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"The Apostle of the Indians of Guiana"
A Memoir of the Life and Labours of the Rev. W.H. Brett, B.D.
For Forty Years a Missionary in British Guiana

By the Rev. F.P.L. Josa
Rector of Holy Trinity, Essequibo

London: Wells, Gardner, Darton and Co., 1887.


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Chapter XIII.
Chapter XIV.
Chapter XV.


THE substance of the following pages first appeared in the columns of the Demerara Royal Gazette, and are mainly compiled from Mr. Brett's own books--Indian Missions in British Guiana, The Indian Tribes of British Guiana, Mission Work among the Indian Tribes of British Guiana, and Legends and Myths of Guiana.

My object in compiling them has been to give an account of the mission-work of this most eminent missionary in British Guiana, rather than to produce a narrative of his life, though this has not been altogether lost sight of.

The illustrations, from sketches made by Mr. Brett, have previously appeared either in his books or in publications of the S. P. G., but they are so very good, and so necessary to any account of his work, that I need not, I am sure, apologise for reproducing them.

My hearty thanks are due to Mrs. Brett for her kind permission to make use of her husband's books and sketches, and also to the late Rev. Canon Veness, of Guiana, for aid in preparing this Memoir, and to the Rev. H. Rowley, for helping me to bring it out in its present form.

F. P. L. JOSA.
December, 1887.

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