
2. Ward of Reverence. St. John, Kennington.
3. Sherington, Bucks.
4. Moulsoe, Bucks.
5. Lancing College.
6. St. Bartholomew, Dover.
9. Walton-on-Thames.
10. Barnstaple.
11. Community of St. John the Baptist, Wantage.
12. Atherington; The College, Bromley.
13. All Hallows' School, Honiton; Bickley.
14. Cordwalles School. Maidenhead.
15. All Hallows, Bristol.
16. H. M. Dockyard, Portsmouth.
18. Christ Church. Bath
19. Hereford Cathedral.
20. Royal Seamen and Marines, Orphan Home.
21. The Parishes of All Saints and St. John Baptist. Hereford.
22. The Beauchamp Almshouses.
24. Gloucester Cathedral.
26. Bromsgrove School.
27. St. Michael's Home, Axbridge.
29. Denstone College.
30. Wem.
31. Ellesmere College.


1. The Deaconesses' Home, Chester
2. Walton, Warrington
8. St. Benedict, Ardwick
9. Eccles.
10. Tenbury
11. Working Men's Bible Class, Tenbury
17. Great Amwell
20. St. Peter Port, Guernsey
21. St. Stephen, Guernsey; Markbeech
22. Elizabeth College, Guernsey
24. Chislehurst
26. S. Peter's Home, Kilburn; St. Bartholomew, Dover
27. St. Mary's Mission, Stoke Newington
29. Wilmington, Kent


1. Yiewsley
2. St. Andrew, Stockwell
5. Winchester College
6. Convalescent Home, Woking
7. Chester Cathedral; St. John, Chester
8. Holy Trinity, Southport
10. Thoresway
11. Thorganby
12. All Saints, Clifton
13 The Hostel; the Training College for School-mistresses, Lincoln
14. St. Peter, Eastgate; and St. Peter at Gowts, Lincoln
17. Heydour
18. St. Jude, Southsea
19. St. Mary, Portsea
20. Gainsford
21. Newcastle-on-Tyne Cathedral
22. St. Peter, Streatham
23. St. Mary, Stoke Newington
25. Lancing College
26. St. Augustine's College, Canterbury
28. Holy Trinity, Taunton
29. Bristol Cathedral





2. Lincoln Cathedral
3. Working Men's Bible Class, Tenbury
5. St. Michael's College, Tenbury
6. Theological College, Ely
12. Mold Green
14. Chapel Allerton
15. Amwell
16. St. Barnabas, Tunbridge Wells
17. Stocksbridge, Sheffield
19. St. Michael, Oxford
25. Society St. John the Evangelist, Cowley
26. Highbridge; Blundell's School, Tiverton
27. All Hallows School, Honiton
29. St. Augustine's College, Canterbury


2. St. Dunstan, Canterbury
3. Haileybury School
4. Silsoe
6. St. James', Great Yarmouth
10. Royal Naval School, Greenwich
11. St. John the Divine, Kennington
13. Ward of Perseverance, St. John, Kennington
15. St. Margaret, Liverpool
23. Parishes of St. Martin and St. Peter in the Wood, Guernsey
24. Elizabeth College, Guernsey
25. Church of Transfiguration, New York
26. Guild of St. Anna, New York
30. St. Peter, Walworth
31. Parishes of St. James and St. Stephen, Guernsey


2. St. John, Boston, Mass.
3. St. Paul's School, Concord, N. Hampshire
7. The Cathedral, Halifax, N. S.
10. St. John, Montreal
26. The Cathedral, Victoria, British Columbia
27. St. James, Vancouver
28. St. Luke's Home, Vancouver
29. Parish of Tenafly New Jersey
30. St. Andrew's Cathedral, Inverness


5. Salisbury Cathedral
6. Charlton, Salisbury
7. Downton, Salisbury
8. St. Edmund, Salisbury
10. Lytton, B. C.
12. St. Mark, Torquay
14. Truro Cathedral: St. Paul, Truro
15. Penzance
16. Ladock
18. Atherington
19. Holy Trinity, Barnstaple
20. St. Edmund, Exeter.
21. Exeter Cathedral
24. Harvington
29. St. Michael's College, Tenbury
30. Tenbury


1. Hopton Wafers.
3. St. Werbergh Derby,
10. Parishes of St. James and St. John, Bury St. Edmunds.
12. St. Cross, Homersfield.
13. Pulham St. Mary Magdalene.
14. Ilketshall St. Andrew.
17. Gillingham, Beccles.
18. Westminster Abbey.
19. St. Cyprian, Brockley.
21. Moulsoe.
22. Newport Pagnell.
23. Ayott St. Peter.
24. Welwyn.
25. Radlett.
26. Stevenage.
29. Loughton.
31. St. Thomas, Finsbury Park.


1. St. Mary, Lewisham
2. All Souls' College, Oxford
6. Dorchester Missionary College
7. St. Mary, Wallingford
8. Watlington
9. Oxford Graduates' Missionary Assoc.
12. Ascot, and Ascot Priory
14. Parishes of Stoke Damerel, and St. James-the-less, Keyham, Devonport.
15. Pt. Andrew, Plymouth.
16. Selwyn College, Cambridge
18. St. Saviour, New Swindon.
19. Friern Barnet
21. St. Agatha Landport.
22. St. Mary, Portsea
26. Hursley
27. St. Nicholas, Warwick
28. Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford
29. St. Paul's Cathedral
30. Westminster Abbey.


3. Bassett Southampton
5. St. Mark, Salisbury
6. St. Martin, Salisbury
12. Lichfield Cathedral
13. St. Mary. Lichfield
14. Wem
15. Blurton
16. Sneyd, Burslem
17. Stoke-on-Trent
18. Leake
19. North Creake
22. Chichester Cathedral
23. St. Peter's Grange, St. Leonard's-on-Sea
25. Salisbury Cathedral.

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