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The Bishop Paddock Lectures, 1897-1897

Outlines of the History of the Theological Literature of the Church of England
From the Reformation to the Close of the Eighteenth Century.

By John Dowden, D.D.
Bishop of Edinburgh.

London: SPCK, 1897.
New York: E. & J. B. Young, 1897.


The Bishop Paddock Lectures

Lecture I. The design and scope of these Lectures--The controversy with Rome in the sixteenth century--Theological learning of the first reformers--The three most eminent of the anti-Roman controversialists of the sixteenth century: Cranmer, Jewel, Bilson; their principal writings--Hooker's attitude towards Rome--Controversies on the versions of the Scriptures.

Lecture II. The Anglican and Puritan positions--The Apparel controversy--Attack on the constitution of the Church--The two Admonitions to Parliament--Whitgift and Cartwright--The Mar-prelate Tracts--Bilson's Perpetual Government of the Church--Hooker--Calvinism in the Church of England--Whitaker and Baron--The decay of Calvinism--Broughton and Bilson on the Descent into Hell--Davenant.

Lecture III. The seventeenth century, the "Golden Age" of Anglican Theology--Rainoldes, President of Corpus--Field, Dean of Gloucester--Bishop Andrewes--Marcantonio De Dominis and Crakanthorp--Dean Jackson--Ussher, the "giant among giants."

Lecture IV. Montagu--Laud as a theologian--Chillingworth--Joseph Hall--Jeremy Taylor--Cosin--Bramhall--Hammond--Brian Walton and his colleagues--John Lightfoot--Beveridge--Thorndike--Stillingfleet.

Lecture V. Moral theology in the seventeenth century--The English casuists: Perkins, Ames, Sanderson, Hall, Taylor--Joseph Mead--Hales of Eton--The Cambridge Platonists: Whichcote, Smith, Cudworth, More--Bishop Pearson--Barrow--Bishop Bull--The anti-Roman pamphleteers.

Lecture VI. Prolonged suspension of the controversy with Rome--Controversy on civil allegiance--The "Bangorian controversy"--The great controversy with the Deists, Bishop Berkeley, Bishop Butler--Warburton's Divine Legation--Paley--The controversy with Arianism and Socinianism--Waterland--The Eucharistic theories of the non-jurors--Their views as to the invalidity of Lay-Baptism--Biblical criticism and exegesis in the eighteenth century--Ecclesiastical history--Conclusion.

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