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Catalogue of St. Paul's Cathedral Choir School, for the Training of Choristers.

The Rt. Rev. C. C. Grafton, S.T.D.,
Bishop of Fond du Lac,
Founder and Patron.

Fond du Lac: P.B. Haber Printing House, 1899.

The Corporation.

The Rt. Rev. the Bishop of Fond du Lac,
President, ex-officio.

The Rev. Walter R. Gardner, D.D., Algoma,

Mr. James B. Perry, Fond du Lac,

Mr. Nathaniel W. Salladé, Fond du Lac,

Major E. R. Herren,
Fond du Lac.

Mr. A. Heber Reynolds,
Green Bay.


Charles Chapman Grafton, S.T.D.,
Bishop of Fond du Lac.

The Rev. James Martin Raker, B.A.

Assistant Master
Mr. Royden A. K. Rothermel.

Assistant Master
Organist of the Cathedral.

Mrs. H. A. Copland.



Thursday, September 14, Trinity Term begins
Wednesday, November 1, All Saint's Day, Admission of Choristers
Monday, December 25, Christmas Recess begins
Sunday, December 30, Christmas Term begins


Monday, April 23, Easter Recess begins
Sunday, May 6, Easter Term begins
Monday, June 25, Long Vacation begins
Thursday, September 13, Trinity Term begins

The boys are expected to arrive Wednesday, September 13, 1899.

The Christmas Recess will begin after the morning service on Christmas Day. The boys will return Saturday, December 29.

The Easter Recess will begin April 23, J900, the Monday after Low Sunday. The boys will return Saturday, May 5.

The Christmas and Easter Recesses are so arranged that the boys will be present at the Cathedral services on all the principal Sundays.

No absences will be permitted during term time except in cases of absolute necessity.

St. Paul's Cathedral Choir School.


The primary object of the school is the education and training of Choristers. While special attention is given to the culture of the voice, other studies are not neglected, and a thorough and liberal education, suited to the years of the pupils, is provided.

Since only a limited number of boys with good voices, and from nine to twelve years of age, can be accommodated, the preference will be given to those who are best qualified to become useful and efficient members of the Cathedral Choir. This does not necessarily imply any previous knowledge of music.

The pupils assist at the principal Sunday services, and also at the daily choral service of the Cathedral, singing Mattins daily except on Holy Days, when there is a Celebration of the Holy Eucharist.


The house pictured on fifth page, contains dormitory, refectory, chapel, common room, study room, music room, and the rooms occupied by all who are attached to the household. It is heated throughout by steam, and lighted by gas and electricity. In the dormitory each boy has his own private alcove, simply furnished with bed, washstand, chair and shelves. There is a large play-ground in front of the house.

The rooms for recitations and rehearsals, and the gymnasium are in buildings attached to the Cathedral.

Family Life.

The Head Master, the Matron, the Assistant Masters and the boys live in the same building, and have their meals in common. The dormitory is in charge of a Master who occupies a room adjoining. The limited number of pupils insures the more careful attention to the details of home life and to training in gentlemanly ways.

Daily Routine.

7:00—Rising Bell.
7:00—Study Hour.

There are two half holidays in the week, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. Boys whose behavior has been good during the week are given liberty out of bounds from two until five on Saturday.


In consideration of a partial endowment, and also of the services rendered by the pupils in the Cathedral Choir, the charge for the year is fixed at $100, payable to the Treasurer, one-half on entrance and one-half February 1. This includes tuition, board, and washing with the exception of white shirts and collars.

Lessons in instrumental music will be furnished to pupils at the rate of $30 per school year, and $5 for use of piano.

Books and stationery will be furnished at retail rates.

Parents are expected to make a deposit of $10 with the Head Master at the beginning of the term, for incidentals, text books, pocket money, postage, etc., and to renew the deposit when necessary.

Parents are requested not to send money to their sons, but to place all funds for their use with the Head Master, to be expended by him as directed. The observance of this rule will avoid many inconveniences and misunderstandings.


Each pupil at entrance must be supplied with Bible, Prayer Book, two entire suits of clothes, two pairs of shoes, rubbers, cloth slippers, clothes brush, hair brush and comb, tooth brush, tooth powder, blacking brush and blacking, umbrella, bag for soiled clothing, one pair of heavy blankets, comforter, six towels, four wash cloths, soap, six napkins, and napkin ring.

All articles of clothing must be in thorough repair and plainly marked with the owner's name in full. The officers of the school will not be responsible for unmarked articles.

General Information.

All reading matter sent to pupils must be submitted to the Head Master for approval. The sending of newspapers is discouraged.

No pupil will be permitted to keep eatables of any kind in his room, and parents are requested not to send such articles to their sons.

All express packages should be prepaid.

All communications from parents should be addressed to the Head Master.

Regular monthly reports of school standing will be sent to the parents.

Choir of St. Paul's Cathedral Church.

The House.

St. Paul's Cathedral Church.

The House Chapel.

The Music Room.

The Hall.

The Common Room.

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