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Historical Resources on Nashotah House Theological Seminary


The Nashotah Liturgy. Office of Devotion of the United Brethren of the religious house established at Nashotah W.T.

Mercy to Babes: A Plea for the Christian Baptism of Infants
By William Adams, S.T.P., Presbyter of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Wisconsin
New York: Stanford and Swords, 1847.

The Nashotah Manual: Compiled for the Use of Persons Belonging to the Sunday Schools of Nashotah Mission.
Delafield: N.C. Hawks, 1865.


Recollections of Nashotah and Its Vicinity, Being Extracts from the Diary of One of the Alumni
By the Rev. G. P. Schetky, D.D. Class of 1851


A Few Days at Nashotah.
By William Ingraham Kip.
Albany, NY: J. Munsell, 1849.

Letter I. First Impressions.
Letter II Government and State of the Mission
Letter III. The Daily Routine.

The Nashotah Mission of the American Church.
From The Colonial Church Chronicle and Missionary Journal, Vol. II (No. XXIV) (June, 1849), pages 446-450.

A Letter to the Children of Sunday Schools
By a Nashotah Student, 1860.

The Story of Nashotah
By John H. Egar.
Milwaukee: Burdick Armitage, 1874. Reprinted from the London edition, SPCK, 1873.

Three Letters upon the Confessional, to James De Koven, D.D.
With the Resolutions of the Faculty of Nashotah, and a Speech Upon Eucharistic Adoration, Read before the Special Council held in Milwaukee, Feb. 11, 12 and 13, 1874, for the Election of a Bishop in the Diocese of Wisconsin.
By William Adams, D.D.
Milwaukee: Burdick and Armitage, 1874.

Sermon by the Rev. A.D. Cole, D.D. President of Nashotah House, and Peter Hubbell Professor of Pastoral Theology. On the First Sunday in September, 1875, Being the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of His Residence at Nashotah. Nashotah, Wis.: Published at the request of the President and Trustees, 1875.

The Fortieth Anniversary of the Organization of St. Alban's Parish, Sussex, Wis. With a Sermon Preached on that Occasion by the Rev. William Adams, D.D., of Nahotah, Wisconsin.
Beaver Dam, WI: 1882.

Nashotah Scholiast

Volume One, December, 1883-June, 1884

Report of the Jubilee Ceremonies of Nashotah House, with Historical Papers.
Milwaukee: Houtkamp and Cannon, 1892.

A Day at Nashotah
from The Church Eclectic September, 1893.

The Belfry at Nashotah
From The Living Church, November 29, 1913, p. 160

The Deans of Nashotah House and Events That Occurred during Each Term.
By Susan Lee Mills.
Nashotah, Wisconsin: Nashotah House Library, 1992.

The Cloister, 1925-1929: An Author and Title Bibliography, and Index to Artwork, Poems, Sermons, and Photographs.
By Michael J. Tolan.
Nashotah, Wisconsin: Nashotah House, 1995.

Frontier High Churchmen and the Founding of Nashotah House.
By Amy Kasza.
Milwaukee: University of Wisconsin, M.A. Thesis, 2005.

St. Paul's Church [Ashippun]: From the Mission at Nashotah to Its Founding.
By Thomas L. Holtzen.
Nashotah, Wisconsin: Nashotah House, 2007.


Resources on James Lloyd Breck

An Apostle of the Wilderness James Lloyd Breck, D.D. His Missions and His Schools.
By Theodore I. Holcombe, B.D. New York: Thomas Whittaker, 1903.

Gustaf Elias Unonius, first graduate of Nashotah House

Bishop Jackson Kemper

An Account of the Last Hours and Burial of the Rev. Dr. Cole,
The Resolutions of the Faculty, Students, Alumni and Trustees of Nashotah House, and of the Clergy present at the Burial, The Memorial Sermon of the Bishop of Fond du Lac, preached at the request of the Faculty, at the Chapel of St. Sylvanus, Nashotah, the twenty-third Sunday after Trinity, Nov. 8, 1885, and repeated at the request of the Bishop of Wisconsin, at All Saints' Cathedral, Milwaukee, the twenty-fourth Sunday after Trinity, Nov. 15, 1885; and the Last Sermon Delivered by the Rev. Dr. Cole, at St. Sylvanus' Chapel, Nashotah, the Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity, October 4, 1885.

Charles Chapman Grafton

Nashotah House, Bishop Grafton, and Saint Tikhon of Moscow
Address by the Very Reverend Chad [M. Richard] Hatfield Given at the Sesquicentennial Convocation, Nashotah House, Saturday, 7 November 1992

James DeKoven

Edward Allan Larrabee

Howard Baldwin St. George
By the Very Rev. E.J.M. Nutter, D.D. (no date)

Frank Gavin, Priest and Doctor, from The New American Church Monthly, volume 43, 1938, pp 201-205.

Some Wisconsin Ghosts
By W. A. Curtis (1902)


Christian Ballads
By Arthur Cleveland Coxe (1865 edition)

St. Silvan's Bell

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