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 "Cantantes licet usque, (minus via laedet) eamus."

"----- Sometimes a listless hour beguile,
Framing loose numbers."

"Where perfect sweetness dwells, is Cosmos gone,
But his sweet lays, to cheer the Church, live on."





346 & 348 BROADWAY.



  1. Morning
  2. Noon
  3. Evening
  4. Midnight
  5. The Voice of Rama
  6. "I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life"
  7. The Waters of Marah
  8. "Our Father, who art in Heaven"
  9. The Love of Christ
  10. The Sinner Called
  11. The Faithful Saying
  12. "Lord, I believe, help Thou mine unbelief"
  13. "In the hour of death, and in the day of judgment"
  14. The Plague of Darkness
  15. "Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life"
  16. "The fashion of this world passeth away"
  17. The Water of Life
  18. Life's Little Lines
  19. To a very dear Friend
  20. Thermopylae
  21. Fragment
  22. Home
  23. To an absent Friend
  24. The Mourned--The Loved--The Lost
  25. On a very old Wedding Ring
  26. Sons of the Greeks
  27. "Forget Me Not"
  28. That Silent Moon
  29. "Rex sempiterne coelitum"
  30. Hymn for Lent
  31. Morning Hymn
  32. "Jam lucis orto sidere"
  33. "Consors Paterni luminis"
  34. To the Peninsula of Sirmio
  35. To Grosphus
  36. Sonnet
  37. The Pleasures of Country Life
  38. Harmodius and Aristogeiton
  39. To Fuscus Aristius
  40. Sonnet
  41. To the Spring
  42. Inscription, for the Tomb of a little Girl, eight years old
  43. Love and Death
  44. To Delius
  45. Why wish for Life?
  46. "Since, where thou art, I may not dwell"
  47. "Love consecrates them all"
  48. "To say--I've thought of thee"
  49. Lines on a Seal
  50. To ------
  51. What is that, Mother?
  52. Farewell
  53. Wild Birds
  54. Dirge
  55. Early Piety
  56. The Two Advents
  57. The raising of Lazarus
  58. Lines on a Seal
  59. "The Dead in Christ"
  60. To one "Broken in Heart"
  61. A Cherub
  62. To a Dear One in Deep Sorrow
  63. The Blessed Sun will shine
  64. Hymn
  65. The Cloud Bridge
  66. The Dilemma
  67. Bishop Ravenscroft
  68. Lines by the Lake-side
  69. To my dear George Hobart
  70. Written on leaving Home
  71. The Fountain opened in the Church
  72. Spirit of Spring
  73. The Amulet of Grace
  74. To my dear Sister
  75. To William Croswell
  76. A Prayer
  77. The Geranium Leaf
  78. Spring Thoughts
  79. To my Wife
  80. To my Wife
  81. To my dear Sister
  82. To my dear Sister
  83. The smell of Spring
  84. On the little Urn in the Garden
  85. "So He giveth His beloved sleep"
  86. The Beauchamp Monument
  87. The Beauchamp Monument
  88. Hoc erat in Votis
  89. To my English God-son
  90. Battersea Rise
  91. The Catholic's assertion of the Cross
  92. To my dear Willie
  93. Life's Trellised Way
  94. The Self-Flowing
  95. My Best of Blessings
  96. To my Heart
  97. To a Mourning Mother
  98. Come when thou wilt
  99. The Child at Prayer
  100. To my Wife
  101. Gleams of Sunshine in a darkened room
  102. The Banner of the Cross
  103. The Sailor's Home
  104. Wall Flowers
  105. Raspberry Vinegar, with Iced Water
  106. "Sweet from the Rain"
  107. Stand as an Anvil
  108. Malleus Domini
  109. A Daisy
  110. An Answer
  111. The Old Man of Verona
  112. The Flight into Egypt
  113. Little Mary's Grave
  114. The Mother, at the grave of her Child
  115. Ficus Religiosa
  116. William Croswell
  117. Robin Redbreast
  118. Sarah Wallace Germain
  119. "Ah, my Brother!"
  120. The Cross
  121. The Baptism of Tears
  122. "I have fought with beasts at Ephesus"
  123. Deliciis Meis
  124. "Perfect, through sufferings"
  125. The Church of the Holy Innocents
  126. "Rores Flores"
  127. To one of Raphael's Angels
  128. The Christian Pilgrim
  129. To my sweet Grand-daughter
  130. The New Cradle
  131. Fanny's Grave
  132. The eyes of the Angels
  133. "My love lies bleeding"
  134. From "Danpy" to his "Birdie"
  135. To ----- A Prayer.
  136. The Heart need not grow old
  137. To the sweet Daughters of the Cross
  138. Pray for your Pastor
  139. Lines sent with a Bible
  140. To Miss Stanley's Sunday-Morning Bird
  141. The Wedded Flags
  142. The First Green
  143. The All Saints Flowers
  144. To Margaret Harrison Doane
  145. The First Christmas without my Mother

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