Anglican History Research list

This list was launched in January, 2006 to serve as a forum for serious bibliographic and archival inquiries about Anglican and Episcopal history. Conference announcements, calls for papers dissertation and thesis topic announcements, etc. are welcome on the list.

AHR is not a discussion list, and comment on current events or extraneous matters is not welcome; the list can be most useful for its stated purposes if its tone is as focussed and scholarly as possible.

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List guidelines:

  1. Posts will only be accepted when accompanied by the full name of their sender.
  2. Posts should include as much bibliographic citation as possible.
  3. No attachments are permitted.
  4. In order to help reduce the amount of traffic in subscriber inboxes, please reply off-list if your response is not for the consumption of the whole subscriber list.
  5. AHR is a closed list; only members can post.
  6. Please do not forward material posted to the list without the permission of the sender.
  7. Posts should show a degree of research before posting; the AHR list should not be a primary place of inquiry on historical or genealogical matters.