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Herbert Henry Gowen


London: Skeffington, 1891

The Paradise of the Pacific: Sketches of Hawaiian Scenery and Life
London: Skeffington and Son, 1892. [External link]

The Kingdom of Man
London: Skeffington and Son, 1893.

The Rise and Decline of the Hawaiian Monarchy
No place: Cosmopolitan, 1893.

Pioneer Church Work in British Columbia: Being a Memoir of the Episcopate of Acton Windeyer Sillitoe, D.D., D.C.L., First Bishop of New Westminster.
London: A.R. Mowbray, 1899.

The Hawaiian Language and Indo-European affinities
Chicago: no publisher, 1899

The Day of His coming; Thoughts for the Season of Advent.
New York: T. Whittaker, 1906. [External link]

The Revelation of "the things that are": an exposition of Revelation IV and V
New York: Whittaker, 1908.

Hawaiian Idylls of Love and Death.
New York: Cochrane Publishing Company, 1908. [External link]

Mental Healing and the Problem of Pain
Seattle: Metropolitan Press, 1909

An Analytical Transcription of the Revelation of S. John the Divine.
London: Skeffington and Son, 1910

"Stella Duce;" or the Leading, the seeking, the finding: a Christmas meditation
London: Skeffington and Sons, 1911

Meditation on the Seven Words from the Cross
London: Skeffington and Sons, 1911

An Outline History of China
Boston: Sherman, French and Company, 1913.

The Teacher and His Ideals.
Worcester, Mass: J.H. Orpha, 1917

Sonnets for Sundays of the church year
Milwaukee: The Young Churchman, 1917

The book of seven blessings
Boston: R.G. Badger, 1919

The Napoleon of the Pacific, Kamehameha the Great.
New York: Flemming H. Revell Company, 1919. [External link]

Sonnets on Chinese Themes.
no place: no publisher, 1920

The folklore of the Old Testament
New York: Columbia University press, 1921

'Sound' terms and 'shine' terms
Chicago: no publisher, 1921

Christ and Colosse or, the Gospel of the Fullness.
Milwaukee: Morehouse Publishing Company, 1922. [External link]

Dante and the orient
The Sewanee Review, October, 1924

An Old Testament "Pilgrim's Progress"
Anglican Theological Review, Vol. VII(3-4), December 1924-March 1925

Immanuel of Rome and the Jew as middleman in literature
The Sewanee Review, July 1925

The Universal Faith: Comparative religion from the Christian standpoint
Milwaukee: Morehouse Publishing Company, 1926

First twenty years of the Monday Club of Seattle, 1906-1926
Seattle: The Club, 1926

An outline history of China: with a thorough account of the Republican era interpreted in its historical perspective (with Josef Washington Hall)
New York: D. Appleton, 1926

Asia: A short history from the earliest times to the present day
Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1926

An outline history of Japan
New York: D. Appleton, 1927

The journal of Kenkō; musings of a Japanese qoheleth in the fourteenth century
Seattle: University of Washington Book Store, 1927

Problems of the Pacific and the international mind
Seattle: University of Washington Book Store, 1927

A precursor of Perry; or, The story of Takano Nagahide
Seattle: University of Washington Book Store, 1928

Problems in international understanding
(with Charles E. Martin and Edith Dobie)
Seattle: University of Washington Book Store, 1928

The little grey lamb and other Christmas poems
Milwaukee: Morehouse Publishing Company, 1928.

Histoire de l'Asie
Paris: Payot, 1929

The Psalms or, The Book of Praises.
London: A.R. Mowbray and Company, 1929. [External link]

The 1929 Oriental art cruise
Seattle: American Mail Line, 1929.

Anglican Theological Review, Vol. XII(1), July,1929

An American Pioneer in Japan.
Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1929.

"The Indian Machiavelli", or, Political theory in India two thousand years ago
New York: Academy of Political Science, 1929.

Riben li shi da gang
[Chinese translation of An Outline History of Japan]
Shanghai: Shang wu yin shu guan, 1930

A history of Indian literature: from Vedic times to the present day
New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1931

Histoire du Japon des origins à nos jours
Paris: Payot, 1933

A history of religion
Milwaukee: Morehouse Publishing Company, 1934

[Article on Anglican Church in Japan and nationalities]
The Living Church, 14 April, 1934, pages 763-764

Five foreigners in Japan
no place, no publisher, 1936

Thirty years of the Monday Club of Seattle, 1906-1936
Seattle: no publisher, 1936

The case for Japan; a dispassionate study
no place [Seattle?]: no publisher, 1937

Ajiya zenshi
[Japanese translation of Asia, A short history]
Tokyo: Hakuyosha, 1944

Some Early Missionaries in Our Northwest.
Olympia: Diocese of Olympia, 1945.

Forty-four years of the Monday Club of Seattle, 1906-1950
Seattle: no publisher, 1950

Hebrew trade and trade terms in O.T. times
no place: no publisher, no date

The hair offering
no place: no publisher, 19--

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