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Thomas Augustus Jaggar


A Sermon at the Anthon Memorial Church, on Easter Sunday, April 16, 1865.
New York: R. C. Root, 1865. [External link]

Good Stewards: A Sermon Preached in St. Paul's Church, Cheltenham, Pa., Sunday Evening, December 17th, 1871.
Shoemakertown, Pennsylvania: Cheltenham Press, Wm. P. Hallowell, Pr., 1872.

A Sermon Preached on the Occasion of the Consecration of the Rev. George Herbert Kinsolving, S.T.D. as Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Texas at the Church of the Epiphany, Philadelphia.
Philadelphia: Hathaway, 1892.

Characteristics of the Ministry of Bishop Phillips Brooks: Sermon Delivered at the thirty-First Anniversary of the Evangelical Education Society in the Church of the Holy Trinity, Philadelphia, Sunday Evening, October 22, 1893.
Philadelphia: Evangelical Education Society, 1893.

The Man of the Ages, and Other Recent Sermons.
New York: J. Pott & Co., 1898. [External link]

The Personality of Truth: The Bohlen Lectures for 1900.
New York: Thomas Whittaker, 1900.

The Memory of the Just, a Benediction: A Memorial Sermon.
Boston: Privately printed, 1906.

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