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George Freeman Bragg


The Colored Harvest in the Old Virginia Diocese.
Baltimore: George F. Bragg, 1901.

Afro-American Church Work and Workers.
Baltimore: The Church Advocate, 1904. [External link]

The Attitude of the Conference of Church Workers Among Colored People towards the Adaptation of the Episcopate to the Needs of the Race, with a List of Ordinations of Colored Men to the Ministry of the Church.
No place: no publisher, 1904.

The Story of Old St. Stephen's, Petersburg, Va.
Baltimore: The Church Advocate, 1906.

The First Negro Priest on Southern Soil.
Baltimore: The Church Advocate, 1909. [External link]

Men of Maryland.
Baltimore: The Church Advocate, 1914. [External link]

The Whitingham Canon: The Birth and History of the Missionary District Plan.
Church Advocate Press, Baltimore: 1913.

Afro-American Church Work: Historical Addresses.
Baltimore: G.F. Bragg, 1918.

The Episcopal Church and the Black Man.
Baltimore: The Church Advocate, 1918.

A Bond Slave of Christ: Entering the Ministry under Great Difficulties.
Baltimore: no publisher, 1921.

History of the Afro-American Group of the Episcopal Church.
Baltimore: The Church Advocate, 1922. [External link]

The Hero of Jerusalem: In Honor of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of General William Mahone of Virginia.
No place: no publisher, 1926.

Heroes of the Eastern Shore: Absalom Jones, the First of the Blacks.
Baltimore: George F. Bragg, 1939.

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