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Charles Chapman Grafton


The Sermon delivered by the Rt. Rev. William E. McLaren, D.D., Bishop of Chicago at the Decennary of the Rt. Rev. C. C. Grafton, Bishop of Fond du Lac at the Cathedral, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin On the Festival of S. Mark, April 25th, 1899.

Bishop Grafton
[Commemorative volume by Reginald H. Weller, James O. S. Huntington OHC, William Walter Webb, William Harman van Allen, George McClellan Fiske, Erving Winslow]
[Fond du Lac:] no publisher, c. 1913.

Archbishop Tikhon and Bishop Grafton: An Early Chapter in Anglo-Orthodox Relations in the New World. [PDF]
By Peter Carl Haskell.
From St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Quarterly, 1967, pp. 193-204; 1969, pp. 2-16.

Nashotah House, Bishop Grafton, and Saint Tikhon of Moscow
Address by the Very Reverend Chad [M. Richard] Hatfield
Given at the Sesquicentennial Convocation, Nashotah House, Saturday, 7 November 1992

An Anglican Understanding of the Theology and Practice of Sanctification in the Thought of Charles Chapman Grafton, Second Bishop of Fond Du Lac.
By John Bernard Pahls, Jr.
S.T.M. Thesis, Nashotah House Theological Seminary, 2005.


The Steward of God: A Sermon. A Memorial of the Rev. William Edward Wyatt, D.D., Rector of St. Paul's Parish, Baltimore. Preached in St. Paul's Church, Baltimore. Published by the Vestry.
Baltimore: Printed by John D. Toy, 1864.

A Letter about the Mission to Be Held at the Church of St. John the Evangelist, Montreal.
By the Rev. C.C. Grafton and the Rev. A.C.A. Hall.
Montreal: Gazette Printing, 1878.

A Letter addressed to the Members of the Society of S. John the Evangelist
By Charles Chapman Grafton
No place: no publisher, 1883.

Catalogue of St. Paul's Cathedral Choir School, for the Training of Choristers.
The Rt. Rev. C. C. Grafton, S.T.D., Bishop of Fond du Lac, Founder and Patron.
Fond du Lac: P.B. Haber Printing House, 1899.

A Correspondence between the Rt. Rev. Bishop of Fond du Lac and the Rev. the Rector of St. Patrick's Church, Fond du Lac.
Fond du Lac: The Daily Commonwealth, 1909.

The Works of Bishop Charles Chapman Grafton


Christian and Catholic

Introduction to the Cathedral Edition


Chapter I. Religion.
Chapter II. Heaven's Ambassador.
Chapter III. The Divine Teacher.
Chapter IV. The Great Credential.
Chapter V. Christ's Temptation.
Chapter VI. Eternal Life.
Chapter VII. Love and Service.


Chapter VIII. The Rule of Faith.
Chapter IX. Sacrifice.
Chapter X. The Christian Ministry.
Chapter XI. Anglican Orders.
Chapter XII. The Seven Mysteries.
Chapter XIII. Unity and Union.


Chapter XIV. S. Peter's Pre-eminence.
Chapter XV. S. Peter and S. John.
Chapter XVI. S. Peter at Rome.
Chapter XVII. The Roman Claim.
Chapter XVIII. The Holy See.
Chapter XIX. Secessions.
Chapter XX. Anglicanism and Reunion.


The Lineage of the American Catholic Church

Pusey and the Church Revival also Milwaukee: The Young Churchman Co., 1902


A Catholic Atlas: or Digest of Catholic Theology, Comprehending Fundamentals of Religion, Summary of Catholic Doctrine, Means of Grace, Perfection with Its Rules and Counsels, Worship and its Laws [External link]


A Journey Godward of a Servant of Jesus Christ

I. Changes and Chances
II. "It is Good for Me that I Have Been in Trouble"
III. "Can These Dry Bones Live?"
IV. The Religious Life
V. Pastoral Work
VI. As a Confessor and Spiritual Guide
VII. The Diocese of Fond du Lac
VIII. The Episcopate
IX. Scripture and the Sacraments
X. Twenty Years in the Episcopate
XI. My Life in Christ
XII. An Instruction
XIII. Church Unity and Union
XIV. The Polish Old Catholic Movement
XV. Final Words

In Memoriam
Bishop Webb's Tribute
The Translation


Vocation; or, The Call of the Divine Master to a Sister's life, and other writings of the religious life

Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII

The Religious Life

Meditation I
Meditation II
Meditation III
Meditation IV
Meditation V
Meditation VI
Meditation VII
Meditation VIII
Meditation IX
Meditation X
Meditation XI

A Religious Order for Men

A Benedictine Abbey

A Commentary on the Rule

The Book of Customs


Plain Suggestions for a Reverent Celebration of the Holy Communion

Chapter One: The Altar
Chapter Two: The Altar Ornaments
Chapter Three: The Altar Vessels
Chapter Four: The Vestments of the Celebrant
Chapter Five: How to Prepare for the Celebration
Chapter Six: The Eastward Position
[All above transcribed by Dr Elizabeth G Mellilo, AD 2000]

Chapter Seven: The Order of the Service
Chapter Eight: Preparation and Thanksgiving
Chapter Nine: The Mystical Meaning of the Liturgy


I. The Church in the New Testament
II. The Holy Eucharist in the New Testament [originally published Milwaukee, Young Churchman Co.]

The Holy Communion: A Brief Exposition

III. Catholicity and the Vincentian Rule [originally published Milwaukee, Young Churchman Co., 1903]

IV. Absolution in God's Word


V. Apostolic Succession

VI The Reunion of Oriental and Anglican Churches [transcribed by Mr Benjamin Andersen]

The Rise of Ritualism in the Church

The Ritual of the Church


Letters and Addresses

The Relation of Master and Slave


To the Rev. Oliver Prescott, et al.

The Founding of the Order of St. John the Evangelist
An American Religious Community

To a Young Priest
To Candidates for Holy Orders
To Canon -----
To a Layman
To One in Great Sorrow
To an Aspirant
To a Goddaughter
To a Bishop
To a Canadian Layman

To The Living Church:

Fond du Lac
Representation in the House of Deputies
The Holy Eucharist
Bishop Kozlowski and the Quadrilateral
Children at the Eucharist
Reservation of the Sacrament
Christ's Resurrection and Ours

To The Southern Churchman

Addresses to the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament



Grafton Hall Address

The Reasonableness of the Church's Faith

Letter to the Oneidas


Addresses and Sermons

Addresses to the Annual Council of the Diocese of Fond du Lac, 1889-1912

The Second Adam

The Law and Grace

A Consecration Sermon

The Three Religions: Protestantism, Romanism and Catholicism

Sermon Preached at the Consecration of the Church of the Advent, December 1st, 1894

Some Characteristics of the Episcopal Church

Church Principles and Church Parties

Resurrection Lessons

Analysis of Meditations on the Holy Ghost

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