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Within the Green Wall
The Story of Holy Cross Liberia Mission 1922-1957

By the Rt. Rev. Robert Erskine Campbell, O.H.C.
Formerly Prior of Bolahun and Bishop of Liberia

West Park, New York: Holy Cross Press, [1957]

Reproduced online by permission of the Superior of the Order of the Holy Cross, 2006.


Chapter 1. Eastward Ho!

Chapter 2. Pandora's Box

Chapter 3. Family Trees

Chapter 4. These Lovable People

Chapter 5. Our Adventure Begins

Chapter 6. Ma Samba's Town

Chapter 7. Getting Started

Chapter 8. Gaining Speed

Chapter 9. More Buildings

Chapter 10. The Sisters Arrive

Chapter 11. Solid Growth

Chapter 12. Strengthening the Stakes

Chapter 13. Post-war Years

Chapter 14. That New Look

Chapter 15. Evangelism

Chapter 16. Schools

Chapter 17. Medical Work

Chapter 18. The Sisters Again

Chapter 19. Carrying the Torch

Chapter 20. Capsules

Chapter 21. Of Men and Places

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