Project Canterbury

In Rubber Lands
An Account of the Work of the Church in Malaya

Edited by C.E. Ferguson-Davie, M.D., B.S.

London: The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 1921.


Chapter I. Malaya--The Country, Its History, and People

Chapter II. Work amongst Europeans and Eurasians

Chapter III. Works amongst the Chinese

Chapter IV.

(i) The Malay States and their Industries
(ii.) Mission work amongst the Tamils

Chapter V. The Work of Medical Missions

Chapter VI. Education

Chapter VII. The Future of the Church in Malaya


An attempt has been made in this little book to give some idea of the work of the Church in the diocese of Singapore--the little that is being done and the vast amount that remains to do.

The book is not all by one hand, for it has been thought best to obtain, as it were, expert information, by allowing those engaged in different spheres of work to describe their own activities. Chapter VII. is contributed by the Bishop of the diocese, and Chapter VI. by the Rev. J. R. Lee, Head Master of St. Andrew's School, Singapore. In Chapter III. the Rev. R. Richards has written about the Chinese. The description of the industries of Malaya in Chapter IV. has been contributed by a well-known planter, Mr. J. Beckingham. While endeavouring, as far as possible, to combine these various contributions into one homogeneous whole, the editor has left each contributor free to express his own ideas, and any divergences of opinion which may be noticed are attributable to this fact.

The editor wishes here to express her thanks to the contributors to the book and also to those friends who have assisted her by reading the proofs.

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