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Cuthbert Aikman Simpson


In Memorium [sic] Cuthbert Aikman Simpson, D.D. Dean of Christ Church, 1959-1969 died 30th June 1969: Sermon Preached in the Cathedral Church of Christ in Oxford on Sunday, July 6th, 1969.
By Vigo Auguste Demant.
Oxford: no publisher, 1969.

Liberal Catholicism and the Modern World
Edited by Frank Gavin.
Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1933.

The Old Testament

Liturgy and Life: Papers and Addresses Delivered at the Liturgical Conference of the Diocese of New Jersey, St. Mary's Hall, Burlington, New Jersey, June, 1942.
[New Jersey:] No publisher, 1942.

Liturgy and Life

Jeremiah: The Prophet of My People.
Evanston, Illinois: Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, 1947.

Revelation and Response in the Old Testament.
New York: Columbia University Press, 1947.

The Early Traditions of Israel: A Critical Analysis of the pre-Deuteronomic Narrative of the Hexateuch.
Oxford: B. Blackwell, 1948.

The Composition of the Book of Judges.
Oxford: Blackwell, 1957.

The Manner of Saying Low Mass.
By Thomas J. Bigham and Cuthbert A. Simpson.
New York: General Theological Seminary Bookstore, c. 1958.

Education in an Oxford College: Address.
Indianola, Iowa: Simpson College, 1963.

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