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John Horden: Missionary Bishop
A Life on the Shores of Hudson's Bay

By the Rev. A. R. Buckland, M.A.

London: The Sunday School Union, no date.

Chapter I. A Boy's Ambition
Chapter II. The Departure for Moosonee
Chapter III. First Labours amongst Eskimo and Indians
Chapter IV. "In Journeyings Often"
Chapter V. England Visited
Chapter VI. Out-stations
Chapter VII. A New Responsibility
Chapter VIII. Leaves from Bishop Horden's Diary
Chapter IX. Years of Trial
Chapter X. To England for the Last Time
Chapter XI. Home Again
Chapter XII. Closing Scenes


FOR the material contained in this Life I am indebted to Bishop Horden's letters, published in the Periodicals and Reports of the Church Missionary Society, and in the columns of the Record; to the volume, Forty Years amongst the Indians and Eskimo, compiled by the Editor of the Coral Magazine, from letters addressed to her; to the account of Bishop Horden amongst the Brief Sketches of Church Missionary Society Workers; and to information privately communicated.


Project Canterbury