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Ronald Owen Hall


Compiled by the Right Reverend Dr. Terry M. Brown
Retired Bishop of Malaita

Memorial Service for Ronald O. Hall, Bishop of Hong Kong and Macau, 1932-1966, St. John's Cathedral, Hong Kong, Thursday, 1st May, 1975 at 8.00 p.m.
Hong Kong: Diocese of Hong Kong and Macau, 1975.

R.O.: The Life and Times of Bishop Ronald Hall of Hong Kong.
By David M. Paton.
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The Courtesy of God.
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Sermon by the Rt. Rev. Ronald Owen Hall, as Bishop of Victoria, on his Enthronement at St. John's Cathedral, Hong Kong, 30 December, 1932.
Outpost, April 1933, pages 6-10.

The Christian Movement in China in a Period of National Transition: Three Papers Prepared at the Request of the Department of Social and Industrial Research for the Tambaram Meeting of the International Missionary Council (with Zichen Zhao and Roderick Scott).
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Shiu-kee Loong.
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善牧集 : 何明華會督講章彙編
Shan mu chi: He Minghua hui du jiang zhang hui bian [Sermons].
Xianggang: 何明華會督就職銀禧出版委員會 / Minghua hui du jiu zhi yin xi chu ban wei yuan hi, 1957.

良好的基督徒應該是積極的公民嗎?: 給全香港基督徒的幾個新約聖經問題
Liang hao de Jidu tu ying gai shi ji ji di gong min ma?: gei quan Xianggang Jidu tu di ji ge Xin yue Sheng jing wen ti.
Xianggang : 香港會督府 / Xianggang hui du fu, 1959.

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