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Anglicanism in South America

A Memoir of Richard Williams, Surgeon: Catechist to the Patagonian Missionary Society in Terra del Fuego.
By James Hamilton.
New York: R. Carter, 1854. [External link]

Life of Captain Allen Gardiner, the Founder of the Patagonian Mission.
From Mission Life, Vol. I (Oct. and Nov. 1866), pages 348-354 and 398-405.

The Bishop of the Falklands
By the Rev. C. Stirling
From Mission Life, Vol. III (1872), page 444.

The Bishopric of the Falkland Islands
From Mission Life, Vol. III (new series) (1872), pages 622-629.

Tierra del Fuego as a Mission Field
From Mission Life, Vol. VIII (new series) (1877), pages 3-6.

A Visit to the English-Speaking Labourers in Surinam, or Dutch Guiana
By Francis James Wyatt
From Mission Life, Vol. VIII, Part 1 (1877), pages 6-14.

The Natives of Tierra del Fuego
From Mission Life (Vol. VIII) (new series) (1877), pages 109-115.

The Story of Commander Allen Gardiner, R.N.
With Sketches of Missionary Work in South America
By John W. Marsh, M.A., and W.H. Stirling, D.D., Bishop of the Falkland Islands
London: James Nisbet, 1883.

"The Apostle of the Indians of Guiana"
A Memoir of the Life and Labours of the Rev. W.H. Brett, B.D., For Forty Years a Missionary in British Guiana
By the Rev. F.P.L. Josa, Rector of Holy Trinity, Essequibo
London: Wells, Gardner, Darton and Co., 1887.

Witnessing under the Southern Cross: Mr. and Mrs. Burleigh at Wollaston and Tekenika.
London: South American Missionary Society, 1902.

From Cape Horn to Panama
A Narrative of Missionary Enterprise among the Neglected Races of South America, by the South American Missionary Society
By Robert Young
[London] South American Missionary Society, 1905.

A Bishop amongst Bananas
By the Right Rev. Herbert Bury, D.D., Lately Bishop of British Honduras and Central America
London: Wells Gardner, Darton & Co., Ltd., [1911]

The Anglican Church in South America
By the Right Rev. Edward Francis Every, D.D.
London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1915.

Bishop Stirling of the Falklands: The Adventurous Life of A Soldier of the Cross Whose Humility Hid the Daring Spirit of A Hero and an Inflexible Will to Face Great Risks
By Frederick C Macdonald
London: Seeley, Service, 1929.

A Padre in Paraguay.
By C. E. Newbould.
London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1929.

Somos Anglicanos. [PDF]
By Barbara Bazley.
Santiago de Chile: Imprenta Editorial Interamericana, 1995.

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