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A Directory of Ceremonial (1921)

Liturgical Influences of Anglo-Catholicism on The Waste Land and Other Works by T. S. Eliot.
By A. Lee Fjordbotten (1999)

An Exploration of the Basis of Legal Authority in the Anglican Church in New Zealand.
By Noel Stanley Bertie Cox (2004)

The Meaning of Catholicity with Respect to Ordained Ministry in the Anglican Communion: An Examination of the Ecclesiology Implicit in the Validity of Orders Debate.
By Noel Stanley Bertie Cox (2007)


Reasons Why Every Member of the Church of England, Whether Rich or Poor, Should Subscribe to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts.
By Richard Seymour (1843)

A Pastoral Letter on the Support of the Clergy, Addressed to the Wardens, Vestrymen and Parishioners in the Diocese of Vermont.
By John Henry Hopkins (1854)

A Sermon Commemorative of the Reverend Robert Greene Chase, Late Rector of the Church of St. Matthias, Philadelphia, PA.
By George P. Schetky (1868)

Correspondence between the Right Reverend, the Bishop of Connecticut and the Rev. F.C. Ewer on the Doctrine of the Church touching the Seven Catholic Sacraments. (1870)

The Cathedral System: The Dean’s Sermon on All Saints Day in the Chapel of the Cathedral of All Saints, Albany.
By James Haughton (1878)

Memorials of Four Brothers
Attributed to Laetitia Frances Selwyn (c. 1882)

Shall the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America Cease To Exist?
By Daniel R. Goodwin (1889)

The Island Voyage, 1896.

Crisis in Church and Nation.
By Charles Gore (1915)

Handbooks on the Missions of the Episcopal Church

Philippine Islands (1923)

The West Indies (1926)

Liberia (1928)

Japan (1934)

"Behind It All is God:" The Melanesian Mission in War-Time.
By Walter Hubert Baddeley (1942)

Mexican Neighbors
By Walter D. Dennis (1958)

Ukrainian Missions and Churches in the Niagara Peninsula.
By Richard E. Ruggle (1982) [Adobe Acrobat format]


A Groane at the Funerall of that Incomparable and Glorious Monarch, Charles the First, [...], &c. On whose Sacred Person was acted That Execrable, Horrid, and Prodigious Murther, by a trayterous Crew, and bloudy Combination at Westminster (1649)

An Address Delivered before the House of the Convocation of Trinity College, in Christ Church, Hartford, July 26th, 1854.
By John Henry Hopkins (1854)

Letter from the Bishops, Including the Reports Adopted by the Conference.
Conference of Bishops of the Anglican Communion, Holden at Lambeth Palace, July 1878.

Santa Scala: Readings and Prayers for Them That Mourn
Edited by William Croswell Doane (1894)

Thirty Years in Japan: Report of Theodosius Stevens Tyng to the Board of Missions of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, and the Bishop of Kyoto. (1909)

Darkness and Dawn: A Missionary Play in Three Acts Descriptive of the Work of the Melanesian Mission.
By Walter G. Ivens (1914)

An Unofficial Anglican Programme for Reunion, as Contained in a Letter to His Grace the Metropolitan of Athens, October 26, 1918.
By William Chauncey Emhardt (1920)

Norwegian and English Churches: Past and Present Relations.
By Albert Nicolay Gilbertson (c. 1920)

Swedish Folk within Our Church
By Thomas Burgess (1929)

The Story of St. Mary's: The Society of the Free Church of St. Mary the Virgin, New York City 1868-1931.
Edited by Newbury Frost Read (1931)

Alaska Today (1936)

The War and After: Singapore.
By John Hayter and Jack Bennitt (no date, c. 1947)


Added directory on William Carpenter Bompas (1834-1906)

Added directory on William West Kirkby (1827-1907)

The Collects of the Church of England, Imitated in Verse.
By John Rusher (1790)

An Apology for the Freemasons; Respectfully Submitted to the Consideration of Those Clergymen Who Doubt the Propriety of Allowing the Use of Their Churches for Masonic Celebrations.
By George Oliver (1846)

Canterbury Papers (1850)

A Defence of the Constitution of the Diocese of Vermont.
By John Henry Hopkins (1854)

An Address Delivered at the Annual Commemoration in the Chapel of St. Augustine's College, on St. Peter's Day, June 29, 1854.
By George Augustus Selwyn (1854)

Journal of a Visit to the Loyalty, New Hebrides and Banks' Islands, in the Melanesian Mission Schooner The Southern Cross, with an Account of the Wreck of That Vessel.
By Benjamin Y. Ashwell (1860)

Sermon Preached at the Consecration of the Rev. John Coleridge Patteson, M.A. Fellow of Merton College, to Act as Missionary Bishop among the Western Islands of the South Pacific, on the Festival of St. Matthias, Feb. 24, 1861.
By George Augustus Selwyn (1861)

The Lambeth Conference and the Encyclical: A Sermon.
By John William Burgon (1867)

The Melanesian Mission: A Letter to the Editors of the Australian Churchman.
By C. Hunter Brown (1869)

Jubilee Address to the Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, Baltimore, Maryland, October 6, 1871.
By George Augustus Selwyn (1871)

Christian Work in the Island of Cuba.
By Edward Kenney (1873)

Sermon in Answer to Certain Reasons Assigned for the Organization of the "Reformed Episcopal Church."
By Thomas Jefferson Danner (1875)

Church of St. Mary the Virgin New York: Memorial of the New Church on the 25th Anniversary of the Parish (1895)

En le oh vele tata pah ga tata valqin mee on le ume ga ron.
[Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, Prayers and Thanksgivings, Litany, Eucharistic Prayers and Catechism in the Lakona language.] (1897)

Witnessing under the Southern Cross: Mr. and Mrs. Burleigh at Wollaston and Tekenika (1902)

His Holiness Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow and of All the Russias: A Memoir.
By A. Roshestvensky, translated by H. P. (192)

Advance Work Program of the Women's Auxiliary to the National Council, Diocese of New York (1932)


Added directory on Samuel Roosevelt Johnson (1802-1873)

Added directory on Thomas Patrick Hughes (1838-1911)

Proceedings of the First Annual Meeting of the Protestant Episcopal Historical Society, held at the Stuyvesant Institute, N.Y., June 25th, 1851.
With address by John Henry Hopkins (1851)

Ritualism in Ulster: Being a Letter to a Friend regarding Certain Novelties in Northern Parishes.
By J. F. (1877)

The Reservation of the Blessed Sacrament: An Answer to the Rev. Henry R. Percival, Rector of the Church of the Evangelists, Philadelphia.
By Thomas K. Conrad (1885)

Our Oldest Indian Mission: A Brief History of the Vepery (Madras) Mission.
By A. Westcott (1897)

To the Reverend Clergy of the Diocese of New York: Remarks concerning the Proposed Ordination of the Rev. Charles A. Briggs, D.D.
By Frank Montrose Clendenin (1899)

The Case against Herbert Shipman: A Review.
By Stuart L. Tyson (1921)

Fifty Years: The Picture of a Priest and His People.
By Archibald Campbell Knowles (1949)

The Episcopate of Frederick Barry.
By George E. DeMille (1962)


Fraternal Unity in the Church of God.
By John Henry Hopkins (1850)

The Purpose and Profit of the Diaconate, as an Essential Part of the Ministry of the Christian Church.
By George Maxwell Randall (1860)

On the Duty of Members of the English Church in the Present Controversies: A Sermon Preached in the Chapel of Trinity College, Cambridge, on Sunday, February 5, 1863.
By W. G. Clark (1863)

Church Work amongst Sailors in 64 Home Ports, as Set Forth by the Lower House of the Convocation of Canterbury, and Adopted by It February 15th, 1875.
By E. Nottingham (1878)

A Pastoral Letter to the People of His Charge, on Certain Points of Christian Doctrine, Worship, and Manners.
By Benjamin H. Paddock (1879)

Deaconesses in the Church of England: A Short Essay on the Order as Existing in the Primitive Church, and on Their Present Position and Work (1880)

History of Recent Events in Christ Church Parish.
By Edward Abraham Foggo (1880)

Biography of the Rev. Charles Isenberg, Missionary of the Church Missionary Society to Abyssinia and Western India from 1832 to 1864.
By H. Gundert (1885)

The Society of the Oblates of Mount Calvary (c. 1910)

The Question of Divorce.
By Charles Gore (1911)

The Stone-breaker; or the Work of S.P.C.K. and Its Value to the Church at Home and Overseas as Seen through Different Glasses (1930)

Thirst of India: The Story of the Growing Church in the Diocese of Amritsar.
By Heber Wilkinson (1954)


Added directory on Cave Jones (1769-1829)

Added directory on Nathaniel Bowen (1779-1839)

Added directory on William Hale Hale (1795-1870)

Added directory on Owen Emeric Vidal (1819-1854)

Added directory on Edwin Harwood (1822-1902)

A Letter from A Minister of the Church of England to His Dissenting Parishioners Shewing the Necessity of Unity and Peace and the Dangerous Consequences of Separating from the Established Episcopal Church.
By James Wetmore (1730)

A Modest Reply to a Letter from a Gentleman to His Friend in Dutchess-County. Lately Published by an Anonymous Writer.
By Samuel Seabury (1759)

A Sermon, Addressed to the Legislature of the State of Connecticut, at the Annual Election in New-Haven.
By Thomas Church Brownell (1822)

A Plea for Religious Charity Schools.
By Benjamin T. Onderdonk (1825)

A Discourse on the Occasion of Forming the African Mission School Society, Delivered in Christ Church, in Hartford, Connecticut.
By Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright (1828)

A Charge to the Clergy of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of Connecticut.
By Thomas Church Brownell (1832)

A Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Church of England in British Guiana, at their Metropolitan Church in Georgetown, Demerara, 23rd March, 1836.
By William Hart Coleridge (1836)

A Temple of Idols Not a Christian Church: Correspondence with the Rector and Vestry of Christ Church, New-Brighton on the Subject of the Images Introduced into That Church.
By G. Wotherspoon (1857)

Kalli, the Esquimaux Christian: A Memoir
By T. B. Murray (1859)

A Charge Delivered to the Clergy at the Visitation held in the Cathedral Church of St. Luke, at Halifax, on the 3rd Day of July, 1866.
By Hibbert Binney (1866)

An Address by the first English Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church, on the Occasion of the First Admission and Reception of Presbyters into the English Branch of the R.E.C. on November 15th, 1877. (1878)

The Prayer Book the Interpreter of Scripture and the Guide to Its Use: A Sermon Preached before the Margaret Coffin Prayer Book Society, at the Church of our Saviour, Longwood, Mass., on the Third Sunday after the Epiphany, January 22, 1882.
By A. C. A. Hall (1882)

Centenary of the Oxford Movement: Sixth Catholic Congress of the Episcopal Church (1933)

The School Island.
By Sister Veronica (1949)

The Mekong Messenger: Journal of the Anglican Episcopal Congregations of the Mékong (1961)

La Historia de la Iglesia Episcopal de Cuba
Por Juan Ramón de la Paz (2001, Adobe Acrobat format)


Added directory on Charles Franklin Robertson (1835-1886)

Added directory on David Hummell Greer (1844-1919)

A Funeral Address Delivered at the Interment of the Right Rev. Benjamin Moore, D.D., Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of New-York; and Rector of Trinity Church in the City of New-York.
By John Henry Hobart (1816)

The Standard of Appeal on Doubtful Points, Where the Bible Fails to Produce Unity
By Thomas Winthrop Coit (1852)

Hate Hasuri Ra Ni Inoni Do Re Mataia Ni Rigunga Inia Kauraha.
Portions of the Book of Common Prayer in the Bauro [sic Arosi] language, attributed to John Coleridge Patteson (1858)

Union in the Church and Nation: Speech of Samuel B. Ruggles on the Proposed Court of Appeals, Delivered in the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America (1859, 1874 reprint with additions)

The Claims of the Prayer Book upon Protestant Christendom: A Sermon, Preached at the Anniversary of the Bishop White Prayer Book Society, Philadelphia, November 17, 1861, in the Church of the Holy Trinity.
By George David Cummins (1861)

A Sermon Commemorative of the Rt. Rev. Samuel Bowman, D.D., Late Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Pennsylvania.
By William Bacon Stevens (1861)

The Inaugural Address Delivered at the Opening of Huron College, London, Canada West, December 2, 1863.
By Charles Petit McIlvaine (1864)

The Church of England in Northern and Central Europe: A Pastoral Address to the Chaplaincies.
By J. H. Titcomb (1885)

A Handbook on Welsh Church Defence.
By Alfred George Edwards (1894)

Letter and Resolutions of the Conference of the Bishops of the Anglican Communion in China, Hongkong and Corea Held at Shanghai October 14th-20th, 1899.

Letter and Resolutions of the Conference of the Bishops of the Anglican Communion in China and Hongkong held at Shanghai October 19th-23rd, 1903.

By Charles Hyde Brooke (1923-1924)

The Eastern Church in the Western World.
By William Chauncey Emhardt, Thomas Burgess, and Robert Frederick Lau (1928)


Added directory on Charles Simeon (1759-1836)

Added directory on John Purchas (1823-1872)

Added directory on George Nugée (1819-1892)

Added directory on Gregory Thurston Bedell (1817-1892)

A Sermon Preach'd at the Funeral of the Honourable Christopher Codrington, Late Captain General and Governor in Chief of Her Majesty's Carribee Islands; Who Departed This Life at His Seat in Barbadoes, on Good-Friday the 7th of April 1710. and was Interr'd the Day following in the Parish Church of St. Michael.
By William Gordon (1710)

Bishop Seabury's Second Charge, to the Clergy of His Diocess, Delivered at Derby, in the State of Connecticut, on the 22d of September, 1786.
By Samuel Seabury (1786)

Bishop Jarvis's Charge to the Clergy of His Diocese.
By Abraham Jarvis (1797)

Farewell Sermon, Preached at the Episcopal Jews' Chapel, Palestine Place, Bethnal Green, in Compliance with the Special Request of the Committee of the London Society for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews, on [...] the Day after His Consecration.
By M.S. Alexander (1841)

Letter on Christian Union, Addressed to the Bishops of the Protestant Episcopal Church.
By Francis Patrick Kenrick (1841)

Pastoral Letter addressed by the Bishop to the People of His Diocese on the Subject of His Correspondence with the Rev. William Henry Hoit.
By John Henry Hopkins (1846)

An Address from the College of Bishops to All Faithful Members of the Episcopal Church of Scotland, Issued at Their Annual Synod, Holden in Edinburgh, Sept. 5, 1850 together with an Appendix, Containing Certain Documents Recently Issued by the Episcopal Synod (1850)

Forbearance in Theological Controversy: A Sermon Preached before the University of Oxford on Quinquagesima Sunday, 1852.
By Alfred Pott (1852)

Sermon Preached in Westminster Abbey June 19, 1870 (the First Sunday after Trinity) being the Sunday following the Funeral of Charles Dickens.
By Arthur Penrhyn Stanley (1870)

Long-Suffering and Doctrine: A Sermon Preached in Westminster Abbey, on Sunday, December 14, 1873, at the Consecration of the Lord Bishop of Ely.
By Alfred Pott (1874)

An Address Delivered in Lieu of a Visitation Charge, in St. John's Cathedral, Antigua, on the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, 1882.
By John Mitchinson (1882)

An American Cloister: The Life and Work of the Order of the Holy Cross.
By Shirley Carter Hughson, O.H.C. (1948)

Tabu Samu Koluzagu Lova Abeni Lo Savo La Sua Vere La Archbishop Lova Malanala Telo Tei Ata Melanesia Lo Province La.
A Liturgy for the Province of Melanesia in the Language of Savo, Solomon Islands (1978)

A Life in Order: The Memoirs of Brother Francis SSF (2003)


Added directory on Frederic Dan Huntington (1819-1904)

Added directory on Cortlandt Whitehead (1842-1922)

A Sermon, Preached in St. George's Church, in Hempstead, on the 24th June, 1801; before an Assembly of Free and Accepted Masons, Convened for the Purpose of Celebrating the Festival of St. John the Baptist.
By Seth Hart (1801)

A Second Solemn Appeal to the Church: Containing Remarks and Strictures on the Late Violent Proceedings of a Pretended Ecclesiastical Court Against the Author.
By John Ireland (1811)

The Moral Efficacy and the Positive Benefits of the Ordinances of the Gospel: A Sermon, Preached at the Consecration of Trinity Church, in the City of New-Haven, on Wednesday, the 21st Day of February, A.D. 1816.
By John Henry Hobart (1816)

A Sermon, Delivered in Trinity Church, December 23, 1832, on the Decease of Gardiner Greene, Esq.
By George Washington Doane (1833)

A Sermon Preached at St. Ann's Church, Brooklyn, Good Friday, April 10, 1846.
By Albert W. Duy (1846)

The True Glory of the Church: A Sermon, Delivered in St. Paul's Church, Rahway on the 150th Anniversary of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts.
By Edward F. Peet (1851)

Annals of the Diocese of Adelaide.
By William Norris (1852)

A Prince and a Great man is Fallen in Israel: A Sermon Preached in Christ Church, St. Andrew the Less, Cambridge, on Sunday, September 19th, 1852, on Occasion of the Death of the Duke of Wellington.
By J.H. Titcomb (1852)

The Work of God and Its Means. A Sermon Preached at the Church of the Advent, Boston, Mass., on the First Sunday in Advent, 1853, Being the Ninth Anniversary of the Foundation of the Parish.
By Horatio Southgate (1853)

The Presence of Non-Communicants: A Letter to the Rev. W.U. Richards with Reference to a Sermon Preached by the Latter at All Saints' Church, Margaret Street.
By Edward Stuart (1861)

The National Sacrifice: A Sermon Preached on the Sunday before the Death of the President, and Two Addresses in St. Clement's Church, Philadelphia.
By Treadwell Walden (1865)

Union at Home First: A Sermon Preached at All Saints', Lambeth on the Eve of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 1871, being the Fourteenth Anniversary of the Association for the Promotion of the Unity of Christendom.
By E. S. Ffoulkes (1871)

The Charges against the Rector of St. Clement's Protestant Episcopal Church, in Philadelphia, together with His Statement, Explanation, Protest, and Arguments of Counsel. (1879)

Confession and the Lambeth Conference.
By A. C. A. Hall (1879)

Revision of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer.
By John Radcliff Pretyman (1882)

The Centenary of the American Episcopate.
By Gregory Thurston Bedell (1884)

Sequel to "Two Letters re the Anglican Church in Hawaii."
By John Usborne (1898)


The Lutheran Liturgy Now Us'd by the Protestants in the Reformed Churches of Germany, Prov'd to Agree with the Rites and Ceremonies in the Several Offices of the Book of Common-Prayer, Us'd by the Church of England. (1715)

A Sermon Delivered in Christ Church, Philadelphia, on Monday in Whitsun-Week, the 28th of May, 1787; at the First Ordination Held by the Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of Pennsylvania.
By Samuel Magaw (1787)

The Doctrine of Regeneration Asserted and Explained.
By Benjamin Moore (1791)

An Address to the Inhabitants of the Colonies Established in New South Wales and Norfolk Island. Written in the Year 1792.
By Richard Johnson, Chaplain to the Colonies (1794)

The Essentials of Ordination Stated, in a Letter to a Friend; on the Subject of the Right Rev. Bishop Hobart's Consecration.
By John Bowden (1812)

An Address Delivered at the Commencement of the General Theological Seminary.
By John Croes (1826)

A Plea for Seamen: A Sermon Preached on the Occasion of a Collection in Aid of the Funds of the Seamen's Union Bethel Society, in St. Peter's Church, Baltimore on the Evening of the 19th February, 1826.
By J.P.K. Henshaw (1826)

A Circular Letter from the Bishop of Montreal to the Clergy of the His Diocese on Church Vestments.
By George Jehoshaphat Mountain (1845)

Annals of the Diocese of Fredericton.
By Ernest Hawkins (1847)

A Charge Delivered at His Primary Visitation, Held in Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton, August 24, 1847.
By John Medley (1848)

A Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Edinburgh.
By Charles Hughes Terrot (1848)

The Holy Eucharist. A Letter to the Lay Episcopalians of Scotland on the Nature of the Holy Eucharist; and on the Laws of the Church of England and of the Scottish Episcopal Church with Respect to the Administration of It.
By John Marshall (1849)

Bishop Seabury and Bishop Provoost: An Historical Fragment.
By William Stevens Perry (1862)

Sermon on the Scriptural, Ecclesiastical and Political Obligations in Regard to the Use of Certain Prayers in the Liturgy of the Protestant Episcopal Church Preached in St. Paul's Church, New Orleans, La., on Sunday Morning, April 10, 1864.
By Elijah Guion (1864)

Evening Communions: The Argument against Them Briefly Stated.
By Arthur Rawson Ashwell (1867)

Sermon Preached at the Consecration of the American Episcopal Church of the Holy Trinity, Paris (France).
By William Ferdinand Morgan (1867)

Narrative of a Visit to the Assyrian Christians in Kurdistan undertaken at the Request of the Archbishop of Canterbury, in the Autumn of 1884.
By Athelstan Riley (1884)

The Journey of the Sisters of Bethany from London to Urmi (Persia), to Join the Assyrian Mission. (1890)

Pastoral Work in the Colonies and the Mission Field.
By John Richardson Selwyn (1897)

The Portrait of a True Bishop: A Sermon Preached at the Consecration of the Rev. Joseph Marshall Francis, D.D., as Bishop of the Diocese of Indiana.
By George Franklin Seymour (1899)

A Handbook of the Melanesian Mission (1924)

Sketches from Life in Melanesia.
By Ellen Wilson (1927)


Added directory on Anglicanism in Europe

Added directory on Anglicanism on Pitcairn Island

Added directory on Samuel Provoost (1742-1815)

Reasons against a Separation from the Church of England.
By John Wesley (1760)

A Discourse on II Tim. III. 16 Delivered in St. Paul's and St. George's Chapels, in New-York, on Sunday the 11th of May, 1777.
By Samuel Seabury (1777)

A Charge to the Clergy of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of New-York. Delivered at the Convention of the Church in the said State, in Trinity Church, in the City of New-York, on Tuesday, October 3d, A. D. 1815.
By John Henry Hobart (1815)

The Beneficial Effects of Sunday Schools Considered in an Address, Delivered at the Anniversary Meeting of the Sunday Schools in Union with the New-York Protestant Episcopal Sunday School Society, in St. Paul's Chapel, on Wednesday, the 31st Day of December, 1817.
By John Henry Hobart (1818)

Holiness in the Priest's Household Essential to the Holiness of the Parish.
By a Clergyman (1847)

Early Canadian Missionaries. (1847-1848)

Sisters of Mercy in the Church of England. (1850)

Episcopal Acts Performed by the Right Rev. Benjamin Moore, D.D., Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of New York 1800-1812. (1859)

The Israelite without Guile. A Memorial Sermon of the Right Reverend Nicholas Hamner Cobbs, D.D., Preached before the Convention of the Diocese of Alabama, May 4, 1861.
By George F. Cushman (1861)

Our Lord, the Pattern to the Bishops of His Church: A Sermon, Preached in Grace Church, in the City of New York, on the Occasion of the Consecration of the Rev. Charles Franklin Robertson, S.T.D., as Bishop of Missouri.
By Henry Champlin Lay (1868)

Christianity: A Mission of Doctrine. A Sermon Preached in Canterbury Cathedral at the Consecration of the Bishop of Barbadoes on St. John the Baptist's Day, 1873.
By Adam Storey Farrar (1873)

Lambeth Conference, 1878. A Sermon Preached July 27th, 1878, in the Cathedral Church of Saint Paul, London, at the Conclusion of the Lambeth Conference.
By William Bacon Stevens (1878)

The Illegality of the "Agnus Dei" after the Prayer of Consecration in the Communion Office, and the Lawfulness of the Customary Hymns in Divine Service.
By Isaac Plant Fleming (1879)

The Men and Measures of the Massachusetts Conventions of 1784-1785.
By William Stevens Perry (1885)

Extracts from the Sisters' Letters, August 11th to December 29th, 1895.
[Letters of Missionary Sisters of the Community of Saint Peter, Kilburn, working in Korea] (1895)

Faith through Love. A Sermon Preached in St. Mary's Chapel, Peekskill, New York, on Low Sunday, 1896, Being the First Sunday after the Burial of Sister Harriet, Foundress of the "Sisterhood of St. Mary, New York," and for Thirty-two Years Its Mother Superior.
By Arthur Lowndes (1896)

The Unity Declaration. What Does It Mean?
By Thomas U. Dudley (1896)

Occasional Paper of the Melanesian Mission

March, 1897

Economical Ministrations to the Czecho-Slovaks, Syrians and Others. (1923)

Reminiscences of Missionary Work in Amritsar 1872-1873 and on the Afghan Fontier in Peshawar 1873-1890.
By Worthington Jukes (1925)

Saint Mary's School, Mount Saint Gabriel (1931)

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