Project Canterbury


 Pioneer Work in Algoma



By Eda Green



London: Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 1915.

Chapter I. The Red Man.
Chapter II. The Coming of the White Man.
Chapter III. The Yield of Forest and Rock.
Chapter IV. How the Church Came.
Chapter V. Indian Reserves and Schools.
Chapter VI. Through the Snow.
Chapter VII. Our Own Brothers.
Chapter VIII. Present Conditions.


THERE are few dioceses in the world, the work in which is less known in England, but which have a greater claim upon English Churchmen than has the Diocese of Algoma. The number of English settlers does not compare with the number to be found in those dioceses which include the huge Canadian prairie; but it is, nevertheless, so large, and the wide area over which they are scattered is so great, that the work which is being done amongst them is of a specially difficult character. A thrill of pleasure passed over all who were acquainted with life and work in Algoma when its Bishop recently refused to accept another bishopric that was offered to him, which would have entailed less arduous work than that which he has nobly accomplished during nearly twenty years. We hope that the present volume will draw the attention of many to the needs and claims of this diocese. It is based upon 'By Lake and Forest,' which was written by F. Awdry and Eda Green and has passed through two editions. Since the last of these was issued many changes have taken place.


Project Canterbury