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Christian Ballads
By Arthur Cleveland Coxe (1865 edition)
Transcription in progress.

Correspondence between the Right Reverend, the Bishop of Connecticut and the Rev. F. C. Ewer, D.D., on the Doctrine of the Church touching the Seven Catholic Sacraments (1870)


added directory on Academic Papers, Theses and Dissertations

added directory on Frederick Temple

Advice to Such as Go Into Foreign Parts Where They Cannot Have an Orthodox and lawful Bishop or Priest to Administer the Sacred Offices, particularly the Holy Sacraments.
No Author.
London: no publisher, 1763.

The Relation of the Clergy and the Laity: A Discourse preached in St. Paul's Chapel and St. Clement's Church, N. York.
By the Rev. Samuel Seabury, D.D.,
New York: Henry M. Onderdonk, 1844.

The Inheritance of Evil; Or, the Consequences of Marrying a Deceased Wife's Sister
By Felicia Skene
London: Joseph Masters, 1849.

The Word "Eternal" and the Punishment of the Wicked
A Letter to the Rev. Dr. Jelf, Canon of Christ Church and Principal of King's College
By Frederick Denison Maurice, Chaplain of Lincoln's Inn
New York: C.S. Francis & Co., 1854.

Lecture on the Melanesian Mission delivered at Nelson, September 25, 1863
By the Reverend R. H. Codrington
Together with the Report and Accounts of the Mission, by John Coleridge Patteson (1863)

Incense at the "Magnificat" not "Mariolatry." A Letter to the Very Rev. the Dean of Chester.
By the Rev. C. J. Legeyt, M.A., Incumbent of S. Matthias', Stoke Newington.
London: G.J. Palmer, 32, Little Queen Street, 1867.

Pastoral Letter of the House of Bishops to the Clergy and Laity of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States, A.D. 1868.
Hartford: The Church Press Company, 1868.

Pastoral Letter of the House of Bishops to the Clergy and Laity of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States, A.D. 1871.
Hartford: The Church Press Company, 1871.

An Open Letter to the Rt. Rev. Wm. Bacon Stevens, D.D.,
Respecting what he says of Bishop Cummins and His Associates, in the late Episcopal Address to the Convention of the Diocese of Pennsylvania.
By a Presbyter of that Diocese. [Marshall B. Smith]
Philadelphia: James A. Moore, 1874.

The "Damnatory Clauses" of the Athanasian Creed Rationally Explained
In a Letter to the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M.P.
By the Rev. Malcolm Maccoll, M.A.
London: Rivingtons, 1872.

An Exposition of the Creed
By John Pearson, D.D., Lord Bishop of Chester.
Revised and corrected by the Rev. E. Burton, D.D.
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1877.

Love in Self-Sacrifice
A Sermon preached at Christ Church, Nelson, N.Z., on the First Sunday in Lent, 1877. Being the Occasion of the Consecration of the Right Rev. John Richardson Selwyn, M.A., Missionary Bishop of Melanesia.
By B.T. Dudley, Incumbent of S. Sepulchre's, Auckland, formerly of the Melanesian Mission Staff.
Christchurch: G. Tombs and Co., 1877.

The Relations Between Religion and Science
By Frederick Temple (Bampton Lectures, 1884)

The Annotated Book of Common Prayer
By John Henry Blunt (1895 edition)

The Church's Worship
Address to the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament at the Annual Conference
Holy Cross Church, Jersey City, N.J. June 18, 1903
By the Rt. Rev. Charles C. Grafton, D.D.
Bishop of Fond du Lac, Superior-General of C.B.S. (1903)

The Little Lives of the Saints
Told by Percy Dearmer
Illustrated by Charles Robinson.
London: Wells Gardner, Darton & Co., 1904.

The Attitude of the Church to the Suqe
By the Reverend Walter John Durrad (1920)

The Power of the Bishops to licence Laymen to Preach and Read Prayers.
A Letter to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury in Elucidation of the Report of the Joint Committee of the Convocation of Canterbury No. 383 on "Readers and Sub-deacons."
By John Wordsworth, Bishop of Salisbury
London: Longmans, 1905.

The New American Prayer Book: Its History and Contents
By E. Clowes Chorley, D.D.
New York: Macmillan Company, 1929.

The Present Position of the Catholic Movement in the Church of England
An Address delivered at the Conference of the Clergy of the Diocese of New York at Lake Mahopac on October 18, 1933.
By Will Spens
Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1934.

Anglican Missal: Special Type, Bombings, Sinkings Caused Some Delay
By Leon McCauley (1942)

They Came to My Island: The Beginnings of the Mission in the Banks Island
By George Sarawia, translated by Bishop D.A. Rawcliffe (1973)

"A Selection of Fundamentals": The Intellectual Background of the Melanesian Mission of the Church of England, 1850-1914
By Sara Harrison Sohmer (1988)

Purism, Syncretism, Symbiosis: Cohabiting Traditions on Mota, Banks Islands, Vanuatu
By Thorgeir Storesund Kolshus
Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the Cand. Polit.-degree
Department of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo, August 1999. [Adobe Acrobat format]


Of Christian Communion
By John Kettlewell (1693)

added directory on George Augustus Selwyn

upated directory on Anglicanism in Oceania

upated directory on The Society of the Holy Cross

The Works of John Jewel, Bishop of Salisbury
Edited for the Parker Society by the Rev. John Ayre, M.A.
Cambridge: Printed at the University Press, 1845.

Volume Two

Norfolk Island: Correspondence between His Excellency Sir W. Denison, K.C.B., Governor General of Australia and the Bishop of New Zealand.
With other documents relating to Norfolk Island, and its present inhabitants.
Bishop's Auckland: St. John's College, 1857.

Record of Consecration of the Rev. John Coleridge Patteson (1861)
Transcribed from an original copy held by the Church of the Province of Melanesia provincial headquarters, Honiara, Solomon Islands.

The Martyrs of Santa Cruz: A Sermon preached in Auckland, 5th November, 1871, 22nd Sunday after Trinity with Appendix.
By a Former Member of the Melanesian Mission Staff [Benjamin Thornton Dudley]
Auckland, N.Z.: Upton and Co., 1871.

The Eucharistic Controversy
By James DeKoven (1874)

The Mozarabic Liturgy and the Mexican Branch of the Catholic Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ
By the Rev. Charles R. Hale (1876)

Advent Sermons
By R.W. Church (1885, 1901 edition)

Alexander Heriot Mackonochie: A Memoir
By E.A. Towle (1890)

Memoir of Bishop Seabury
By William Jones Seabury
New York: E.S. Gorham, 1908.

The Primary Charge
Delivered by The Right Reverend John Manwaring Steward, Bishop of the Diocese of Melanesia, in his Cathedral Church of S. Barnabas', Norfolk Island, on Monday, 6th October, 1919.
Printed at the Melanesian Mission Press, Norfolk Island, 1919.

The Legacy of Robert Henry Codrington.
By Allan K. Davidson.
Reprinted from the International Bulletin of Missionary Research, (October, 2003) by permission of the Overseas Ministries Study Center, New Haven, Connecticut. [Adobe Acrobat format]


added directory on Anglicanism in Oceania

The Good Tidings of Great Joy, Which Shall Be To All People
By John William Colenso (1854)

Historical Notes on the Tractarian Movement (1833-1845)
By Frederick Oakeley (1865)

A Narrative of Events Connected with the Publication of the Tracts for the Times with Reflections on Existing Tendencies to Romanism, and on the Present Duties and Prospects of Members of the Church
By William Palmer of Worcester (1883 edition)

A Letter addressed to the Members of the Society of S. John the Evangelist
By Charles Chapman Grafton (1883)

My People of the Plains
By the Rt. Rev. Ethelbert Talbot, D.D., LL.D.
Bishop of Central Pennsylvania
New York and London: Harper and Brothers, 1906.

Mary Bird in Persia
By Clara C. Rice (1916)

A Melanesian Use together with Notes on Ceremonial, etc.
By John Manwaring Steward, Fifth Bishop of Melanesia.
British Solomon Islands: Printed at the Melanesian Mission Press, Guadalcanar, 1926.

Manuscript Autobiography of the Reverend Arthur Hopkins
Transcription of copy of typescript from Church of Melanesia Archives deposited at National Archives in Honiara, Solomon Islands. Original written in 1934.

How Can You Sing the Lord's Song without A Book?
A Check List of Books Printed 1855-1975 by the Anglican Church in Melanesia on the Mission Press.
Compiled by Wilfrid John Pinson.
Honiara: Provincial Press, 1976.
Scanned and revised at Barr Smith Library, Adelaide University and Grafton, 2003. Reproduced with permission.


added directory on Anglicanism in Persia/Iran

added directory on Ethelbert Talbot

updated directory on James DeKoven

An Exact Narration of the Life and Death of the Late reverend and learned Prelate, and painfull Divine Lancelot Andrewes, Late Bishop of Winchester.
Which may serve as a pattern of Piety and Charity to All Godly Disposed Christians.
London: Printed for John Stafford, neer S. Brides Church, Fleetstreet, 1650.

Parochial Sermons
The Posthumous Works of the Late Right Reverend John Henry Hobart, D.D.
New-York: Swords, Stanford, and Co., 1832.

Sermon Preached in St. Paul's Chapel, New York, on the Occasion of the Consecration of the Right Reverend John H. Hopkins, D.D. Bishop of the Diocese of Vermont, the Right Rev. Benjamin B. Smith, D.D. Bishop of the Diocese of Kentucky, the Right Reverend Charles P. McIlvaine, D.D. Bishop of the Diocese of Ohio, the Right Rev. George W. Doane, A.M. Bishop of the Diocese of New Jersey.
By the Right Rev. Henry U. Onderdonk, D.D.
New York: Protestant Episcopal Press, 1832.

The Works of John Jewel, Bishop of Salisbury.
Edited for the Parker Society by the Rev. John Ayre, M.A.
Cambridge: Printed at the University Press, 1845.

Theodora Phranza; or, the Fall of Constantinople
By John Mason Neale (1857, this printing 1913)

Addresses of the Bishop and Assistant Bishop of Wisconsin to the Twenty-First Annual Convention, June 12, 1867.
By Jackson Kemper and William Edmond Armitage
Milwaukee: Published by the Milwaukee Church Union, 1867.

To the Laymen of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Wisconsin (1874)

Three Letters upon the Confessional, to James De Koven, D.D.
By William Adams (1874)

The Late Wisconsin Council from the Unheard Side
[No attribution.]
No place: no publisher, 1874.

The Supply at Saint Agatha's
By Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1896.

Phillips Brooks: A Study
By William Lawrence (1903)

The Church in the Confederate States: A History of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Confederate States
By Joseph Blount Cheshire (1912)

The Advent Antiphons
With Scripture references and paraphrases.
By A.C.A. Hall, Bishop of Vermont.
Milwaukee: The Young Churchman; London: A.R. Mowbray & Co., n.d. but c. 1914.

A Bishop Among His Flock
By the Rt. Rev. Ethelbert Talbot, D.D., LL.D.
Bishop of Bethlehem, U.S.A.
New York and London: Harper and Brothers, 1914.

The Church in Corea
By the Right Rev. Mark Napier Trollope (1915)

The Life and Letters of George Alfred Lefroy, Bishop of Calcutta
By H. H. Montgomery (1920)

A History of the Church of England in India
By Eyre Chatterton (1924)

An Aid for Churchmen Episcopal and Orthodox
Toward a Mutual Understanding, by Means of a Brief Comparison of the Rites and Ceremonies of the Orthodox Church with those of the Episcopal (Anglican) Church
By the Rev. H. Henry Spoer, B.D., Ph.D.
With a Foreword by the Reverend Frank Gavin, Ph.D., Th.D.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Morehouse, 1930.
London: Mowbray, 1930.

A Merry Mountaineer: The Story of Clifford Harris of Persia
By R. W. Howard (1931)

The Cambridge Mission to Delhi
By Lilian F. Henderson (1931)

The Open Road in Persia
By J. R. Richards (1933)

Bishop Montgomery: A Memoir
By M.M. (1933)

India and Oxford: Fifty Years of the Oxford Mission to Calcutta (1933)

Forward in Western China
By Deaconess Emily Lily Stewart, C.M.S. Missionary in Szechwan
Foreword by the Archbishop of Sydney
London: Church Missionary Society, 1934.

The Life of Marie Moulton Graves Hopkins, Beloved Wife of John Henry Hopkins
And The Story of Their Life and Work Together
By the Reverend John Henry Hopkins, S.T.D., D.D.
Privately printed, 1934.

The Eucharistic Understanding of John Cosin and His Contribution to the 1662 Book of Common Prayer
Thesis in the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Leeds, 2002-2003
By the Reverend Ivan D. Aquilina


added directory on John Dowden (1840-1910)

The Compleat Mother.
Or An Earnest Perswasive to all Mothers (especially those of Rank and Quality) to Nurse their own Children.
By Henry Newcome.
London, 1695.

The Works of Nicholas Ridley [Adobe Acrobat format]
Parker Society Edition (1841)

A Brief Analysis of the Tracts on Reserve in Communicating Religious Knowledge
By Henry Arthur Woodgate (1842)

The Cathedral System in Rural Dioceses
The Regular Quarterly Paper, Read at the Meeting in April, 1855.
By the Rev. John H. Hopkins, Jr., M. A.
Transactions of the New-York Ecclesiological Society
New-York: D. Dana, Jr., 1857.

Life and Correspondence of Samuel Johnson, D.D.
Missionary of the Church of England in Connecticut and First President of King's College, New York.
By E. Edwards Beardsley, D.D.
New York: Hurd and Houghton, 1874.

Letter of the Rev. James A. Latané, Rector of St. Matthew's Church, Wheeling, West Virginia
To Bishop Johns, Resigning the Ministry of the Protestant Episcopal Church.
No place: no publisher, 1874.

Review of Canon Trevor on the Holy Eucharist.
By the Reverend Doctor De Koven.
The Church Eclectic, March 1877. Volume 4, Number 12.

The See-Principle and the Cathedral Church
Practically Considered with Reference to the Diocese of Wisconsin
Milwaukee: Printed by the Milwaukee News, 1878.

The Story of Commander Allen Gardiner, R.N.
With Sketches of Missionary Work in South America
By John W. Marsh, M.A. and W.H. Stirling, D.D.
London: James Nisbet, 1883.

Some American Churchmen
By Frederic Cook Morehouse
Milwaukee: The Young Churchman, 1892.

Isaac Williams and the Oxford Movement
The Church Quarterly Review, Volume XXXIV, July 1892.
London: Printed and Published by Spottiswoode & Co., 1892.

Outlines of the History of the Theological Literature of the Church of England
From the Reformation to the Close of the Eighteenth Century
By John Dowden (1897)

From Cape Horn to Panama
A Narrative of Missionary Enterprise among the Neglected Races
of South America, by the South American Missionary Society
By Robert Young
[London] South American Missionary Society, 1905.

The People's Book of Worship: A Study of the Book of Common Prayer
By John Wallace Suter and Charles Morris Addison
New York: Macmillan, 1919.

The Catholic Movement in the Church of England
By Wilfred L. Knox, M.A. [1923]

A Tractarian at Work: A Memoir of Dean Randall
By Briscoe and Mackay (1932)


The Compleat Mother
By Henry Newcome (1696)


The Golden Censers of the Sanctuary; Or, the Church's Services of Prayer and Praise.
Thirteen Sermons Preached at the Consecration of the New Church of St. James, Morpeth (1847)

The Symbolism of the Christian Dead; Or, the Silent Teachings of the Sepulchre.
A Sermon delivered in St. Paul's Church, Hoboken, Twenty-third Sunday after Trinity, 1862.
By Vandervoort Bruce (1863)

Little Pine's Journal
By Shingwauk (1872)

Missionary Work among the Ojebway Indians
By the Rev. Edward F. Wilson (1886)

Sketches of Church Life in Colonial Connecticut
Being the Story of the Transplanting of the Church of England into Forty Two Parishes of Connecticut,
with the Assistance of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel
Written by Members of the Parishes in Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the Society
Edited by Lucy Cushing Jarvis (1902)

The Light of Melanesia: A Record of Fifty Years' Mission Work in the South Seas
By H. H. Montgomery, D.D. (1904)

By Hugh Latimer (1906)

An Apostle of the North: Memoirs of the Right Reverend William Carpenter Bompas, D.D.
By H.A. Cody (1908)

The Diocese of Jamaica: A Short Account of Its History, Growth and Organisation
By J.B. Ellis (1913)

The American Episcopal Church Interpreted for English Churchmen
By Arthur Whipple Jenks (1919)

John West and His Red River Mission
By William Bertal Heeney (1920)

John Walmsley, Ninth Bishop of Sierra Leone
By E.G. Walmsley (1923)

Charles John Corfe: Naval Chaplain--Bishop
By H.H. Montgomery (1927)

The Touch of Christ: Lectures on the Christian Sacraments
By Granville Mercer Williams, S.S.J.E. (1928)

The Romance of the Black River: The Story of the C.M.S. Nigeria Mission
By F. Deaville Walker (1930)

Bishop Bury: Late Bishop of North and Central Europe
By Sophie McDougall Hine (1933)

History of the Church of the Ascension, Chicago, Illinois 1857-1982
By George C. Giles, Jr. (1984)

Apolo: The Apostle to the Pygmies
By William J. W. Roome (no date)


added directory on Anglicanism in Melanesia

added directory on Anglicanism in Nova Scotia

added directory on Anglicanism in Sarawak

added directory on Universities' Mission to Central Africa

The City of the Mormons
By Henry Caswall (1842)

Dayspring in the Far West: Sketches of Mission-Work in North-West America
By M.E. Johnson (1875)

Metlakahtla and the North Pacific Mission of the Church Missionary Society
By Eugene Stock (1880)

The Hydah Mission
By Charles Harrison (1884)

The Apostle of the Indians of Guiana: A Memoir of the Life and Labours of the Rev. W.H. Brett
By the Rev. F. P. L. Josa (1887)

Five Sermons
By Bishop Henry Benjamin Whipple (1890)

The Church of England in Nova Scotia and the Tory Clergy of the Revolution
By Arthur Wentworth Eaton (1891)

Eight Years in Kaffraria. 1882-1890.
By Alan G. S. Gibson (1891)

Father Stafford: A Lover's Fate and a Friend's Counsel
By Anthony Hope (1896)

Chauncy Maples, D.D.
Pioneer Missionary in East Central Africa for Nineteen Years and Bishop of Likoma, Lake Nyasa
By Ellen Maples (1897)

The Life of Charles Alan Smythies, Bishop of the Universities' Mission to Central Africa
Edited by Edward Francis Russell (1899)

Fifty Years in Western Africa
Being a Record of the Work of the West Indian Church on the Banks of the Rio Pongo
By A.H. Barrow (1900)

The Life of Father Dolling
By Charles E. Osborne (1903)

Borneo: The Land of River and Palm
By Eda Green (no date, c. 1909)

Bishop Harper and the Canterbury Settlement
By H. T. Purchas (1909)

A Bishop amongst Bananas
By Herbert Bury (1911)

An Heroic Bishop: The Life-Story of French of Lahore
By Eugene Stock (1913)

Beginnings in India
By Eugene Stock (1917)

Christ's Challenge to Man's Spirit in This World Crisis
Advent Addresses at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York
By George William Douglas (1918)

Vernon Harold Starr, 1882-1918 and after
By John Oxenham (1918)

A Century of Anglican Theology
By C.C.J. Webb (1923)

Religious Thought in the Oxford Movement
By C.C.J. Webb (1928)

Tucker of Uganda, Artist and Apostle 1849-1914
By Arthur P. Shepherd (1929)

Selfhood and Sacrifice: The Seven Problems of the Atoning Life
By Frank Gavin (1932)

The Oxford Movement: Its Contributions and Its Limitations
By Frank Gavin (1933)

Liberal Catholicism and the Modern World
Edited by Frank Gavin (1934)


added directory on Anglicanism in China

added directory on Anglicanism in South America

added directory on Anglicanism in the West Indies

updated topical directory on Socialism

updated directory on Anglicanism in Asia

Letters of a Westchester Farmer (1774-1775)
By the Reverend Samuel Seabury

Christianity and Slavery; in a Course of Lectures preached at the Cathedral and Parish Church of St. Michael, Barbados
By Edward Eliot, B.D., Archdeacon of Barbados (1833)

Thoughts on the Lost Unity of the Christian World, and on the Steps necessary to Secure Its Recovery
By Morgan Dix (1864)

My First Year in Canada
By the Right Rev. Ashton Oxenden, Bishop of Montreal (1871)

The Needs of the Age Respecting the Public Worship of Our Church
[no author] (1873)

Robert and Louisa Stewart: In Life and in Death
By Mary E. Watson (1895)

My Diocese during the War
Extracts from the Diary of the Right Rev. Arthur Hamilton Baynes, Bishop of Natal (1900)

Story of the Siege Hospital in Peking and Diary of Events from May to August, 1900.
By Jessie Ransome, Deaconess, Church of England Mission, Peking (1901)

Letters of Bishop Tozer and His Sister, together with some other records of the Universities' Mission from 1863-1873
Edited by Gertrude Ward (1902)

continuing transcription

By Hugh Latimer (1906)

Story of a Melanesian Deacon: Clement Marau
By Himself (1906)

Albert Maclaren: Pioneer Missionary in New Guinea
By Frances M. Synge (1908)

A History of the English Church in New Zealand
By H.T. Purchas (1914)

The Anglican Church in South America
By the Right Rev. Edward Francis Every, D.D. (1915)

Forty Years in Burma
By John Ebenezer Marks, Founder of St. John's College, Rangoon (1917)

Round about the Torres Straits
By the Right Rev. Gilbert White, D.D. (1917)

The Church and the Hour: Reflections of a Socialist Churchwoman
By Vida D. Scudder (1917)

Thirty Years in Tropical Australia
By the Right Rev. Gilbert White, D.D., Bishop of Willochra (1918)

In Rubber Lands: An Account of the Work of the Church in Malaya
Edited by C.E. Ferguson-Davie (1921)

Dawn in Swaziland
By Christopher Charles Watts (1922)

Padre Rowlands of Ceylon
By R. P. Butterfield (no date, but c. 1927)

Canon E. K. Matheson, D.D., Saskatchewan's First Graduate
Being a History of the Development of the Church of England in North-Western Saskatchewan
(no date, but c. 1927)

Charles Perry Scott, First Bishop in North China
By the Right Reverend Bishop Montgomery, D.D. (1928)

Charles Johnson of Zululand
By A.W. Lee (1930)

The Order for the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist According to the Use of the Anglican Church in Korea
Original Korean text and Authorized English Version, 1962 revision of the 1938 BCP.
Formatted and contributed by the Rev. Simon Simon Ryu, 2005


continuing transcription

By Hugh Latimer (1906)

updated topical directory on Socialism

updated directory on William Augustus Muhlenberg (1796-1877)

updated directory on William Rollinson Whittingham (1805-1879)

updated directory on T.T. Carter (1808-1901)

updated directory on Arthur Cleveland Coxe (1818-1896)

updated directory on Richard Meux Benson (1824-1915)

added directory on Robert Stephen Hawker (1803-1875)

added directory on Alfred Lee (1824-1901)

added directory on Leighton Coleman (1837-1907)

added directory on Abram Newkirk Littlejohn (1824-1901)

added directory on Mahlon Norris Gilbert (1848-1900)

The Life of Sacrifice
A Series of Lectures delivered at All Saints', Margaret Street, in Lent, 1864.
By the Rev. T.T. Carter, M.A. (1867)

The Life of Penitence
A Series of Lectures delivered at All Saints', Margaret Street, in Lent, 1866.
By the Rev. T.T. Carter, M.A. (1867)

The "Ritual" of S. Mark's
By Henry Ritson (1873)

The Vicar of Morwenstow: A Life of Robert Stephen Hawker, M.A.
By Sabine Baring-Gould (1876)

What is the Anglican Church? Together with an Open Letter on the Catholic Movement.
By the Rev. F. C. Ewer (1883)

Report of Commemorative Services, with the Sermons and Addresses, at the Seabury Centenary, 1883-1885; with an Appendix. (1885)

Churchmanship and Labour
Sermons on Social Subjects Preached at S. Stephen's Church, Walbrook.
Compiled by the Rev. W. Henry Hunt (1906)

Mahlon Norris Gilbert: Bishop Coadjutor of Minnesota 1886-1900
By Francis Leseure Palmer
with an Introduction by Daniel Sylvester Tuttle (1912)

The Continuity of the Holy Catholic Church in England
A Lecture delivered at St. Columba's Church, Haggerston, in 1896.
By the Right Rev. G. F. Browne, D.D. (1915)

American Congress Booklets (no date)

1. The Faith of the Body of Christ
By the Rev. Reverend William H. Dunphy

17. The Oxford Movement
By Clifford Phelps Morehouse


continuing transcription

By Hugh Latimer (1906)

added directory on Hugh Latimer (1485-1555)

Songs and Ballads for the People
By the Rev. John Mason Neale (1843)

Duchenier; or, the Revolt of La Vendée
By John Mason Neale (1847, this printing 1905)

Christian Ballads
By Arthur Cleveland Coxe (1865 edition)

Seabury's Mitre

The Lives of the Seven Bishops Committed to the Tower in 1688
Enriched and Illustrated with Personal Letters, Now First Published, from the Bodleian Library.
By Agnes Strickland (1866)

Peril and Adventure in Central Africa
Being Illustrated Letters to the Youngsters at Home
By the late Bishop [James] Hannington.
With Illustrations from Original Sketches by the Bishop, and a Biographical Memoir. (1886)

Life of Robert Machray, Archbishop of Rupert's Land
By his nephew, Robert Machray (1909)

John Horden: Missionary Bishop, A Life on the Shores of Hudson's Bay
By the Rev. A. R. Buckland, M.A. (no date)

American Congress Booklets (no date)

10. The History of the Catholic Revival in America
By the Rev. Edward Rochie Hardy, Jr., Ph.D.

16. Bishop Hobart and the Oxford Movement
By Canon C.P.S. Clarke


updated directory on Charles Lindley Wood, Lord Halifax (1839-1934)

added directory on Henry Budd (1814-1875)

added directory on John Williams (1817-1899)

added directory on William Hobart Hare (1838-1909)

The Lowliness of the Episcopate
A Sermon Preached in St. John's Church, Hartford, October 29th, 1851, at the Consecration of the Rev. John Williams, D.D., as Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Connecticut.
By George Burgess (1852)

The Sermon at the Consecration of Thomas Frederick Davis, D.D., and Thomas Atkinson, D.D. to the Episcopate.
Preached by Appointment in St. John's Chapel, New-York, On Monday, October 17, 1853
By John Medley, D.D., Lord Bishop of Fredericton (1853)

The Work of a Missionary Church: A Primary Charge to the Clergy of the Diocese of Minnesota, delivered at the Opening of the Convention in St. Luke's Church, Hastings, St. Barnabas' Day, 1862.
By Bishop Henry Benjamin Whipple (1862)

The Coming Council of 1871, and then ___________?
By Americus (pseudonym) (1871)

Good Friday Addresses on the Seven Last Words of Our Lord
By the Rev. George Hendric Houghton (1880)

The American Priest at Work: A Symposium of Papers
Edited by the Rev. Edward Macomb Duff, A.M. (1900)

The Chief Virtues of Man Taught in the Seven Words from the Cross
Preached in S. Mark's Church, Philadelphia Good Friday, 1903.
By the Rev. Alfred G. Mortimer, D.D. (1905)

The Life and Labors of Bishop Hare: Apostle to the Sioux
By M.A. DeWolfe Howe (1911)

Notes for Meditation on the Beatitudes of the Psalter
By Arthur W. Jenks, D.D. (1914)

Pioneer Work in Algoma
By Eda Green (1915)

The Link and Other Stories of the Great Festivals
By Mary Baldwin (1918)

The Resources of the Church
By Frank Gavin (1934)

Some English Altars
Introductory Note by Percy Dearmer
London: Warham Guild, no date.


updated directory on Henry Ustick Onderdonk (1789-1858)

updated directory on Benjamin Tredwell Onderdonk (1791-1861)

updated directory on Levi Silliman Ives (1797-1867)

updated directory on George Washington Doane (1799-1859)

updated directory on John Stark Ravenscroft (1772-1830)

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Patience and Confidence the Strength of the Church
By E.B. Pusey (1837)

The Country Parson's Wife: Being Intended as a Continuation of and Companion for Herbert's Country Parson
By Louisa Lane Clarke (1842)

The Ordination of Mr. Arthur Carey
fromThe New Englander and Yale Review, October, 1843

Songs and Ballads for Manufacturers
By the Rev. John Mason Neale (1850)

Four Conferences Touching the Operation of the Holy Spirit
By the Rev. F. C. Ewer (1880)

A Short History of the Council of Trent
By Richard Frederick Littledale (1888)

Bishop Quintard and the University of the South
By Thomas F. Gailor, S.T.D. (1899)

What Is the Oxford Movement?
London: Catholic Literature Association, no date.

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