Project Canterbury

William West Kirkby


Rupert's Land.
From The Church Missionary Juvenile Instructor, London, 1866, pages 26-28.

Tidings from the Youcon.
[Digest of reports by William West Kirkby, William Carpenter Bompas, and Robert McDonald]
From Church Missionary Intelligencer, 1867, pages 144-152.

Fort Simpson, Mackenzie River, North-West America.
From The Church Missionary Gleaner, July, 1869, pages 73-77; 88-91.

Portions of the Book of Common Prayer, Hymns, Etc., in the Chipewyan Language.
London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, [1879]

A Home within the Arctic Circle.
From The Coral Missionary Magazine, London, April, 1880, pages 65-67.

The Gospel in the Snow.
Serialized in Church Missionary Juvenile Instructor, London, 1880.

Project Canterbury