2014 Additions


The Church and the Children
By Henry C. Potter (1868)


S. Margaret's, East Grinsted, Sussex (1871)

The Sisterhood of S. John the Divine, Toronto (1882)

The Limits of Ritual and Ceremonial in the Anglican Communion
By Philip Vernon Smith (1914)

Philip Usher: His Life and His Memorial (1952)


Massachusetts Churchmanship
By George Hodges (1895)

Anglican Eastern Associations: A Sketch
By Henry R. T. Brandreth (1945)

The Anglican Mind on the Church as the Eucharistic Community: A Catena of Its Understanding
By Canon Edward Nason West (no date)


Added directory on William Alexander Guerry (1861-1928)

A Guide to the Holy Sacraments in a Series of Lectures on the Baptismal Service, Delivered in Trinity Church, New Haven, Preparatory to Confirmation.
By Harry Croswell (1857)

A Protest by Some of the Clergy of Baltimore and Vicinity, against Certain Romish Doctrines and Practices, as Taught and Enjoined in Mission Services Recently Held in Mt. Calvary Church, Baltimore (1879)


Added directory on Charles Latimer Marson (1822-1914)

The Efficacy of Sacred Music Exemplified: A Sermon Preached before the Congregation of Christ Church, Piermont.
By Solomon G. Hitchock (1861)

The Royal Abbey.
By N.P. Williams. (1916)


The Torch Passed to Us
By Donald B. Aldrich (1934)

Bishop G. L. King: The Man and His Message.
By Michael Bolton Furse (1941)

The Turning of the Tide: A Call to the Church for Truer and Bolder Evangelism.
By William T. Manning (1949)


The New York Churchman's Association: Commemoration of the Twenty-fifth Anniversary (1908)

The Liturgical Movement
By Chauncey Kilmer Myers (1944)

Report of the Committee on Statistics and State of the Church.
The General Synod of the Church of England in Canada (1949)


Added directory on Theodore Otto Wedel (1892-1970)

Added directory on Cynthia Clark Wedel (1908-1986)

A Sermon
By Robert William Harris (1839)

An Appeal to Procrastinators
By James Hervey Otey (1856)

The True Purpose of Lent
By William T. Manning (1940)

School of Worship for the Women of the Diocese of New York (1952)


Added directory on Roland Allen (1868-1947)

Added directory on Charles Freer Andrews (1871-1940)

Added directory on Vedanayagam Samuel Azariah (1874-1945)

Added directory on Ronald Owen Hall (1895-1975)

Added directory on Frederick William Dillistone (1903-1993)

Added directory on K. H. Ting (1915-2012)

Japanese Canadians East of the Rockies: Report of C.H. Powles to the Missionary Society of the Church of England in Canada. (1945)

This Planted Vine: A Narrative History of the Episcopal Diocese of New York
By James Elliott Lindsley (1984)


Added directory on Edward Bannerman Ramsay (1793-1872)

Added directory on Nathaniel James Merriman (1809-1882)

Added directory on Edward Meyrick Goulburn (1818-1897)

Added directory on Felicia Mary Frances Skene (1821-1899)

Added directory on William Lefroy (1836-1909)

Added directory on Gertrude Hollis (1845-1943)

Added directory on Edgar Charles Sumner Gibson (1848-1924)

Added directory on Evelyn Underhill (1875-1941)

Added directory on Hugh Montefiore (1920-2005)

The Pilgrims: Speeches at a Dinner (1927)

Silver Jubilee of the Most Reverend Edward Arthur Dunn (1942)

The Relation of Penitence to Oblation in the Eucharistic Offertory [PDF]
By Cyril H. Powles (1954)

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