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A Prayer Book Manual, Prepared by the Boston Clergy Group of the Episcopal Evangelical Fellowship (1943)

Once in Royal David's City (1964)

Percy Dearmer Revisited: Discerning Authentically Anglican Liturgy in a Multicultural, Ecumenical, 21st-century Context.
By Jared Cramer (2017)


Reports of the Church Mission to Deaf Mutes

Added directory on Arthur Henry Stanton (1839-1913)

Added directory on Geoffrey Arundell Chatfield Whatton (1898-1977)

The English Church in Stockholm.
By John Howard Swinstead (1913)

The Lord's Service for the Lord's Children (1953)


Added directory on Samuel Moor Shoemaker, III (1893-1963)

Added directory on Stephen Charles Neill (1900-1984)

Added directory on Helen Smith Shoemaker (1903-1993)

Added directory on John McGill Krumm (1913-1995)

Year Books of the New York Training School for Deaconesses (ongoing)


Added directory on Massey Hamilton Shepherd (1913-1990)

Added directory on Robert Earl Hood (1936-1994)

To the Episcopalians of Maryland (1815)

An Historical Sketch, Delivered at the Closing Services in St. Stephen's Church, New York on the First Sunday in July, 1866.
By Joseph H. Price (1866)

A Faithful Priest: A Sermon in Memory of the Reverend George John Magill, D. D., Rector of Trinity Church, Newport, R.I.
By George McClellan Fiske (1898)

The History of St. John's Episcopal Church, Monticello, New York.
By Walter White Reid (1916)

Report to the Melanesian Mission Finance Board of the Financial Arrangements in Connection with the Chaplaincy on Norfolk Island.
By H.A. Hawkins (1928)

A Description of the Chapel of the Intercession, Trinity Parish, New York.
By Milo Hudson Gates (1931)


Added directory on George Freeman Bragg (1863-1940)

Added directory on Basil Minchin (1910-1987)

Explanation of the Reasons and Motives for the Advice Given on a Late Occasion.
By Francis Hollingsworth (1815)

An Appeal to Ritualists and All Those Who Are Sincerely Searching for the Truth, the Way, and the Life.
By a Clergyman Lately Seceded from the Anglican Church (1869)

Eucharistic Fellowship with the Faithful Departed: A Sermon Preached at the C.B.S. Solemn Requiem, St. Alban's, Holborn, November 9th, 1888.
By J. P. F. Davidson (1888)

The Whittingham Canon: The Birth and History of the Missionary District Plan.
By George Freeman Bragg (1913)

Dislocation of the Canon: Address Delivered by Viscount Halifax at the Annual Meeting of the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament, Tuesday, 27th June, 1916.
By Charles Lindley Wood (1916)

History of St. Paul's Church, Brooklyn, New York (1919)

Anglican Ordination of Armenian Clergy.
By Bedros Hagopian (1926)

A Mass Book according to the Western Rite.
Compiled by Charles Harcourt Blofeld and Henry Joy Fynes-Clinton (1930)

The Order for the Administration of the Holy Communion with a Rearrangement of the Canon in Accordance with Archbishop Cranmer's "Order of Communion" of 1548 and the First English Reformed Rite of 1549.
By Edward Craddock Ratcliff (1931)

The Order for the Celebration of Low Mass according to the Use of the Illustrious Church of Salisbury Closely Rendered into English, Rubricated and Presented in a Usable Form, together with an Appendix of Notes Mainly Historical and Expository
By John Edward Bazille-Corbin (1951)

God’s Courtier: A Memoir of Dom Gregory Dix, OSB
By John Gregory Mabry (1952)

A New Mass Book for the Laity Incorporating All the Most Recent Changes in the Liturgy.
Compiled by Clive R. Beresford and R. E. Young (1965)

The Attraction of the Episcopal Church to the Socio-Economic and Educational Elite in the Heart of the Burnt-over District of Upstate New York, 1815-1830.
By Edgar Kim Byham (2009)


Added directory on John Edwin Watts-Ditchfield (1861-1923)

A Messenger of the Churches and the Glory of Christ
By George McClellan Fiske (1898)


Added directory on Alan Stewart Paton (1903-1988)

Masonry’s Aspiration: An Oration
By George McClellan Fiske (1886)

Power and Peace
By George McClellan Fiske (1902)

The Late Presiding Bishop
By George McClellan Fiske (1903)

The Procter Foundation at Princeton (1936) [PDF]

The “Kirking” of Bishops?
By Eric Graham (1957)


Added directory on Richard Chenevix Trench (1807-1886)

Added directory on John Hannah (1818-1888)

Added directory on John Henry Overton (1835-1903)

Added directory on Walter Hobhouse (1862-1928)

Added directory on Lionel Spencer Thornton (1884-1960)

An Uncorrupt Life: A Sermon Commemorative of Resolved Waterman Preached in S. Stephen's Church, Providence, R.I., on the Eve of All Saints.
By George McClellan Fiske (1886)

In Remembrance: The Supper of the Lord and the Holy Communion, Commonly Called the Mass, as Set Forth in the Book of Common Prayer by Authority of the Church of England, and Ordered to be Used in All Churches, Arranged with Extra Devotions, by M. Euan Smith, for Use at a Said Celebration of the Lord’s Supper, and Illustrated by T. Noyes Lewis (1920)


Added directory on Gavin Donald White (1927-2016)


In re Williams versus Garbett: The Judgment of an Ecclesiastical Court (1842)

The Power and Influence of the Laity
By George Roe Van De Water (1889)

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