2015 Additions


The Use of Lights on the Communion Table in the Day Time
By Arthur Philip Perceval (1851)


Added directory on Ernest Hermitage Day (1866-1946)

Added directory on Cecil Richard Rutt (1925-2011)

By Percy Dearmer (1915)

Our Beloved Dead
By Shirley Carter Hughson (1922)

Some Notes on Vestments
By Ernest Hermitage Day (1928)

The New Reformation: The Church of England and the Fellowship of Churches
By Percy Dearmer (1931)

Some Notes on Copes
By Leonard Spiller (1939)

The Fittings and Ornaments of the Church
By Harold S. Rogers (1947)


Added directory on George Hay Forbes (1821-1875)

Added directory on Stanley John Forrest (1904-1977)

Examples Showing the Arrangement of the Altar to Suit Varying Architectural Conditions (1933)


Sermon for the Thirtieth of January
By Adam Gordon (1796)

Anglican Services: A Book concerning Anglican Ritual and Ceremonial in the Church of England
By Henry Cairncross (1953)


Added directory on Harry Boone Porter (1923-1999)

Of Worshiping God towards the Altar
By Eleazar Duncon (1660)

Address Delivered at the Laying of the Cornerstone of the Free Church of the Holy Sepulchre on 74th Street, New York.
By George H. Houghton (1868)


Added directory on Berdmore Compton (1820-1908)

Pew Rents Do Not Support Churches (1875)

Reasons for Contributing Liberally in the Weekly Offertory to the Church's Support (1875)


Added directory on John David Chambers (1805-1893)

Added directory on Samuel Smith Drury (1878-1938)

Canaan, Shem and Japheth: A Sermon.
By Edwin Harwood (1863)

Church Work in Mexico.
By an Independent Witness (1881)

Puerto Rico's Need of the Church: A Review of the Situation by the Bishop of Minnesota.
By Henry Benjamin Whipple (1900)

What the Church Has Done for a Chinese Layman in Honolulu.
By Yap See Young (1904)

The Spread of Christianity in Japan.
By John McKim (1905)

Souvenir of the First Anglo-Catholic Congress.
Compiled by Charles Edward Lee (1920)


Festivals of the Martyrs: An Address to the Sunday School Children of Trinity Church, New Haven Delivered on the Festival of the Holy Innocents.
By Samuel Benedict (1856)

Arthur Michael Ramsey: Life and Times.
By John Macquarrie (1990)


Added directory on Thomas Lathbury (1798-1865)

Added directory on Charles Richard Davey Biggs

The Authority of the Services for the Fifth of November, the Thirtieth of January, the Twenty-ninth of May, for the Accession of the Sovereign, Considered.
By Thomas Lathbury (1843)

A Short History of Saint Andrew's Divinity School at Syracuse, New York (1910)

Comity, Concord, and Communion: An Appeal to Anglicans, with a Note on the Proceedings at Kikuyu.
By Charles Richard Davey Biggs (1914)


The Road to Heaven by the Holy Catholic Church Railway
By Reginald Arthur Kingdon, Illustrated by T. Noyes-Lewis (no date)


Reminiscences of the Rev. Edwin Harwood, D. D., Rector of Trinity Church, New Haven, Conn., 1859-1895.
Edited by Frank Woods Baker (1903)

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