Project Canterbury

Edward Cyril Russell Lamburn


The Liturgy Develops.
London: W. Knott, 1960.

Behind Rite and Ceremony: An Historical Survey of Their Development in the English Church.
London: W. Knott and Son, 1961.

Anglican Services: A Book Concerning Ritual and Ceremonial in the Anglican Communion.
London: W. Knott, 1963.

Ritual Notes: A Comprehensive Guide to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Book of Common Prayer of the English Church Interpreted in Accordance with the Latest Revisions of the Western Use, Edited and Largely Re-written by E.C.R. Lamburn.
London: Knott, 1964.

Alternative Services: Using '1967' in Holy Week.
Rochester: Knott, 1969.

Project Canterbury