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The Streets and Lanes of the City

By Mary Eleanor Benson

With a brief memoir by her father [E. W. Benson, Archbishop of Canterbury]

London: Privately printed, 1891.

Transcribed by S. R. Holman, Center for Poverty Studies, 2006.
Transcriber's introduction.

A brief Memoir

Chapter 1. The Amusements of the Very Respectable

Chapter 2. Socialities and Manners

Chapter 3. Keeping Company--How they do it

Chapter 4. Keeping Company--The Darker Side

Chapter 5. Recovery

Chapter 6. Girls' Friendships

Chapter 7. Social Gifts

Chapter 8. Sickness

Chapter 9. The Familiarity of Death

Chapter 10. Old Age

Chapter 11. Irreligion

Chapter 12.  Religion and the Place it Holds

Chapter 13. A Troubled Soul

Chapter 14. Two Small Servants--A Success and a Failure

Chapter 15. A Third--Something Between the Two

Chapter 16. A Hard Conflict

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