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Transcribed by Wayne Kempton
Archivist and Historiographer of the Episcopal Diocese of New York, 2008


Extracted from Records made by him as Rector of Trinity Church, New York,
now first published by permission of the Rev. William Berrian, D. D., Rector of said church,
on request of the Convention of the Diocese of New York, under the direction of the Secretary
in compliance with their order, passed Sept.
30, 1859. See Journal, 1859, p. 91.


ON Monday morning, December 22, 1800, I was appointed Rector of Trinity Church; I have been an Assistant Minister 25 years and 10 months.

December 23, 1800.--Sent to me by Dr. Provoost the Church Plate, Register of Marriages, a chest containing some books belonging to the Church, etc.

Dec. 30, 1800.--Dr. Charlton and Mr. David Clarkson waited upon me with a proposition from the Vestry to this purpose, viz.: That, in consequence of an augmentation of my salary, I should relinquish certain perquisites, arising from funerals and marriages, which were received by former Rectors. To this proposition I assented with this proviso, that this act of mine should not be pleaded as a precedent to the prejudice of my successor.

January 12, 1801.--Met the Vestry of Trinity Church for the [3/4] first time since my appointment to the Rectorship. Mr. Jones was chosen Assistant Minister.

Jan. 14, 1801.--Mr. Hobart and Mr. Wilkins were, this morning, ordained priests in Trinity Church, by Right Rev. Dr. Provoost, The ordination sermon was preached by Rev. Dr. Beach.

Jan. 25, 1801.--Yesterday morning died Mr. Needham, the worthy sexton of St. George's Chapel; and this afternoon his remains were interred in St. Paul's churchyard.

February 9, 1801.--At a meeting of the Vestry, a donation of £100 was made to Mr. Nash. William Needham was appointed sexton of St. George's. Three palls to be used at funerals: the best velvet pall for 12 shillings; plain velvet for 8 shillings; the cloth pall for nothing. The children of black communicants, under the age of 21 years, to be interred in the churchyards.

Feb. 28, 1801.--This evening I received a letter from a Committee, requesting that our bells might be rung on the 4th of next month, when the new President Mr. Jefferson is to be inaugurated. This request was refused inasmuch as the bells were not rung on any former similar occasion, and as I conceive this parade not so much intended to express respect to the President of the United States, as to declare the triumph and exultation of a party.

April 7, 1801.--Being Tuesday in Easter-Week, when the Annual election of Church Wardens and Vestrymen is held, Mr. William Bayard and Mr. John McVickar were elected Vestrymen in the place of Dr. Samuel Wm. Johnson, removed to Stratford, and Mr. George Stanton resigned.

April 13, 1801.--At a meeting of the Vestry, £100 was given to the Rev. Mr. Hammell for the ensuing year.

On Tuesday, April 21, 1801.--My family was removed, and I took possession of the house provided for the Rector of Trinity Church, in Vesey street, purchased for £4,500.

May 1, 1801.--Received a letter from Mr. Nash, requesting that $90, being part of the donation made to him by our Vestry, might be sent to him by the hands of Charles Lewis, which was done accordingly.

May 11, 1801.--At a meeting of the Vestry the sum of £100 was given to the Rev. Robert G. Wetmore, who is under the necessity of travelling for the recovery of his health; and, in case his wants should be very urgent, the Vestry, at the same time, [4/5] passed a resolution that he might draw hereafter for any sum, not exceeding $200.

Sunday Morning, July 5, 1801.--The Rev. Cave Jones arrived in this city to enter upon the discharge of his duty, as an Assistant Minister in Trinity Church.

July 13, 1801.--It was resolved by the Vestry that the Sunday Evening Lectures be discontinued from 1st July to 1st of October.

August 10, 1801.--The sum of £60 was voted by the Vestry for the benefit of the Rev. Mr. Vandyke.

September 11, 1801.--I was consecrated to the office of Bishop, in the city of Trenton, New Jersey. Morning Prayer was read by the Right Rev. Bishop Claggett, 1 Lesson, Levit., viii.; 2 Lesson, 1 Tim. iii. Selection of Psalms, the 8th; Bishop White preached.

St. Mark's, in the Bowery, was incorporated on the 18th day of October, in the year of our Lord, 1799. Peter Stuyvesant and Francis Bayard Winthrop, the first Churchwardens.

October 11, 1801.--In St. George's Chapel, Mr. Daniel Nash, a deacon in the Church, was ordained priest. This is the first Episcopal duty which I have performed. By God's blessing, may it be beneficial to His Church! The sermon preached by myself.

November 22, 1801.--The 24th Sunday after Trinity. Mr. Bethel Judd was ordained priest in St. Paul's Chapel; the ordination sermon preached by Dr. Beach.

December 13, 1801.--The 3d Sunday in Advent, Mr. Davenport Phelps was ordained deacon in Trinity Church. The ordination sermon preached by myself.

Dec. 14, 1801.--At a meeting of the Vestry a donation of £100 was made to Mr. Chase. Jacob Leonard appointed clerk of St. George's; $50 given to Mr. Webb for his late services as clerk. The sum of £100 given, to be expended in purchasing prayer books which are to be deposited in my hands to be distributed as I shall think most conducive to the prosperity of the Church. The organ put entirely under my direction.

March 21, 1802.-The first confirmation held by me. The sacred rite was administered in Trinity Church. There were one hundred and eighty-five confirmed.

March, 28, 1802.-Confirmation in St. George's ; ninety-two confirmed.

[6] April 2, 1802.-Died of the apoplexy, our worthy vestryman, Mr. William Laight, a loss to the community in general in these times of infidelity and disorder, a loss which our Church will long have reason to deplore.

April 4, 1802.--Confirmation at St. Paul's, two hundred and seventy confirmed.
At Trinity, March 21, 1802....185
At St. George's, March 28, 1802....92
At St. Paul's, April 4, 1802....270

April 11, 1802.--Confirmation at Brooklyn, one hundred and eighteen confirmed. Dr. Beach preached in the morning, myself in the afternoon; communicants, between forty and fifty.

April 12, 1802.--The Vestry gave $1,500 to the church at Hudson, whenever their building is completed so as to be fit for the purposes of public worship.

The plan adopted for the Promotion of Learning and Piety.

May 9, 1802.--Confirmation at Newtown, Long Island, forty-four confirmed; number of communicants, between thirty and forty.

May 12, 1802.--Confirmation at Hempstead, a very violent storm prevented most of the people from coming to church, twenty-four confirmed; number of communicants, between eighty and ninety.

May 23, 1802.--Confirmation at Yonkers, one hundred and twenty-one confirmed.
May 24, 1802.--Confirmed at Westchester. fifty four.
25, 1802.--Confirmed at East Chester eighty-three.
26, 1802.--Confirmed at New Rochelle fifty-five.

On Wednesday Morning, June 2, 1802.--Was ordained priest, Mr. Peter Manigault Parker, from Charlestown, South Carolina.

At Poughkeepsie, June 13, 1802....90
At Fishkill, June 14, 1802....49
At Albany, June 20, 1802....75
At Ballstown, June 22, 1802....58
[6/7] At Schenectady, June 24, 1802....10
At Butternuts, June 27, 1802....10
At Tunnicliff's, June 28, 1802....32
At Fly Creek, June 29, 1802....13
At Johnstown, July 1, 1802....25

On Tuesday Morning, August 24, 1802.--I ordained Frederic Beasley, at Elizabethtown; Rev. Mr. Harris read prayers, I preached. In the afternoon, confirmation was administered, fifty were confirmed; the sermon preached by Mr. Hobart.

Wednesday, Oct. 13, 1802.--Visited the Parish of Rye, administered confirmation; Mr. Wilkins read prayers, Mr. Cooper preached; about one hundred confirmed.

Sunday, November 7, 1802.--Confirmation at Yonkers, eighty-four confirmed, Mr. Cooper read prayers, I preached.

Sunday, Nov. 14, 1802.--Confirmation in Christ Church, New York, two hundred and sixty confirmed.

Wednesday, December 15, 1802.--Samuel Lilly was ordained Deacon in Trinity Church.

Sunday, August 7, 1803.--Confirmation at Staten Island, one hundred and forty-one confirmed.

Thursday, September 8, 1803.--The foundation stone of St. John's Church, Hudson Square, was laid, several members of the Vestry attended on the occasion, but a full Board could not be formed on account of the dispersion of the inhabitants by yellow fever.

Sunday, Sept. 25, 1803.--Confirmation at St. Andrew's Church near Coldenham, fifty-five confirmed.

Sunday, October 2, 1803.--Consecration of Christ Church, in the City of Hudson, Mr. Chase preached; confirmation in the afternoon, Mr. Wilkins preached, thirty-two confirmed.

Tuesday, Oct. 4, 1803.--Consecration of St. Peter's Church, in the City of Albany, Mr. Hobart preached, Convention met in the afternoon, Mr. Wilkins preached.

Wednesday, Oct. 5, 1803.--Rev. Mr. Beasley was inducted into St. Peter's Church, Albany, Mr. Harris preached, confirmation at the same time, twenty-seven confirmed.

[8] Thursday, Oct. 6, 1803.--Mr. Phelps ordained priest in St. Peter's Church, Albany; Mr. Wilkins preached.

Wednesday, November 16, 1803.--Confirmation at South Hempstead, thirty-two confirmed.

Sunday, Nov. 20, 1803.--Christ Church at North Hempstead was consecrated, at the same time held a confirmation, fifty confirmed, Mr. Hart read prayers, I preached.

Friday, December 23, 1803.--Samuel Lilly was ordained priest in Trinity Church.

Wednesday, February 8, 1804.--Jonathan Judd was ordained deacon in Trinity Church, and is to be employed as a missionary in the northern part of this diocese.

June 1, 1804.--Rev. Gamaliel Thatcher was appointed a missionary, with a salary of £100 for one year, with permission to fix himself in a parish before the expiration of the year.

June 11, 1804, Festival of St. Barnabas.--Mr. James Morss of Newburyport, and Mr. Edmund D. Barry of this city, deacons in the Church, were ordained priests in the French Church Du St. Esprit; Mr. Hobart preached, Mr. Harris read prayers.

June 29, 1804, Festival of St. Peter's.--Confirmation in Trinity Church for Mr. and Mrs. Strebeck.

July 18, 1804.--Mr. George Strebeck, who has been for some years past a Preacher among the Lutherans, and lately conformed to our Church, was ordained a deacon, and is to be sent into Westchester county, in the neighborhood of Bedford.

March 10, 1805, Second Sunday in Lent.--George Strebeck and Thomas Lyell, deacons, were ordained priests in Christ Church in this city; Mr. Hobart preached the Ordination Sermon.

Thursday, March 14, 1805.--The Rev. Thomas Lyell was inducted into Christ Church; Mr. Harris read prayers, the address to the people and to Mr. Lyell read by myself, the induction by in Mr. Jones, Dr. Beach preached.

Fourth Sunday in Lent, March 24, 1805.--Held a confirmation in Trinity Church, Mr. Barry read prayers, preached the confirmation sermon myself, eighty-one confirmed.

Fifth Sunday in Lent, March 31, 1805.--Confirmation in St. George's Chapel, I preached, Mr. Hobart read prayers, sixty-six confirmed.

[9] April 7, 1805.--Confirmation in St. Paul's, one hundred and eleven confirmed, I preached, Mr. Strebeck read prayers.

April 28, 1805.--John Churchill Rudd and Cyrus Stebbins were ordained deacons in St. Paul's Chapel, Dr. Beach preached.

Thursday, May 30, 1805.--St. Ann's Church at Brooklyn was consecrated, the sermon was preached by the Rev. Mr. Wilkins, Mr. Ireland read prayers, after the sermon I held a confirmation, thirty-seven confirmed; the communicants are about seventy-six.

Sunday, July 14, 1805.--Confirmation was administered at St. Mark's in the Bowery, I preached, thirty confirmed.

Sunday, July 21, 1805.--Confirmation at Christ Church, forty-two confirmed, I preached.

Wednesday, July 31, 1805.--Asa Eaton was ordained deacon in Trinity Church in this city. He comes with recommendations from Massachusetts, and is to be settled in Christ Church in the city of Boston.

Friday, August 2, 1805.--Asa Eaton was ordained priest in Trinity Church, Mr. Hobart read prayers, Mr. Harris preached.

Thursday, October 24, 1805.--Consecrated St. Paul's Church in East Chester, which had been thoroughly repaired and finished, Mr. Evan Rogers preached.

December 26, 1805, Festival of St. Stephen.--St. Stephen's Church in the Bowery was consecrated, Mr. Jones preached, Mr. Harris read prayers.

Good Friday, April 4, 1806.--Confirmation at St. Stephen's, I preached, seventeen confirmed.

May 11, 1806.-John Churchill Rudd, a Deacon in the Church, was ordained priest in St. Stephens, Ordination Sermon preached by myself, Mr. Strebeck read prayers.

May 27, 1806, Tuesday in Whitsun Week.--John Reed of Catskill was ordained deacon in Trinity Church.

July 27, 1806.--Confirmation at Rye, I preached, seventy-six confirmed.

August 21, 1806.--St. Paul's Church, in the town of Troy, was consecrated.

Aug. 22, 1806.--Trinity Church in the town of Lansingburgh was consecrated.

Aug. 24, 1806.--Cyrus Stebbins, in St. George's Church, Schenectady, was ordained priest.

[10] Aug. 29, 1806.--St. Paul's Church, in the town of Charlton, was consecrated.

September 7, 1806.--Trinity Church, in the town of Utica, was consecrated.

Sept. 14, 1806.--Amos G. Baldwin was ordained deacon in Trinity Church, Utica.

November 16, 1806.--James Dewar Simons of South Carolina was ordained deacon in St. George's Chapel.

January 6, 1807, Festival of the Epiphany.-St. John's Church, Hudson Square, was consecrated, the consecration sermon preached by the Rev. Isaac Wilkins, prayers were read by the Rev. Richard C. Moore.

Wednesday, Jan. 14, 1807.--In Trinity Church was ordained priest, Mr. Barzillai Bulkley. He had been ordained deacon by Bishop Jarvis; is called to Poughkeepsie to succeed Mr. Chase, gone to New Orleans.

Sunday, May 31, 1807.--James Chapman from New Jersey, and Nicholas McLaughlin, from the Island of Eustathius, were ordained deacons in St. Paul's Chapel.

Sunday, June 7, 1807.--Divine Service was performed in St. John's, Hudson Square, the first time since the consecration of the Church. A collection was made for the Orphan Society.

Wednesday, June 24, 1807, Festival of the Nativity of St. John Baptist. An ordination in St. Paul's Chapel, Jonathan Judd of Johnstown, and Nicholas McLaughlin of the island of St. Eustathius, were admitted to the holy order of priests. This day thirty-three years ago, I was ordained deacon by Dr. Terrick, Bishop of London, in the chapel of his palace at Fulham.

Saturday, July 25, 1807, Festival of St. James the Apostle.--Christopher E. Gadsden, of Charleston, South Carolina, was admitted to the holy order of deacons.

Monday, July 27, 1807.--Was consecrated, St. Michael's Church at Bloomingdale.

Wednesday, October 14, 1807.--Amos G. Baldwin was ordained priest in Trinity Church. He is to be fixed in Utica, and to officiate also in some of the adjacent towns.

Two hundred copies of Fowler's Exposition of the Liturgy of our Church, purchased by Trinity Church, to be distributed throughout this Diocese.

[11] November 19, 1807.--Twelve to Mr. Prentice at Lunenburgh.

December 2, 1807.--Twenty to Mr. Prentice and Mr. Reed.

November 25, 1807.--Paul Trapier Gervais was ordained deacon in Trinity Church. He is a native of Charleston, and is to be settled in South Carolina.

December 6, 1807.--Lent to Mr. Lyell for the use of Christ Church, a flagon belonging to Trinity Church, having the King of England's Arms upon it, with the initials G R on each side of the Arms.

Sunday Morning, Dec. 13, 1807.--John V. Barton was ordained deacon in St. George's Chapel.

Sunday, January 10, 1808.--Mr. Chapman preached the first time, since he has been employed to officiate in our churches, for six months.

February 7, 1808.--Lent another flagon to Christ Church marked with the initials G R on each side of the King's Arms.

Friday, February 19, 1808.--Joab Goldsmith Cooper was ordained deacon in Trinity Church.

Sunday, March 20, 1808.--Confirmation at Trinity Church in the morning, and at St. George's in the afternoon, thirty confirmed at Trinity, 42 at St. George's, Mr. Chapman preached.

Sunday, March 27, 1808.--Confirmation at St. Paul's in the morning, and at St. John's in the afternoon, one hundred and seven confirmed at St. Paul's, fifty-seven at St. John's, Mr. Chapman preached.

Sunday, April 10, 1808.--Confirmation at Christ Church, New York, one hundred and forty-nine confirmed.

Friday, May 6, 1808.--In Trinity Church, David Moore was admitted to the holy order of deacons.

Wednesday, May 18, 1808.--In Trinity Church, Nathan Bourne Crocker was ordained priest for Providence, in the State of Rhode Island.

Wednesday, June 15, 1808.--Thos. Yardley How was ordained deacon in Trinity Church.

Sunday, June 10, 1808.--Confirmation in St. Ann's Church, Brooklyn, sixty-seven confirmed, I preached morning and afternoon.

Friday, June 17, 1808.--John Reed was ordained priest in Trinity Church.

[12] June 26, 1808.--Confirmation at St. Andrew's, Staten Island, one hundred and twenty-six confirmed.

July 10, 1808.--Confirmation at New Rochelle. A very stormy day prevented the people from coming to church. Only three confirmed.

July 14, 1808.--Thomas Yardley How was called to be an Assistant Minister of Trinity Church.

Sunday, July 24, 1808.--Confirmation at Westchester in the morning, at East Chester in the afternoon. At Westchester, fourteen confirmed; at East Chester, twenty-two.

Friday, August 5, 1808.--Joab G. Cooper and Thomas Yardley How deacons, were ordained priests, in Trinity Church.

Sunday, August 7, 1808.--Confirmation at St. Mark's, sixteen confirmed.

Sunday, August 21, 1808.--Confirmation at St. John's, Yonkers, fifty-nine confirmed.

August 25, 1808.--Sent to St. Michael's, at Bloomingdale, one chalice, with the initials G. R. on each side by the King's Arms, and one patine, with the initials W. M. R. (in cipher).

August 28, 1808.--The Communion was administered the first time at St. Michael's.

October 4, 1808.--Mr. Feltus appointed to preach the next Convention sermon.

Wednesday, October 5, 1808.--Joseph Prentice was ordained priest, in Trinity Church.

Saturday, October 15, 1808.--Confirmation in Grace Church, Jamaica, thirty confirmed.

Sunday, October 16, 1808.--Confirmation at Newtown in the morning, fourteen confirmed; at Flushing in the afternoon, sixteen confirmed.

Friday, October 21, 1808.--Parker Adams was ordained deacon, in Trinity Church.

Sunday, October 23, 1808.--Joseph Perry, deacon, ordained priest, in Trinity Church.

Sunday, November 20, 1808.--Confirmation at St. Michael's, Bloomingdale, twelve confirmed.

Wednesday, November 30, 1808, St. Andrew's Day.--Timothy Clowes was ordained deacon, in Trinity Church, and is to officiate in the town of Jersey, formerly Paulus Hook.

[13] Wednesday, December 21, 1808, Festival of St. Thomas.--Grace Church in this city was consecrated; Mr. How preached, Mr. Lyell read prayers.

January 22, 1809, the Third Sunday after the Epiphany.--The Communion was administered for the first time in Grace Church.

March 25, 1809, Festival of the Annunciation.--Confirmation in Trinity Church, New York, twenty-four confirmed.

May 5, 1809.--A Committee of the Vestry of St. Stephen's waited on me to inform me, that at a meeting of the Vestry last evening, the resignation of the Rev. Mr. Strebeck, as Rector of said church, was presented to the Vestry and accepted.

May 23, 1809, Whitsun-Tuesday--James Dewar Simons from Charlestown, South Carolina, was ordained priest, in Trinity Church.

June 24, 1809, Festival of St. John Baptist.--John Croes, Jr., from New Jersey, was ordained deacon, in Trinity Church.

Sunday, July 30, 1809.--Adam Empie was ordained deacon in St. Paul's Chapel. Presented by Dr. Bowden. The sermon by Mr. Gervais, from Charlestown.

Friday, August 4, 1809.--Paul T. Gervais, deacon from South Carolina, was ordained priest in Trinity Church.

Tuesday, Aug. 8, 1809--The Rev. Nathaniel Bowen was instituted Rector of Grace Church in this city. Mr. Lyell read prayers. Mr. Harris preached.

Aug. 18, 1809--I received from Christ Church at Rye, and White Plains, the certificate of the Church Wardens, declaring that the Rev. Samuel Haskell is called to that Parish.

Saturday, September 23, 1809.--St. Luke's Church at Catskill was consecrated.

Friday, October 6, 1809.--Gilbert H. Sayres was ordained deacon in Trinity Church.

Friday, Oct. 13, 1809.--Nathan Felch was ordained deacon in Trinity Church.

Sunday, Oct. 29, 1809.--Confirmation at Rye. Thirty confirmed.

Friday, December 22, 1809.--Reuben Hubbard was ordained deacon in Trinity Church.

Friday, February 2, 1810.--Samuel Sewell, of Massachusetts, was ordained deacon in Trinity Church.

[14] Thursday, March 8, 1810.--The Vestry of Trinity Church made a donation of $500 to the Rev. Dr. William Smith, and desired me to let him have the money in quarterly payments.

Sunday, March 18, 1810.--Mr. William Berrian was ordained deacon in St. John's Church. I preached. Mr. Barry read prayers.

Thursday, March 22, 1810.--Zion Church, in Mott street, was consecrated. Mr. How preached. Mr. Lyell read prayers.

Friday, March 23, 1810.--Ralph Williston was ordained deacon in Trinity Church. Mr. Williston was formerly the Minister of the Lutheran Church, called Zion Church, in this city, and has lately, together with his congregation, conformed to the P. E. Church.

April 4, 1810, Wednesday.--William Powell ordained deacon in Trinity Church.

April 14, 1810.--Lent to Mr. Wilkins (for the use of St. Peters Church, Westchester,) a flagon, having W. M. R. engraved (in cypher) upon it.

Thursday, May 17, 1810.--St. James' Church, Hamilton Square, was consecrated. Mr. Jones preached. Mr. Harris read prayers.

Monday, May 21, 1810.--Trinity Church, Newark, was consecrated. Dr. Hobart preached. Mr. Rudd read prayers.

June 9, 1810--Trinity Church, at Geneva, was consecrated. Mr. Baldwin read prayers. I preached.

July 8, 1810.--Christ Church, at Cooperstown, was consecrated. Mr. Nash read prayers. I preached.

September 7, 1810.--James Chapman ordained priest in Trinity Church, New York.

Sept. 16, 1810.--Confirmation at St. Stephen's. Eighty-two confirmed. Dr. R. Moore read prayers. I preached.

Sept. 23, 1810.--William Edward Wyatt and Isaac Jones were ordained deacons in St. John's Church. Dr. Hobart read prayers. I preached. Mr. Jones was formerly a Congregational Minister in Connecticut, who has conformed to the Church.

October 2, 1810.--Samuel Fuller was ordained deacon in Trinity Church before the Convention. Mr. Fuller was a Congregational Minister, who lately conformed to the Church.

Oct. 17, 1810.--St. Mathew's Church, at Bedford, was consecrated. Mr. Felch was ordained priest. Thirty-five were confirmed.

[15] Oct. 31, 1810.--William Atwater Clark was ordained deacon in Trinity Church, and is to be employed as a missionary in the western part of this State.

November 2, 1810.--John V. Barton was ordained priest in Trinity Church.

Nov. 1.--Mr. Jones preached the Thanksgiving sermon. I am to preach next year. Mr. How is to preach the next sermon before our State Convention. Dr. Richard Moore is to preach next year before the Society for the Relief of the Widows and Children of Clergymen.

January 26, 1812.--Received eleven Bibles and eleven New Testaments from the British and Foreign Bible Society.




[16] NOTE.

The Resolution of the Convention of the Diocese of New York, which has occasioned the publication of the foregoing Record, requested the same to be done respecting the Episcopal Acts of Bishop Provoost. There is in the care of the Rector of Trinity Church, New York, a MS. volume, containing records by Bishop Provoost, with an affidavit prefixed by Cadwallader D. Colden, certifying its genuineness. In it, however, there is nothing which materially concerns the subject of his Episcopal Acts. There appears to be extant or accessible nothing else on that subject among those MS. records.

W. E. E.
NEW YORK, October, 1859.

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