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John McGill Krumm


Compiled by the Right Reverend Dr. Terry Brown
Retired Bishop of Malaita, Anglican Church of Melanesia

Remembering John Krumm: A Biography Based on Tributes by His Friends
By Charles Henry Long.
Cincinnati: Forward Movement, 1998.

Anglican Attitudes to Continental Protestantism in the Reign of Elizabeth.
Ph.D. Dissertation, Yale University, 1948.

Roadblocks to Faith, with James A. Pike.
New York: Morehouse-Gorham, 1954.

What’s in a Name?
Cincinnati: Forward Movement, [1955?].

[Book review]. The Bent World.
American Slavic and East European Review, Vol. 15(1), February 1956, pp. 141-142.

Why I Am an Episcopalian.
Boston: Beacon Press, 1957.

[Book review] Pictorial History of Protestantism, A Panoramic View of Western Europe and the United States.
American Slavic and East European Review, Vol. 18(1), February 1859, pp. 135-136.

Modern Heresies.
Greenwich, CT: Seabury Press, 1961.

Christianity and the New Morality: Four Lectures. [Sound recording]
Washington, DC: Henderson Services, 1965.

The Art of Being a Sinner.
New York: Seabury Press, 1967.

[Book review] The Modern Schism: Three Paths of the Secular, by Martin E. Marty.
American Historical Review, Vol. 75(6), October 1970, p. 1713.

The Moral Climate: A Christian View.
Cincinnati: Forward Movement, 1972.

Why Choose the Episcopal Church?
Cincinnati: Forward Movement, 1974.

Report to the Episcopal Church on the XII Plenary Session of the Consultation on the Church Union.
New York: Episcopal Church Joint Commission on Ecumenical Relations, 1974.

Tomorrow’s Church: Evangelism. [Sound recording]
Atlanta: Catacomb Cassettes, [1975].

Changing Patterns of the Church's Ministry in the 1970s: Report to the 1976 General Convention of the Episcopal Church.
Dolores, Colorado: Study Committee on Preparation for the Ordained Ministry, 1976.

The Scandal of Particularity: An Independent Study Project.
M.A. Thesis, Athenaeum of Ohio, 1976

Ordination of Women – Yes, with Peggy Bosmyer. [Sound recording]
Atlanta: Episcopal Radio - TV Foundation, 1976.

Wisdom and Authority: Bedell Lecture. [Sound recording]
Rochester, NY: Colgate Rochester Divinity School/Bexley Hall/Crozer Theological Seminary, 1978.

Denver Crossroads: General Convention, 1979, with Marian Kelleran.
Cincinnati: Forward Movement, 1979.

AIDS and God’s Love: The Substance of a Sermon.
Cincinnati: Forward Movement, 1987.

Letters from Lambeth, with Mary S. Donovan.
Cincinnati: Forward Movement, 1988.

Flowing Like a River.
Cincinnati: Forward Movement, 1989.

[Book review] The Truth Shall Make You Free, by Michael Nazir-Ali and Derek Pattinson.
Anglican and Episcopal History, Vol. 59(2), June 1990, pp. 266-268.

The Offensive Cross.
Cincinnati: Forward Movement, 1994.

為何選擇聖公會? / Wei he xuan ze sheng gong hui?
[Chinese translation of Why Choose the Episcopal Church?]
聖公會台灣教區, 聖公會港澳教區宗教教育中心出版: 道聲發行, Tai bei shi: Sheng gong hui tai wan jiao qu, sheng gong hui gang ao jiao qu zong jiao jiao yu zhong xin chu ban: Dao sheng fa xing, 1995.

Eschatology and the Modern Sects. [Typescript]
No place: Pacific Coast Theological Society, no date.

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