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Anglicanism in China

CSCA Chung Hua Sheng Kung Hui Source Documents
Compiled by Michael Nai Chiu Poon
Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia, Trinity Theological College, Singapore


Ronald Owen Hall, 1895-1975

K. H. Ting, 1915-2012

William Charles White, 1873-1960

Address in Behalf of the China Mission
By the Rev. William J. Boone, M.D., Missionary of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States of America to China.
New-York: W. Osborn, 1837.

American Mission in Shanghai
By Edward W. Syle
From The Colonial Church Chronicle, and Missionary Journal, Vol. IV (July, 1850), pages 20-25.

Our National Relations with China. Being Two Speeches Delivered in Exeter Hall and in the Free-Trade Hall, Manchester
By George Smith, Bishop of Victoria [Hong Kong]
London: Hatchard, 1857.

A Man of God Approved in Christ!
A Sermon Commemorative of the Life of the Rt. Rev. William Jones Boone, D.D., Missionary Bishop to China.
By William Bacon Stevens
Philadelphia: Sherman, 1865.

The Chinese Term for God: A Letter to the Protestant Missionaries of China.
By John Shaw Burdon.
Hong Kong: De Souza and Co., 1877.

A Letter to His Grace the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury.
By John Shaw Burdon.
Hong Kong: St. Paul's College, 1877.

North China Mission of S.P.G.
By Charles John Corfe
From Mission Life, Vol. VIII, Part 1 (1877), pages 58-65.

A Sermon preached in Grace Church, New York, October 31, 1877, on the Occasion of the Consecration of the Rev. Samuel I.J. Schereschewsky, D.D., as Missionary Bishop of Shanghai, having Jurisdiction in China.
By Rt. Rev. Wm. Bacon Stevens, D.D., LL.D., Bishop of Pennsylvania.
New York: Foreign Committee, [1877]

The Wu Shih Shan Trial. Report of the Case of Chow Chang Kung, Lin King Ching, Loo King Fah, Sat Keok Min, Directors of the Taou Shan Kwan Temple, at Wu Shih Shan, Foochow, versus Rev. John R. Wolfe, of the Church of England Missionary Society.
Hong Kong: Daily Press, 1879. [External link]

The Responsibility of the Church as Regards the Opium Traffic with China.
By Arthur Evans Moule
London: Published for the Society for the Suppression of the Opium Trade by Dyer Bros., 1881.

Correspondence in Connection with the Protest against the Consecration of Rev. W. J. Boone as Missionary Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in China. Also Letters Referring to the Wretched Management of the Mission.
Shanghai: no publisher, 1885.

The Motherhood of the Church: A Sermon Preached in St. Mary's Chapel, Shanghai
By Sidney C. Partridge.
Shanghai: Printed at the Shanghai Mercury Office, 1886.

Seeking the Living among the Dead: A Sermon Preached in the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Shanghai, on Easter Evening 1887.
By the Rev. Sidney C. Partridge of the American Church Mission.
Shanghai: Kelly and Walsh, Limited, the Bund, 1887.

The Bible, Prayer Book and Terms in Our China Missions
By Samuel Isaac Joseph Schereschewsky
No place: no publisher, 1888.

The Glorious Land: Short Chapters on China, and Missionary Work There.
By Arthur Evans Moule.
London: Church Missionary Society, 1891. [External link]

Robert and Louisa Stewart: In Life and in Death
By Mary E. Watson
London: Marshall Brothers, 1895.

The Sister Martyrs of Ku Cheng: Memoir and Letters of Eleanor and Elizabeth Saunders ("Nellie" and "Topsie") of Melbourne.
By Digby Marsh Berry.
London: Nisbet, 1896. [External link]

Letter and Resolutions of the Conference of the Bishops of the Anglican Communion in China, Hongkong and Corea Held at Shanghai October 14th-20th, 1899.
Shanghai: no publisher, 1899.

Story of the Siege Hospital in Peking and Diary of Events from May to August, 1900
By Jessie Ransome, Deaconess, Church of England Mission, Peking
London: SPCK, 1901.
New York: E. & J.B. Young and Co., 1901.

Letter and Resolutions of the Conference of the Bishops of the Anglican Communion in China and Hongkong Held at Shanghai October 19th-23rd, 1903.
Shanghai: no publisher, 1903.

Letters, Documents, &c. in the Matter of Episcopal Jurisdiction in China
No place: no publisher, c. 1904.

Bishops of the American Church Mission in China.
Hartford, Connecticut: Church Missions Publishing, 1908.

Handbooks of English Church Expansion: China
By Frank L. Norris
London and Oxford: A. R. Mowbray, 1908.

A History of the Dublin University Fuh-Kien Mission, 1887-1911.
Dublin: Hodges, Figgis & Co., Ltd., [1911]

High Church Anglicans and American Presbyterians in Shantung University.
By Arthur Judson Brown.
From The Constructive Quarterly, 1913, pp. 777-794.

Chinese Ancestor Worship: A Study of Its Meaning and Its Relations with Christianity
By James Thayer Addison
Published by the Church Literature Committee of the Chung Hua Sheng Kung Hui
By the Help of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1925.

Charles Perry Scott, First Bishop in North China
By the Right Reverend Bishop Montgomery, D.D.
[London] Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 1928.

Forward in Western China
By Deaconess Emily Lily Stewart, C.M.S. Missionary in Szechwan
Foreword by the Archbishop of Sydney
London: Church Missionary Society, 1934.

Letter by Ernest H. Forster from Yangchow, China
No place: no publisher, 1934.

The Diocese of Anking.
By Daniel Trumbull Huntington.
Hartford, Connecticut: Church Missions Publishing, [1943].

Fukien Then and Now
By W. Conlin
No place: Church Missionary Society, no date.

Nellie, Topsy and Annie: Australian Anglican Martyrs, Fujian Province, China, 1 August 1895.
A Paper presented to the First TransTasman Missionary Conference on Australian and New Zealand Missionaries, At Home and Abroad, Australian National University Canberra, Australia 8-10 October 2004.
By Ian Welch, Australian National University. [PDF]

Women's Work for Women: Women Missionaries in 19th Century China
A Paper presented to the Eighth Women in Asia Conference 2005 Women's Caucus of the Asian Studies Association of Australia.
University of Technology, Sydney, 26-28 September 2005.
By Ian Welch, Australian National University. [PDF]

Amy Oxley: Letters from China
An Australian Missionary Nurse of the Church Missionary Association of New South Wales, Fujian Province, China 1895-c1920
A documentary narrative by Ian Welch, Australian National University, 2006. [PDF]

Letters from China: Dr. James J. Gregory, Methodist Episcopal Church Foreign Mission Board, Wiley Memorial Hospital, Gutian, China 1895-1896.
A documentary narrative by Ian Welch, Australian National University, 2006. Dr. Gregory's correspondence is an important source on the Fujian massacre. [PDF]

Missionaries, Murder and Diplomacy in Late 19th Century China: A Case Study
A Paper presented to the Second ANU Missionary History Conference, Australian National University Canberra, Australia 27-29 August 2006.
By Ian Welch, Australian National University. [PDF]

Blind and Sighted Pioneer Teachers in 19th Century China and India (revised edition)
By M. Miles, 2011 [PDF, external link]

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