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"Songs by the Way"
The Poetical Writings of the Right Rev. George Washington Doane, D.D., LL.D.

Arranged and Edited by His Son, William Croswell Doane

New York: D. Appleton, 1860.


FAREWELL! a little magic word,
Which hath been, and which must be, heard,
So long as change and chance shall be
Entwined, with human destiny:
The varied feelings, Who can tell,
That mingle in that word, Farewell!

It breathes of joys; but they are gone;
Of peace and love, forever flown;
Of hopes, so faint, they seem but fears;
Of griefs, that lie, too deep, for tears;
Of friends, of loved ones, forced to part,
Hand torn from hand, and heart, from heart.

It breathes of joys, that shall again,
With peace and love, resume their reign;
Of hopes, beneath whose fervent ray,
Each frost-work grief shall melt away,
Of loved ones, met, no more to part,
Hand clasped in hand, and heart, to heart.

Farewell! there's not a thought of mine,
That does not turn to thee, and thine;
There's not a wish, a hope, a prayer,
But thine, and thou, art whispered there,
The hopes, the fears, oh who can tell,
That mingle, in that word, Farewell!

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