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"Songs by the Way"
The Poetical Writings of the Right Rev. George Washington Doane, D.D., LL.D.

Arranged and Edited by His Son, William Croswell Doane

New York: D. Appleton, 1860.


COME, in the sun-glint., or come, in the shower;
Come, with the snow-flake, or come, with the flower;
Come, when thou wilt, thou art welcome to me,
As the fragrance of Spring, to the scent of the bee.

Come, at the dawn of day, come, at its close;
Come, with the violet, come with the rose
Come when thou wilt, thou art fair, to my eye,
As the first star of evening, that flames from the sky.

Come, at the noon-tide, or come in the night;
Come, when the skies are black, come, when they're bright:
Come, when thou wilt, thou art dear to my heart,
As the streams of red life, from its fountain, that start.

Come, in the Winter, or come, in the Spring
Come, when the birds are still, come, when they sing:
Come, when thou wilt, and thy coming shall be,
For beauty, for balm, and for blessing, to me.

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