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Added directory on John Edwin Watts-Ditchfield (1861-1923)


Added directory on Alan Stewart Paton (1903-1988)

Masonry’s Aspiration: An Oration
By George McClellan Fiske (1886)

Power and Peace
By George McClellan Fiske (1902)

The Late Presiding Bishop
By George McClellan Fiske (1903)

The Procter Foundation at Princeton (1936) [PDF]

The “Kirking” of Bishops?
By Eric Graham (1957)


Added directory on Richard Chenevix Trench (1807-1886)

Added directory on John Hannah (1818-1888)

Added directory on John Henry Overton (1835-1903)

Added directory on Walter Hobhouse (1862-1928)

Added directory on Lionel Spencer Thornton (1884-1960)

An Uncorrupt Life: A Sermon Commemorative of Resolved Waterman Preached in S. Stephen's Church, Providence, R.I., on the Eve of All Saints.
By George McClellan Fiske (1886)

In Remembrance: The Supper of the Lord and the Holy Communion, Commonly Called the Mass, as Set Forth in the Book of Common Prayer by Authority of the Church of England, and Ordered to be Used in All Churches, Arranged with Extra Devotions, by M. Euan Smith, for Use at a Said Celebration of the Lord’s Supper, and Illustrated by T. Noyes Lewis (1920)


Added directory on Gavin Donald White (1927-2016)


In re Williams versus Garbett: The Judgment of an Ecclesiastical Court (1842)

The Power and Influence of the Laity
By George Roe Van De Water (1889)

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