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Souvenir of the First Anglo-Catholic Congress.

Compiled by Charles Edward Lee.

London: W. Knott for Congress Publishing, 1920.

Digitized by Richard Mammana from a copy belonging to the Right Reverend Dr. Terry M. Brown, 2015



IN placing before the public this Souvenir of what is possibly the greatest landmark in the history of Anglo-Catholicism in the present cntury, it is believed a real requirement will be supplied. Much has been written on the great event, and the official Transactions will give a record of the proceedings; therefore it is not intended to endeavour to supply anything but a pictorial memento.

The Congress opened on June 29th, 1920, with High Mass at the Church of St. Alban, Holborn—a church, it is worthy of noting, which has been the centre of Catholicism in England since the days of its first vicar, Father Mackonochie. Of his pioneer work, Father Russell, the doyen of Catholic priests, wrote recently:—"Upon the ground which he, with others, won and held, every later advance has been continuously made. We of this time are heirs of their victory, therefore trustees to those who come after us, to hand on unimpaired with the faith for which they suffered, their courage and their patient hope.

Twelve hundred priests, marshalled in fours, and preceded by a great Crucifix (from St. Matthew's, Westminster) made up the body of the procession. Twenty-two bishops followed, among whom were representatives of Scotland, Africa, Asia and Australia. The Bishops of Atlanta and Pennsylvania represented the United States of America, and the Archbishop of Cyprus the Orthodox Eastern Church.

Father Ross, the vicar of St. Alban's, celebrated, assisted by the venerable Father Russell, for 50 years curate at St. Alban's, as deacon, and Father Whitley as sub-deacon.

Charles E. Lee, August, 1920.

1. The Rt. Rev. F. Weston, Bishop of Zanzibar.

2. The Rt. Rev. W. L. Vyvyan, Bishop of Zululand.

3. Head of Procession (Baldwin's Gardens).

4. Head of Procession (Holborn).

5. The Thurifers (Holborn).

6. Procession in Holborn (Priests).

7. Procession in Holborn (Priests).

8. The Rt. Rev. Cecil Hook (late Bishop of Kingston).

9. The Rt. Rev. Roscow Shedden, Bishop of Nassau. The Rev. E. H. Whitby, Vicar, St. Mary's, Graham Street. The Rev. C. P. Shaw, St. Mary's, Graham Street

10. The Rt. Rev. K. Mackenzie, Lord Bishop of Argyll and the Isles.

11. The Rt. Rev. M. S. O'Rorke, Bishop of Accra. The Rev. E. S. Burrows, Vicar, St. Stephen's Haggerston. The Rev. R. A. L. P. Jones, St. Stephen's, Haggerston. Benjamin Peter Crentsil (train bearer).

12. The Rt. Rev. M. N. Trollope, Bishop in Korea. The Rev. F. W. Boyd, Vicar, St. Saviour's, Pimlico.

13. The Rt. Rev. the Bishop of Grantham.

14. The Rt. Rev. the Bishop of Atlanta. The Rev. E. A. Morgan, Vicar, St. Andrew's, Willesden. The Rev. H. S. Barrett, St. Andrew's, Willesden.

15. The Rt. Rev. F. Goldsmith (late Bishop of Bunbury), Vicar, St. John's Hampstead. The Rev. G. Collinson, St. Benet and All Saints, Kentish Town. The Rev. A. Edington, All Saints, Vyner Street, Hackney (Master of the Ceremonies).

16. The Rt. Rev. W. E. Smythe (late Bishop of Lebombo). The Rev. A. T. Robinson, Vicar, St. Augustine's, Haggerston. The Rev. G. H. Burnett, St. Augustine's, Haggerston. The Rt. Rev. J. S. Hine (late Bishop of Zanzibar). The Rev. E. V. Paget, St. Augustine's, Victoria Park. The Rev. J. H. Edington, Curate in Charge, St. Barnabas, Grimsby.

17. The Rt. Rev. W. E. Elsey, Bishop of Kalgoorlie. The Rev. C. E. Read, St. John the Divine, Kennington. The Rev. C. H. Walters, St. Columba's, Haggerston.

18. The Rt. Rev. E. Hudson, Bishop of Antigua. The Rev. L. D. Rutherford, Vicar, Holy Cross, St. Pancras.

19. The Rt. Rev. J. O. Nash, Bishop-Coadjutor of Capetown. The Rev. H. Thompson, St. Mary's, Somers Town.

20. His Beatitude the Archbishop of Cyprus. The Rev. W. E. Baker, Christ Church, South Hackney. The Rev. H. Mather, St. Augustine's, Victoria Park. The Rev. H. J. Fynes-Clinton, St. Michael's, Shoreditch. The Rev. C. N. Smith, Sec. Anglican and Eastern Churches Association. The Rev. J. A. M. Montford, The Ascension, Lavender Hill.

21. The Rt. Rev. F. E. Ridgeway, Lord Bishop of Salisbury.

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