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Farewell Sermon, Preached in St. Stephen's, or the 2nd Inverness Church, Megantic, on the 22nd October, 1854.
Montreal: John Lovell, 1854. [External link]

A Letter to the Congregation of St. Matthew's Chapel, Quebec in Answer to the Rev. Dr. Percy's Letter on "Tractarianism."
Quebec: P. Sinclair, 1858. [External link]

A Review of the "Address of the Lay Association to the Laity of the Diocese of Quebec:" In a Letter from a Churchman in Town to a Churchman in the Country.
Quebec: P. Sinclair, 1859. [External link]

Bicentenary Sermons: Two Sermons on the History and Scriptural Authority of the Book of Common Prayer, Preached in St. Matthew's Free Chapel, Quebec, on St. Bartholomew's Day, 1862.
Montreal: John Lovell, 1862. [External link]

Purgatory, Transubstantiation, and the Mass: Examined by the Light of Holy Scripture, Right, Reason, and Christian Antiquity. Three Sermons, Preached on the First, Second, and Third Sundays in Advent, 1862.
Montreal: John Lovell, 1863. [External link]

Prayer: A Confirmation Lecture, being One of a Course Delivered to Candidates for Confirmation in Lent, 1864.
Quebec: G. T. Cary, 1864. [External link]

Advantages and Means of Keeping up Habits of Reading among the Clergy: A Paper Read before the Clergy, Assembled in Lennoxville for the Visitation of the Lord Bishop of Quebec, on the 6th July, 1864.
Montreal: John Lovell, 1864. [External link]

To the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Quebec, President of the Corporation of Bishop's College, Lennoxville.
Lennoxville: no publisher, 1876. [External link]

A Sermon Preached in St. Peter's Church, Sherbrooke, at the Anniversary of the St. Francis Association of the Church Society.
Sherbrooke: Bradford, 1880. [External link]

Sermon Preached at the Ordination Held by the Lord Bishop of Quebec at St. Matthew's Church, Quebec, on All Saints Day, 1886.
Montreal: John Lovell, 1886. [External link]

Sermon Preached at St. George's Church, Lennoxville, P.Q. on June 21st, 1887, the Day Appointed for the Observance of the Queen's Jubilee.
Sherbrooke: George H. Bradford, 1887. [External link]

Sermon Preached before the Synod of Quebec on S. Barnabas Day, 1888, being the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Consecration of the Lord Bishop of the Diocese.
Montreal: John Lovell and Son, 1888. [External link]

Story of the First Hundred Years of the Diocese of Quebec.
Quebec: Printed at the Morning Chronicle Office, 1893. [External link]

The Continuity of the Church of England and the Papal Encyclical, Apostolicae Curae.
Quebec: Printed at the Morning Chronicle Office, 1897. [External link]

Memoir of the Rev. Archibald Campbell Scarth, Rector St. George's Church, Lennoxville, Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Bishop's College, Lennoxville, and Canon of the Cathedral of Quebec.
Sherbrooke: Stevens and Price, 1904.

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