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An Historical Sketch of the Diocese of Saskatchewan of the Anglican Church of Canada

By W. F. Payton, Archdeacon Emeritus

Prince Albert: The Anglican Diocese of Saskatchewan, 1974.

Reproduced online by kind permission of the Anglican Diocese of Saskatchewan
and the family of Archdeacon Payton, 2006.

Epistles Dedicatory

Author's Preface

Chapter 1. Creation of the Diocese--Consecration of Bishop McLean--His arrival at Prince Albert

Chapter 2. Origins of the Diocese in the Selkirk Settlement--Rev. John West

Chapter 3. Early life of Henry Budd--His ministry at the Cumberland Mission and Nepowewin--The Isbister Settlement

Chapter 4. The Lac la Ronge Mission--James Settee--Rev Robert Hunt--Holy Trinity Church, Stanley

Chapter 5. Extension of the Work in the Prince Albert Settlement--Emmanuel College

Chapter 6. The railway reaches Regina--Diocese of Assiniboia (Qu'Appelle)--Bishop Anson--Beginnings of the Church in Alberta

Chapter 7. Canon William Newton at Edmonton--Rev. John Hines and Chief Ahtakakoop--Sandy Lake

Chapter 8. The Riel Uprising--Loyal Indian Chiefs

Chapter 9. Beginnings of St. Alban's Congregation--Injury and death of Bishop McLean

Chapter 10. Archdeacon John A. Mackay--Archdeacon George McKay

Chapter 11. Bishop Cyprian Pinkham--Formation of the Diocese of Calgary--Its separation from the Diocese of Saskatchewan

Chapter 12. Rev. Thomas Clarke--Canon E.K. Matheson--Rev. John R. Matheson.

Chapter 13. Bishop Jervois A. Newnham--Organisation of the W.A.--Rev. George Exton Lloyd and the Britannia (Barr) Colony

Chapter 14. Saskatoon--Immigration increases--Emmanuel College

Chapter 15. Carrot River development--Melfort--Railway extension--The new Cathedral church

Chapter 16. Enlarged missionary activinity--Bishop Montgomery and Rev. J. D. Mullins--Arrival of English catechists--Archdeacon Lloyd revives Emmanuel College--St. Alban's College

Chapter 17. Establishment of Provincial University--Removal of Emmanuel College to Saskatoon--Sunday School by Post--Superintending clergy

Chapter 18. A new Bishop's Residence--Growth of the Church in Saskatoon--C. & C.C. S. and its relation with the College--Recurring shortage of clergy

Chapter 19. The First World War and its effects on the Diocese and the College--Resignation of Bishop Newnham

Chapter 20. Election of Bishop G.E. Lloyd--Archdeacon Dewdney becomes Bishop of Keewatin

Chapter 21. Death of Archdeacon J. A. Mackay--Archdeacon W. E. J. Paul--Canon Edward Ahenakew

Chapter 22. Establishment of St. John's Cathedral, Saskatoon--The Semi-Centenary celebrations of 1924

Chapter 23. Bishop's College, Prince Albert--Boundary changes between Manitoba and Alberta--Division of the Diocese reviewed.

Chapter 24. Resignation of Bishop Lloyd--Election of Rev. Dr. W. T. Hallam--A new Episcopal Endowment Fund--Division of the Diocese--Election of Archdeacon Walter Burd as Bishop of Saskatchewan.

Chapter 25. Readjustment of the Diocese to new dimensions--Extension in mission work and building programme--Illness and resignation of Bishop Burd--Election and Consecration of Bishop Henry D. Martin

Chapter 26. The Second World War--Fellowship of the West--Overseas and Local sources for candidates for the Ministry--The Cathedral consecrated--Anglican Advance Appeal--Renewed interest in St. Mary's Church, Prince Albert--La Ronge School destroyed by fire and pupils removed to Prince Albert

Chapter 27. Continuing economic problems--Centralisation and power farming in rural areas--Emergence of Indian Lay Readers School--Retirement of Sir Jeffrey Paul--Visit of Archbishop of Canterbury--Resignation of Bishop Martin--Election and Consecration of Bishop Crump

Chapter 28. New Committees and programmes for expansion--Research programme--Building Loan Fund--New parishes in the See city--The first Dean appointed--St. Luke's House--Spiritual Renewal

Chapter 29. Formation of Indian Council--Dean H.V.R. Short--Revision of Constitution and Canons--Changes in Synod patterns--Ordination of Indian Lay Readers--Resignation of Bishop Crump--Election and Consecration of Bishop Short--Appointment of Dean McMulkin and Archdeacon Ahenakew--Reduction in external grants and growth in diocesan revenue--Visit of the Primate--New concerns in Ministry


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