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 Bp. Henry Phillpotts of Exeter

 The Gorham Controversy

A Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury from the Bishop of Exeter.
New York: Pudney and Russell, 1850.

The Controversy of Faith: Advice to Candidates for Holy Orders on the Case of Gorham v. the Bishop of Exeter, Containing an Analysis and Exposition of the Argument by which the Literal Interpretation of the baptismal Services is to be Vindicated.
By Charles Dodgson.
London: John Murray, 1850. [External link]

Gorham v. the Bishop of Exeter: A Letter to Sir Walter Farquhar, Bart., on the Present Crisis in the Church.
By Walter Farquhar Hook.
London: John Murray, 1850. [External link]

A Letter to Archdeacon Hare, on the Judgment in the Gorham Case.
By Richard Cavendish.
London: John Ollivier, 1850. [External link]

A Letter to the Hon. Richard Cavendish on the Recent Judgement of the Court of Appeal, as Affecting the Doctrine of the Church.
By Julius Charles Hare.
London: J. W. Parker, 1850. [External link]

A House Divided Against Itself. A Sermon, Preached on Sunday, March 10, 1850, with Especial Reference to the Altered Position of the Church of England in Consequence of the Recent Judgment Given in the Case of Gorham v. the Bishop of Exeter.
By William Dodsworth.
London: Joseph Masters, 1850.

Suggestions to Minds Perplexed by the Gorham Case: A Sermon Preached at the Royal Chapel, Whitehall, on Sexagesima Sunday, 1850.
By William Sewell.
Oxford and London: John Henry Parker, 1850.

Village Sermons on the Baptismal Service.
By John Keble.
London: Printed by the Devonport Society, Sold by James Parker and Co., Oxford and Rivingtons, London, 1868.

From the Life of Edward Bouverie Pusey, by Henry Parry Liddon, D.D., volume three

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