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Metlakahtla and the North Pacific Mission of the Church Missionary Society

By Eugene Stock

London: Church Missionary House, 1880.

Chapter I. The Field of Labour
Chapter II. The Call, and the Man
Chapter III. Beginning Work
Chapter IV. First-Fruits
Chapter V. The New Settlement
Chapter VI. Metlakahtla--Spiritual Results
Chapter VII. Metlakahtla--Material Progress and Moral Influence
Chapter VIII. Metlakahtla--Two Christmas-Seasons
Chapter IX. Outlying Missions--Kincolith.
Chapter X. Outlying Missions--Queen Charlotte's Islands
Chapter XI. Outlying Missions--Fort Rupert
Chapter XII. Lord Dufferin at Metlakahtla
Chapter XIII. Admiral Prevost at Metlakahtla
Chapter XIV. The Diocese of Caledonia


The third, fourth, and fifth chapters of this little book are substantially a reprint of parts of a pamphlet entitled, "Metlakahtla, or Ten Years' Work among the Tsimshean Indians," published by the Church Missionary Society in 1868. Almost all the rest, or three-fourths of the whole, is new matter--new, that is, in a separate form, for the greater part has appeared at various times in the Society's periodicals. One or two facts are taken from the Rev. J. J. Halcombe's excellent book, "Stranger than Fiction," which has done so much to make the Metlakahtla Mission known. For much valuable information I am indebted to Admiral Prevost.

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