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A Sermon Delivered before the Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of New-York
By Richard Channing Moore (1791)

A Discourse Delivered on the 18th of October, 1797, in Trinity Church, in New-Haven, before the Ecclesiastical Convention, of the State of Connecticut, Assembled There to Witness the Consecrating of the Right Rev. Abraham Jarvis, D.D. to the Episcopal Chair of Said State; and to Recognize Him as Their Ecclesiastical Superior.
By William Smith (1797)

The Duty and the Interest of Contributing Liberally to the Promotion of Religious and Benevolent Institutions
By John Croes (1823)

The Unsearchable Riches of Christ, the Theme of the Ministry
By Alfred Lee (1843)

Our Need of More Faith: A Sermon Preached at the Consecration of J.P.K. Henshaw, D.D., as Bishop of Rhode-Island.
By William Rollinson Whittingham (1843)

The Bag, with Holes: An Advent Sermon for the Times
By George Washington Doane (1857)

Report of the Bishop of Nelson on His Lordship's Visit to Samoa and Fiji
By Andrew Burn Suter (1886)


Added directory on William Grant Broughton (1788-1853)

Added directory on Edmund Hobhouse (1817-1904)

Added directory on Arthur Innes Hopkins (1869-1943)

An Appeal to the Public.
By John Bours (1789)

An Appeal in behalf of Missions Addressed to Episcopalians.
By Alonzo Potter (1829)

A Sermon Preached in Christ Church, Hartford, before the Church Scholarship Society
By Samuel Farmar Jarvis (1835)

Missionary Failures, the Reason for Renovated Exertions.
By Evan Malbone Johnson (1840)

Remarks on the Proper Treatment of Cases of Polygamy, as Found Already Existing in Converts from Heathenism.
By John William Colenso (1855)

Deformation and Reformation.
Designed by the Author of the Anglican Missal [Augustine David Crake] (c. 1870)

The Gallican Catholic Church: Some Account of Its Progress, and of Its Present Condition and Prospects.
Edited by Henry Lascelles Jenner (1888)


Added directory on Octavius Hadfield (1814-1894)

Added directory on Lewis Maydwell Hogg (1819-1883)

Added directory on Edward Nason West (1909-1990)

A Sermon Preached in Lambeth-Chappel, Octob. 31. at the Consecration of the Right Reverend Father in God, George [Hooper], Lord Bishop of St. Asaph.
By Zacheus Isham (1704)

The Trusteeship of the Gospel: An Ordination Sermon.
By Gregory Thurston Bedell (1869)

On the Use of the Word Ehoba in the Prayer Book of the Nippon Sei Kokwai.
By two of the Clergy (1890)

An Oceanic Province.
By John Manwaring Steward (1921)

Looking Back: Being Scenes from Her Life and Some Thoughts on the Nature of Prayer.
By Isabel Sanders, Deaconess in the Diocese of Waiapu (1957)

Mutual Responsibility and Interdependence in the Body of Christ.
Toronto Anglican Congress (1963)

Sermon on the Occasion of Reverend Leonard Alufurai and the Reverend Dudley Tuti Being Consecrated Assistant Bishops of Melanesia at All Saints' Cathedral, Honiara.
By Alfred Thomas Hill (1963)


Man Saved by Mercy: A Discourse Delivered in St. Paul's Church, Baltimore.
By Henry Ustick Onderdonk (1830)

The Church Aggressive: The Triennial Sermon before the Associated Alumni of the General Theological Seminary.
By George Washington Doane (1853)

Journal of Charles Hunter Brown, accompanying Bishop John Richardson Selwyn (1877)

The Growth of Organization in the English Church
By E.W. Watson (1929)


Added directory on Thomas Augustus Jaggar (1839-1912)

Added directory on William Ford Nichols (1849-1924)

Added directory on George Ashton Oldham (1877-1963)

Appeal to the Members of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in Behalf of the Church Scholarship Society.
By Thomas Church Brownell (1831)

Errors of the Times: A Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Connecticut.
By Thomas Church Brownell (1843)

Letter from Our Sister Episcopal Church in Mexico to the Church People of America (1878)

The Reformation in Mexico
By Alfred Lee (no date)

The Blain Biographical Directory of Anglican Clergy
Compiled by the Reverend Michael Blain (2010 edition)


Added directory on Thomas John Claggett (1743-1816)

Added directory on Theodore Dehon (1776-1817)

Added directory on Charles Elliot Fox (1878-1977)

Added directory on William Paret (1826-1911)

Added directory on William Pinkney (1810-1883)

A Sermon Delivered before the Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of New-York
By William Harris (1810)

Sermon Preached by the Primate of New Zealand, the Most Rev'd Allan Johnston, at the Inauguration of the Church of the Province of Melanesia, St. Barnabas Cathedral, Honiara, Solomon Islands, January 26, 1975.

One Man's War as Remembered after 40 Years
By Ernest Robert Ball, SSM (no date)


Added directory on Samuel Farmar Jarvis (1786-1851)

A Sermon, Delivered at Newburgh before the Fraternity of Lodge No. 18, of Free and Accepted Masons
By George H. Spierin (1790)

A Sermon Preached in St. Peter's Church, in the City of Albany
By Isaac Wilkins (1804)

The Necessity, Uses, Etc. of A Church Literature
By Abram Newkirk Littlejohn (1858)

The General Convention of 1865: A Sermon
By Morgan Dix (1865)

An Open Letter from the Bishop of Honolulu to the Chairman of the House of Bishops of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States
By Alfred Willis (1902)


Added directory on Benjamin Henry Paddock (1828-1891)

Added directory on John Palmer (1837-1902)

The Doctrines of the Church: A Sermon Preached at the Opening of the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church
By Richard Channing Moore (1820)

Christian Zeal: A Sermon, Preached at the Opening of the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church
By Thomas Church Brownell (1829)

A Sermon Preached at the Opening of the General Convention
By Henry Ustick Onderdonk (1832)

Are Cathedral Institutions Useless? A Practical Answer to This Question
By George Augustus Selwyn (1838)

Sermon Preached at the Opening of the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Philadelphia
By William Meade (1838)

Influence, without Intervention; The Duty of Our Nation to the World.
By George Washington Doane (1852)

A Glorious Church, the Purchase and the Purpose of Christ's Death: The Sermon, before the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church.
By George Washington Doane (1856)

National Accountability: The Stewardship of Nations
By Alonzo Potter (1857)

Christian Education: Sermon before the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church.
By James Hervey Otey (1859)

More Laborers Needed: A Sermon Preached before the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Increase of the Ministry in the Church of the Holy Trinity, Brooklyn
By Abram Newkirk Littlejohn (1861)

The Christian Ministry, Its Constitution and Its Duties: The Sermon Preached in Trinity Church, Muscatine, Iowa, at the Consecration of the Rev. Thomas Hubbard Vail.
By Henry Washington Lee (1865)

Some Helps and Hindrances to Church Growth
By Charles Franklin Robertson (1880)

A Correspondence between the Rt. Rev. Bishop of Fond du Lac and the Rev. the Rector of St. Patrick's Church, Fond du Lac (1909)

American Addresses
By Huyshe Wolcott Yeatman-Biggs (1917)

The Anglican Church and Its Mission to the Whole Church of Christ: A Message to Old York from New York Delivered in York Minster, England at the 1300th Anniversary of the founding of the Minster
By William Thomas Manning (1927)

The 175th Anniversary History of the Parish of Christ Church, Sorel, Quebec.
By Edward P. Vokey (1959)


A Loyal Tear Dropt on the Vault of our Late Martyred Sovereign in an Anniversary Sermon on the Day of His Murther
By Joseph Glanvill (1667)

The Regal Proto-Martyr
By John Allington (1672)

The American Vine: A Sermon, Preached in Christ-Church, Philadelphia, before the Honourable Continental Congress, July 20th, 1775. Being the Day Recommended by Them for a General Fast throughout the United English Colonies of America.
By Jacob Duché (1775)

The True Use of Warnings: A Sermon Preached after the Earthquake at Wellington in November 1848
By George Augustus Selwyn (1849)

An Umbrella for Unpleasant Sundays: Or, 34 Good Reasons Why I attend Church on Sundays, Rainy, Snowy, Misty, Hot, Etc., Etc. (c. 1849)

On the Civil Disabilities of the Scottish Episcopalians (1861)

The “Staff” Question. Letters of the Bishop of Nova Scotia and the Rev. Mr. FitzGerald’s Replies Thereto. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (1873)

Bishop Clarkson
By George L. Miller (1885)

Love in the Churches
By Percy Dearmer (1913)

Pictures of Russian Worship.
Introduction by John Albert Douglas (c. 1915)

The Constitutions, Canons and Regulations of the Missionary Diocese of Melanesia together with such Canons and other Proceedings of the General Synod of the Church of New Zealand as affect the Missionary Diocese of Melanesia (1926)

When Sacraments Shall Cease: Toward a Pneumatological and Eschatological Approach to the Eucharist.
By Kevin Andrew Montgomery (2006)

Flood Tide in the Pacific
By Frank William Coaldrake (no date)


An Epistle to the General Convention
By a Country Bard (1847)

The State and Prospects of Our Church, As Indicated by Her Last General Convention: A Sermon in Christ Church, Cincinnati.
By Dudley Atkins Tyng (1854)

The Proposed Reform of the Episcopal Church: The Memorial, and Its Exposition (1855)

Christian Zeal. Holy Places. Two Sermons Preached at the Re-opening of the Chapel of the Holy Trinity, Bordesley, Birmingham, on the Third Sunday after Easter, 1857
By William James Early Bennett (1857)

The Function and Grace of the Episcopal Office
By Anthony Wilson Thorold (1874)

The Church of Christ a Free Church Freely Maintained. A Sermon Delivered before the Free Church Association on the Occasion of Their First Annual Meeting
By Henry Adams Neely (1876)

Personal Clerical Character the Source of Clerical Influence
By Gregory Thurston Bedell (1878)

Does the Free Church System Injuriously Affect the Missionary Offerings of the Church? (1880)

Untitled letter sent by Presiding Bishop Alfred Lee to Henry Codman Potter, Bishop of New York, regarding Potter's admission of James Otis Sargent Huntington to a Religious Order (1884)

The Laws of Happiness; or, The Beatitudes as Teaching Our Duty to God, Self and Our Neighbour.
By Alfred G. Mortimer (1888)

An Encyclical to All Bishops Claiming To Be of the Apostolic Succession
By Joseph René Vilatte (1893)

A Churchman's View of the Fundamental Differences Operating in the Character of the Two Great Teutonic Nations Now at War: England and Germany
By Walter George Ivens (1914)

Pageant of the Church Given in Honor of the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church October, 1916
Designed and produced by George Long (1916)

The Story of the Melanesian Mission (1926)

Proposed New Diocese in Northern Melanesia
Australian Board of Missions (1928)

Work in the Mandated Territory
By F. R. Bishop (1928)

Religious Communities of the Anglican Communion: Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific
By Thomas William Campbell (2007)

May Morning on Magdalen Tower
By John William Burgon (no date)

My Book of the Church's Year
By Enid M. Chadwick (no date)


Added directory on The Community of the Cross

Added directory on Herbert Shipman

The Church's Duty to the Germans: A Sermon.
By Clarence Buel (1881)

Intercommunion with the Eastern Orthodox Church: The Schism between East and West and the Possible Healing.
By Robert William Burnie (1915)

Holy Week and Easter: The Services Explained.
By E. J. Rowland (1956)

The American Church and the Formation of the Anglican Communion, 1823-1853.
By Robert Semple Bosher, Ph.D. (1962)

The Relation of Religious to Their Bishops (no date)


Added directory on John Jay (1817-1894)

A Discourse Delivered at Woodbury, in New-Jersey before the Citizens of Gloucester County, Assembled to Pay Funeral Honours to the Memory of General George Washington.
By John Croes (1800)

Unanimity among the Members of the Church Essential to Her Prosperity and Peace: A Sermon Preached in St. James's Church, Philadelphia before the Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States.
By John Croes (1814)

Episcopal Pretensions, Examined in a Review of a Sermon Preached by the Right Rev. George Washington Doane.
By Joseph Jennings (1842)

The Christian Bishop: A Sermon Preached on the Occasion of the Consecration of Rev. Henry John Whitehouse, Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Illinois.
By Alonzo Potter (1851)

The Relation of the Incarnation to the Progress of Human Thought: An Oration before the Connecticut Beta of the Phi Beta Kappa.
By Edwin Harwood (1853)

The Future Unity of the Christian Family: A Sermon Preached at All Saints', Margaret Street on the Eighth Anniversary of the A.P.U.C.
By T.T. Carter (1865)

Prayer Book versus Prayer Book
By Benjamin Leacock (1869)

Primitive Episcopacy: A Return to the "Old Paths" of Scripture and the Early Church: A Sermon, Preached at the Consecration of the Rev. Charles Edward Cheney as a Bishop in the Reformed Episcopal Church.
By George David Cummins (1874)

Following the Light: A Statement of the Author's Experiences Resulting in a Change of Views Respecting the Prayer-book of the Protestant Episcopal Church, and of the Reasons for Changing the Direction of Ministerial Labors in the Gospel of Christ.
By George David Cummins (1876)

The Priesthood of the Church of God: Sermon Preached at the Opening of the Fourth General Council of the Reformed Episcopal Church, in Emmanuel Church, Ottawa, Canada.
By William Rufus Nicholson (1876)

The Consecration of St. John's Church in Stamford, Conn. A Sermon Preached on All Saints Day, MDCCCXCVIII, in memory of the Rev. William Tatlock, D.D.
By Henry Codman Potter (1898)

Society of the Holy Cross: The Romanising Conspirators at Work. (1898)

William Rufus Nicholson, D.D., Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church (1903)

Samuel Hart, Priest and Doctor
By Melville K. Bailey (1922)

A Guide to High Mass Abroad, Being a Manual for the Use of English Churchmen Attending the Celebration of the Eucharist in Roman Catholic Countries.
By Athelstan Riley (1924 edition)

Fun, Fear or Faith: The Story of the Church in Burma
By Ruth Henrich (1937)

The Life Story of the Rev. Frederick Robert Newton.
By Henry Newton, edited by Robert Leycester Dawson (c. 1940)

The Report and the Resolution concerning Open Communion as Adopted by the Liberal Evangelicals at Their Regional Conference at St. George's Church, New York City (1938)

The War and After: Burma
By George Appleton (c. 1946)

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