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The Melanesian Brotherhood

"The Brothers."
By John Manwaring Steward.
From Southern Cross Log (English edition), October 1, 1926, pages 8-12.

The Brotherhood
From The Southern Cross Log, Vol. 32, No. 11, London, November, 1926, pages 164-166.

The Brothers: The Story of the Native Brotherhood of Melanesia.
By Margaret Lycett.
London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1935.

Brothers in the New Hebrides.
By Charles Fox.
From Southern Cross Log, London, January, 1939, pages 15-16.

Inina. Ra Retatasiu.
British Solomon Islands: Printed at the Melanesian Mission Press, 1939.

Ini Kopuria.
[By Charles E. Fox]
From Southern Cross Log (New Zealand Edition), June 1, 1946, pages 21-24.

Na Sata Baranwaefuta ki ki saea lau ania na fikutai Companion.
Rules, Order of Admission, and Office of the Companions of the Melanesian Brotherhood (Retatasiu). Qara'ae, N. Mala. [Kwara'ae]
Taroaniara, British Solomon Islands: Melanesian Mission Press, 1953.

Ra Retatasiu Ta Melanesia.
Rules of the Retatasiu (Melanesian Brotherhood) with the Order of Admission and Daily Offices; in the Mota Language.
Taroniara: British Solomon Islands: Melanesia Mission press, 1953.

Mwai Malahuda mwa Haiulana Kira Saena Lou Uri Na Pulita ni Companion [Rules, Order of Admission, and Office, of the Companions of the Melanesian Brotherhood (Retatasiu) in the Ulawa Language]
Taroniara: Melanesian Mission Press, 1956.

The Companions of the Brothers, Also Called the Company of Companions.
British Solomon Islands: Melanesian Mission Press, 1961.

Spearhead: The Story of the Melanesian Brotherhood
By Father Brian Macdonald-Milne
Formerly Chaplain and Tutor of the Melanesian Brotherhood.
Watford, England: The Melanesian Mission, c. 1975.
Reproduced with the author's permission.

The True Way of Service: The Pacific Story of the Melanesian Brotherhood 1925-2000.
By Brian Macdonald-Milne.
Leicester: Christians Aware; The Melanesian Brotherhood, Solomon Islands, 2003.

In Search of the Lost: The Death and Life of Seven Peacemakers of the Melanesian Brotherhood.
By Richard Anthony Carter.
Norwich: Canterbury Press, 2006.

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