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Added directory on William Warburton (1698-1779)

Added directory on William Walsham How (1823-1897)

Added directory on Richard William Randall (1824-1906)

Added directory on Edward Henry Bickersteth (1825-1906)

Added directory on Anthony Wilson Thorold (1825-1895)

Added directory on Henry Roe (1829-1909)

Added directory on Alexander Charles Garrett (1832-1924)

Added directory on Francis Pigou (1832-1916)

Added directory on Herbert Mortimer Luckock (1833-1909)

Added directory on George Body (1840-1911)

Added directory on James Baden Powell (1842-1931)

Added directory on John Wickham Legg (1843-1921)

Added directory on George Bayfield Roberts (1847-)

Added directory on Vernon Staley (1852-1933)

Added directory on William Henry St John Hope (1854-1919)

Added directory on John Fetherstonhaugh Briscoe (1878-1939)

Added directory on Francis Lees Underhill (1878-1943)

Added directory on Austin Pardue (1899-1981)

Added directory on Eric Symes Abbott (1906-1983)

Added directory on Eric Waldram Kemp (1915-2009)

The Parting Spirit's Address to His Mother
By William Edward Wyatt (1851)

The Priesthood Militant
By N.P. Williams (1924)

The Light of the Cross, the Illusion of the Irreparable: Addresses on the Seven Last Words from the Cross.
By Frank Lawrence Vernon (1927)

The Order of the Episcopate
By N.P. Williams (1932)

Something New in Iran
By John Neville Hoare (1937)

Sanctification of Time: The Purpose, History, and Use of the Sunday Collects.
By Katharine S. Oliver (1950)

The Gift of Bishopric: Being the Full Text of a Sermon Preached in Part before the University of Cambridge on Sunday.
By G. L. Prestige (1953)

This Our Sacrifice
By L. A. E. Horsfield and H. Riley (no date)

Mana from Heaven? A Theology of Relational Power in the Context of the Murder of Seven Melanesian Brothers in Solomon Islands.
By Matthew Edward Jones (2008)

List of Church of the Province of Melanesia/Anglican Church of Melanesia-related small publications in the Archives of the Anglican Church of Melanesia, 1975-2012, on deposit in the National Archives of Solomon Islands, Honiara, Solomon Islands, 23 November 2012.
Compiled by Terry M. Brown.

List of Melanesian Mission/Diocese of Melanesia-related small publications in the Archives of the Anglican Church of Melanesia, 1857-1974, on deposit in the National Archives of Solomon Islands, Honiara, Solomon Islands, 23 November 2012.
Compiled by Terry M. Brown.

List of small publications related to the Roman Catholic, Methodist/United and South Seas Evangelical Churches in Solomon Islands in the Archives of the Anglican Church of Melanesia, 1857-1974, on deposit in the National Archives of Solomon Islands, Honiara, Solomon Islands, 23 November 2012.
Compiled by Terry M. Brown.


Added directory on Edward Churton (1800-1874)

Added directory on William Edward Heygate (1816-1902)

Added directory on Edmund Tyrrell Green (1864-1937)

Added directory on Leighton Pullan (1865-1940)

Added directory on Norman Powell Williams (1883-1943)

Added directory on George Leonard Prestige (1889-1955)

The Divine Institution and Perpetuity of the Christian Priesthood
By Tillotson Bronson (1813)

The Permanent and the Variable Characteristics of the Prayer Book
By William Reed Huntington (1878)

The Restoration of Spiritual Continuity
By Charles Gore (1889)

The Fortieth Anniversary of the Foundation of the Parish of Christ Church, of Elizabeth, New Jersey (1893)

Freedom Won: A Sermon
By Charles Lewis Slattery (1911)

In Charity with All Men: A Sermon Preached in Grace Church in New York
By Charles Lewis Slattery (1915)

When the Men Come Home
By Ernest Milmore Stires (1919)

In the Solomons and Other Islands (1943)

Saintly, Sinful or Secular 1814-1895 Viewed through the Lens of Te Māramataka 1895 and Its Historical Notes
By George Connor (2011)

A Letter to a Modernist: A Plea for Charity and an Argument for the Christian Tradition
By Charles Fiske (no date)


Added directory on William Gresley (1801-1876)

Added directory on George Anthony Denison (1805-1896)

Added directory on Arthur Foley Winnington-Ingram (1858-1946)

Added directory on William Ralph Inge (1860-1954)

Added directory on Ernest Milmore Stires (1866-1951)

Added directory on Charles Lewis Slattery (1867-1930)

Added directory on Edward Wilson Averill (1870-1948)

Added directory on Henry Knox Sherrill (1890-1980)

Added directory on Edgar Legare Pennington (1891-1951)

Sermon Preached at the Opening of the Free Church of the Holy Communion, Chicago
By Henry Benjamin Whipple (1859)

Phillips Brooks: A Sermon Preached in Trinity Church in the City of Boston.
By Henry Bradford Washburn (1927)

What We Believe and Why: Plain Talks on Religion
Edited by J. Wilson Sutton (no date)


Added directory on Francis Atterbury (1662-1732)

Added directory on Henry Sacheverell (1674-1724)

Added directory on George Lavington (1684-1762)

Added directory on Beilby Porteus (1731-1809)

Added directory on Augustus Montague Toplady (1740-1788)

Added directory on John Saul Howson (1816-1885)

Added directory on Charles Stephen Grueber (1815-1894)

Added directory on Thomas Banks Strong (1861-1944)

Added directory on Cuthbert Aikman Simpson (1892-1969)

A Sermon Preached in Trinity Church, Southwark, Philadelphia, at the Consecration of Levi Silliman Ives.
By Benjamin Tredwell Onderdonk (1831)

Emmanuel in the Eucharist: A Sermon, Preached in St. Peter's Church, Baltimore, on the Second Sunday in Advent.
By William Rollinson Whittingham (1842)

On Turning to the East in Saying the Creeds.
By a Clergyman of the Diocese of Toronto (1866)

Address of Bishop Whipple at the Burial of Nellie May, Daughter of Luther and Elizabeth Dearborn.
By Henry Benjamin Whipple (1873)

A Reprint in Full of the Registry of Ordinations by Bishops Seabury and Jarvis, as Published in the Journal of A.D. 1882, by Order of the Convention (1882)

Steadfast in the Faith: The Sermon Preached, by Appointment of the Bishop, before the Convention of the Diocese of Rhode Island, at its 104th Annual Session.
By George McClellan Fiske (1894)

Liturgy and Life: Papers and Addresses Delivered at the Liturgical Conference of the Diocese of New Jersey, St. Mary's Hall, Burlington, New Jersey (1942)

Faith and Society
By A.M. Ramsey (1955)


Added directory on Michael Ferrebee Sadler (1819-1895)

Added directory on William John Knox Little (1839-1918)

Added directory on Archibald Campbell Knowles (1865-1951)

Added directory on Arthur Gabriel Hebert (1886-1963)

Added directory on Eric Lionel Mascall (1905-1993)

Added directory on Robert Elwin Terwilliger (1917-1991)

The Beauty of Holiness: The Sermon at the Consecration of Grace Church, Newark, October 5, 1848.
By George Washington Doane (1849)

The Address Delivered in St. Paul's Cathedral in Buffalo on the Occasion of a Commemorative Service of Praise and Thanksgiving for the Completion of Five and Twenty Years of the Second Episcopate of the Diocese of Western New York.
By Henry Codman Potter (1890)

Apostolic Conditions to Church Communion: A Sermon upon the Instruction to Cornelius and His Kinsfolk and Friends, by S. Peter, When He Opened the Kingdom of Heaven to the Gentiles.
By Oliver Sherman Prescott (1890)

On the Question of Swedish Orders
By Henry Robert Percival (1892)

The Romance of an Ecclesiastical Adventure
By Edward Elliot Durant (1946)


The Cable Clerical Index of clergy who served in the Anglican Church of Australia from 26 January 1788 through to those ordained by 31 December 1961 (2012 launch)

Added directory on George Sarawia (c. 1840-1901)

Added directory on George McClellan Fiske (1850-1923)

Added directory on Charles Fiske (1868-1942)

Added directory on William Charles White (1873-1960)

Added directory on Bede Frost (1877-1962)

Added directory on George Craig Stewart (1879-1940)

Added directory on Philip Carrington (1892-1975)

Added directory on Gregory Dix (1901-1952)

Added directory on William Norman Pittenger (1905-1997)

Added directory on Richard Stanley Merrill Emrich (1910-1997)

Added directory on Howard Albert Johnson (1915-1974)

Added directory on Harry Abbott Williams (1919-2006)

Added directory on Eugene Rathbone Fairweather (1920-2002)

Added directory on Frank William Stringfellow (1928-1985)

Added directory on Stephen James Reynolds (1951-2011)

Duty to Our Own Generation: A Thanksgiving Sermon, Preached in St. George's Church, New-York
By Stephen Higginson Tyng (1850)

The End of Pride: A Discourse Delivered in the Church of the Holy Trinity, Brooklyn Heights.
By T. Stafford Drowne (1853)

The Benedicite: An Hymn of Praise to the Triune God
By Oliver Sherman Prescott (1864)

A Sermon Delivered at the Consecration of St. Thomas' Church New York, on Whitsun-Tuesday.
By William Bacon Stevens (1883)

Three Score and Ten. The Story of St. Philip's Church, New York City: A Discourse Delivered in the New Church, West Twenty-Fifth Street, at Its Opening.
By Benjamin Franklin DeCosta (1889)

Sermon on the Work of the Parish: Preached in Trinity Church, New Haven.
By George William Douglas (1896)

The Reformed Episcopal Church a Witness-Bearer for God
By William R. Nichsolson (1898)

Divorce and Re-Marriage: A Sermon
By Morgan Dix (1902)

Jesus Christ the Same, Yesterday, and To-Day, and Forever: Sermon at the One Hundredth Anniversary of St. Thomas's Church, New York.
By William Thomas Manning (1923)


Added directory on Charles Hughes Terrot (1790-1872)

Added directory on George Zabriskie Gray (1837-1889)

Added directory on Henry Yates Satterlee (1843-1908)

Added directory on William Agur Beardsley (1865-1946)

Added directory on Walter Herbert Stowe (1895-1989)

Added directory on Kenneth Walter Cameron (1908-2006)

Associations for Benevolence, Ancient and Universal: A Discourse, Delivered in Trinity Church, New Haven.
By Alonzo Bowen Chapin (1842)

The Church's Ministrative Care: A Sermon Preached in St. Luke's Church, New York City, St. Luke's Day, 1851, in Behalf of the Object Then Proposed and Commenced, viz.: St. Luke's Home for Destitute Christian Females.
By Isaac Henry Tuttle (1851)

A Discourse Delivered on the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Church of the Epiphany, New York.
By Lot Jones (1858)

The Living Church: A Sermon Preached before the Convention of the Diocese of Pennsylvania.
By Phillips Brooks (1869)

Handmaidens of the Lord: A Sermon Preached in Christ Church, Poughkeepsie, Thursday Evening, June 16, 1870, on the Occasion of the Annual Commencement of Cottage Hill Seminary, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
Benjamin Henry Paddock (1870)

Baccalaureate Sermon Preached before the Graduating Class of Seabury Divinity School.
By Charles Franklin Robertson (1873)

The Baptism and Daily Life of the Christian Child (1876)

The Priests' Convention, Philadelphia
Edited by Selden Peabody Delany (1924)

Man and the Supernatural
By Shirley Carter Hughson (1931)

Litany of Intercession for the Russian Church (1935)


Added directory on Henry Phillpotts (1778-1869)

Added directory on Isaac Henry Tuttle (1811-1896)

Added directory on Henry Lascelles Jenner (1820-1898)

Added directory on William Dwight Porter Bliss (1856-1926)

The Gospel Preached to the Poor
By William Edward Wyatt (1823)

The Providence of God Displayed in the Rise and Fall of Nations
By Nathaniel Sheldon Wheaton (1828)

Morning Visits to the Rector's Study: On Baptism.
By William Edward Wyatt (1834)

Baccalaureate Sermon Preached before the Candidates for Degrees in Columbia University.
By Wilford Lash Robbins (1904)

The Hopes of the Future: A Sermon Preached in St. John's Church, New Haven
By Stewart Means (1908)

An Embattled Priest: The Life of Father Oliver Sherman Prescott.
By Jervis Zimmerman (2012) [PDF]


Added directory on Charles Thomas Longley (1794-1868)

Added directory on Benjamin Cronyn (1802-1871)

Added directory on George Whitaker (1811-1892)

Added directory on Isaac Hellmuth (1820-1901)

The Chronicle of Christ Church
By Deaconess Josephine A. Lyon (no date)

Dreams and Visions: A Sermon Preached at the Opening of the Convention of the Diocese of Connecticut in Trinity Church, New Haven.
By John James McCook (1901)

The Story of the Chapel of St Cornelius the Centurion.
By Morgan Dix (1906)

"The Power of the Lamb:" Notes on the Book of Revelation.
By Charles Elliot Fox (1977)


Added directory on Alexander Neil Bethune (1800-1879)

A Pastoral Letter
By William Heathcote De Lancey (1839)

Connecticut and Bishop Seabury
By James Aaron Bolles (1890)

A Sermon in Memory of the Rt. Rev. Wm. Ingraham Kip, D.D., LL.D., Preached at S. Stephen's Church, San Francisco, Cal. on Low Sunday.
By Edgar J. Lion (1893)

The Forward Movement in the Episcopal Church.
By Henry Wise Hobson (1938)


Added directory of Historical resources on Trinity Church, New Haven

The Seaman, His Position and Relations: A Sermon, in Behalf of the Protestant Episcopal Mission to Seamen
By George Dudley Wildes (1854)

The Legal Use of Church Bells.
By Eugene Augustus Hoffman (1877)

The Parentage of American High Churchmanship
By W. G. Andrews (1899)

The Subdeacon: His Duties at the Solemn Eucharist (1962)

The Anglicans, the Orthodox, and the Old Catholics: Notes on the Lambeth Report on Unity.
Arthur Cayley Headlam (no date)


Added directory on John Tillotson (1630-1694)

Added directory on William Edward Wyatt (1789-1864)

Added directory on Connop Thirlwall (1797-1875)

Added directory on William Maskell (1814-1890)

Added directory on Charles Fuge Lowder (1820-1880)

Added directory on Frederick Meyrick (1827-1906)

Added directory on Randolph Harrison McKim (1842-1920)

Added directory on William Lawrence (1850-1941)

Added directory on George Roe Van De Water (1854-1925)

Added directory on Herbert Hamilton Kelly (1860-1950)

Added directory on Arthur Cayley Headlam (1862-1947)

Added directory on Herbert Henry Gowen (1864-1960)

Sermon Preached at the Opening of St. Paul's Chapel in the City of New-York, on the Thirtieth Day of October, A.D. 1766
By Samuel Auchmuty (1766)

A Sermon Delivered at the Funeral of the Rev. Bela Hubbard, D.D. Rector of Trinity Church, in the City of New-Haven.
By Henry Whitlock (1812)

The Connexion between Early Religious Instruction and Mature Piety
By Stephen Higginson Tyng (1837)

Correspondence relative to the Professorship of Poetry in the University of Oxford (1841)

The Religious Theory of Civil Government: A Discourse.
By Alexander Hamilton Vinton (1848)

The Reproach of Christ Contrasted with the Recompense of Reward
By William Lupton Johnson (1848)

A Sermon Preached before the Annual Convention of the Diocese of New-York, on the Morning of Wednesday, September 27th, 1854, a Few Days Subsequent to the Death of Bishop Wainwright.
By John McVickar (1854)

A Sermon Preached in the Church of the Advent, Boston, Mass., April 27, 1858, in Commemoration of the Late Rev. Asa Eaton, D.D., Senior Presbyter of the Diocese of Massachusetts.
By Theodore Edson (1858)

The Parable of the Mustard Seed; or, The Church in Two Centuries: A Sermon.
By Francis Vinton (1867)

The Liberty of the Children of God: A Sermon before the Students of the Gen. Theological Seminary, New York, on the Sunday after Ascension Day.
By William Croswell Doane (1879)

The Importance of Unnoted Influences
By James Mulchahey (1882)

Prior Rahere's Rose
By Emily Malbone Morgan (1892)

The Eagle and the Stars: A Plea for Christian Legislation in the Matter of Polygamy and Divorce
By William Reed Huntington (1904)

The Gospel of the Infancy
By William Reed Huntington (1906)

The Deaconess and Her Ministry in the Episcopal Church (1949, PDF)

Acceptance: The Next Step Forward
By Frank W. Coaldrake (1967)

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