Recent Additions


Added directory on Conrad Noel (1869-1942)

The Traditions of the Society of St. Margaret: Being the Rule of Life, the Internal Rule, and the Spirit of the Founder (no date)

Report of the Sixth Anglo-Catholic Congress: Subject, the Church, London (1948)

Problems of Marriage and Divorce
By Geoffrey Francis Fisher (1955)


Added directory on James Otis Sargent Huntington (1854-1935)

Added directory on Thomas Wilfrid Crafer (1870-1949)


Episcopi Vagantes in Church History.
By Allan John Macdonald (1945)

Episcopi Vagantes and the Anglican Church
By Henry Renaud Turner Brandreth (1947)


Added directory on Henry Renaud Turner Brandreth (1914-1984)

The Sentimental Celibate.
By the Husband of One Wife (1922)

The College of Preachers (1929)

Collects, Epistles and Gospels for the Lesser Feasts according to the Calendar Set Out in 1928.
Arranged by Walter Howard Frere (1938)

The Commemoration of Saints and Heroes of the Faith in the Anglican Communion (1957)


Ave (1932—, ongoing updates)


Liturgical Music in Anglican Benedictine Monasticism. [PDF]
By Dom David Nicholson, O.S.B. (1990)
Digitized by David Simmons.


Reports of the Church Mission to Deaf-Mutes (ongoing updates)

John Bull Series (no date)

How far the Clergy and Other Members of the Church of England Ought to Communicate with the Non-Swearing Bishops (1690)

Catholic Reunion: An Anglican Plea for a Uniate Patriarchate of Canterbury and for an Anglican Ultramontanism.
By James Tait Plowden-Wardlaw (1935)

Liturgy is You! Songs for Liturgy (no date)

The Meaning of the Easter Vigil.
By Kenneth N. Ross (no date)

What Is the Liturgical Movement?
By Harold Riley (no date)


Added directory on James Arthur Muller (1884-1945)

Supplement to the Missal: The Proper of Masses in Commemoration of Thirty-nine Beati of the Anglican Communion.
By James Tait Plowden-Wardlaw (1933)

Occasional Offices of the Society of S. John the Evangelist (1937)

The Manual for Oblates of the Society of St. John the Evangelist (1942) [PDF]

Our Prayer Book Heritage: Sermon Delivered at the General Convention Service for the Anglican Society
By G. Ashton Oldham (1952)

The Eucharistic Fast and the Constitution “Christus Dominus:” An Anglican Study
By Geoffrey Arundell Chatfield Whatton (1953)

The Church of England and the "Great Prayer"
By Hugh Ross Williamson (1954)

An Open Letter to a Non-Member of the Anglican Society
By Carroll E. Simcox (1964)


Added directory on Edward Cyril Russell Lamburn (1901-1979)

Added directory on Gardiner Mumford Day (1900-1981)

Rejoice! Music for the Worship of God in the Twentieth Century (1966)

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