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The Book of Common Prayer

Directorium Anglicanum
Being a Manual of Directions for the Right Celebration of the Holy Communion, for the Saying of Matins and Evensong, and for the Performance of Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, according to Ancient Uses of the Church of England. With Plan of Chancel and Illustrations of "Such Ornaments of the Church, and of the Ministers Thereof, at All Times of Their Ministration, (As) Shall Be Retained, and Be in Use as Were in This Church of England, by the Authority of Parliament, in the Second Year of the Reign of King Edward the Sixth."
Edited by the Rev. John Purchas, M.A., Christ's College, Cambridge.
London: Joseph Masters, 1858. [first edition]

Cautels of the Mass.
Translated from the Sarum Missal, by John Purchas, M.A.
London: Printed for the Editor by Joseph Masters, 1858.

Directions for the use of Incense at High Celebration of the Holy Eucharist (no date, but bound with above title)

The Offices of the Old Catholic Prayer-Book
Done into English and Compared with the Offices of the Roman and Old German Rituals.
Oxford and London: James Parker and Co., 1876.

Litany of the Melanesian Mission
Auckland, N.Z.: Wilsons and Horton, [c. 1880-1906]

Ritual Notes on the Order of Divine Service.
By the Editors of "The Order of Divine Service," &c., &c.
Oxford: Mowbray & Co., 1894.

The York Missal A translation edited by Adam Gaunt, Catherine Button and Richard Bimson [pdf]

The Swedish Communion Office, Generally known as The High Mass. As authorized for Use among the Swedes in the [Episcopal] Diocese of Quincy. A translation. np: np, circa 1902.

Obsequiale: Or, the Rites To Be Observed at the Burial of the Dead. [PDF]
Arranged by William L. Hayward for the Congregation of the Companions of the Holy Saviour.
New York and London: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1907.

The Server's Manual
By Robert Frederick Lau.
New York: Edwin S. Gorham, 1917.

A Book of Collects in Two Parts.
By Pater and Filius. [John Wallace Suter and John Wallace Suter, Jr.]
Milwaukee: Morehouse Publishing, 1919.

Suggestions for the Revision of the Mota Prayer Book
"The following suggestions for the Revision of the Prayer Book, and for additional forms of Service, etc., are submitted for your consideration preparatory to the discussion of the subject at the 1921 Conference."
British Solomon Islands: Printed at the Melanesian Mission Press, 1920.

The Prayer of Consecration in the Holy Communion Office: A Comparison of Certain Liturgies.
By Richmond Shreve.
St. Johns, P.Q.: The E.R. Smith Co., 1924.

Anglican Low Mass
By Edward C. Trenholme of the Society of St. John the Evangelist.
London: The Faith Press; Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1931.

A Manual of Catholic Worship Based on the Book of Common Prayer.
New York: Morehouse-Gorham, 1934.

The People's Order of the Mass. Authorized for Use in the Diocese of Nassau, 1939.

The Anámnesis of the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ Containing the Liturgies of the Offertory, Consecration, and Holy Communion, Commonly Called the Mass
According to the Use of the Society of the Catholic Commonwealth.
Cambridge, Massachusetts: Oratory of Saint Mary and Saint Michael, 1947.

The Cross and the Plow: A Service for Rogationtide in Procession.
New York: The National Council of the Protestant Episcopal Church, 1950.

Anglican Services: A Book concerning Anglican Ritual and Ceremonial in the Church of England. [PDF]
By Henry Cairncross.
London: W. Knott, 1953.

Related documents

Reasons for Restoring Some Prayers and Directions as They Stand in the Communion Service of the First English Reformed Liturgy
By Jeremy Collier (1718)

Pope Pius IV. and the Book of Common Prayer.
By E. C. Harington.
Exeter and Liverpool: A. Holden, 1856.
London: F. & J. Rivington, 1856.

The Social Influence of the Prayer Book
By A.J.B. Beresford Hope (1863)

The Needs of the Age Respecting the Public Worship of Our Church (1873)

The Communion Service from the Book of Common Prayer
With Select Readings from the Writings of the Rev. F. D. Maurice, M.A.
Edited by the Right Rev. John William Colenso, D.D., Lord Bishop of Natal.
London: Macmillan and Co., 1874.

The Archbishops on the Lawfulness of the Liturgical Use of Incense and the Carrying of Lights in Procession.
London and New York: Macmillan, 1899.

A Guide to High Mass
London: Church Literature Association, no date.

"I Can't Follow the Service!"
London: Church Literature Association, no date.

The Advent Antiphons with Scripture References and Paraphrases.
By A.C.A. Hall, Bishop of Vermont.
Milwaukee: The Young Churchman; London: A.R. Mowbray & Co., n.d. but c. 1914.

On the Retention of the Word Obey in the Marriage Service of the Book of Common Prayer: A Liturgical Consultation, addressed to the Bishop of Oxford, and written before the first of August, 1914.
By J. Wickham Legg.
London: Wells Gardner, Darton and Co, 1915.

Some Vindications of the Book of Common Prayer appearing in Unexpected Quarters
Gathered by Dr. J. Wickham Legg.
London: SPCK, 1916.

The Scottish Liturgy: Its Value and History
By the Rev. W. Perry, B.D.
London: Mowbray, 1922.

Evensong Explained, with Notes on Matins and the Litany
By W.K. Lowther Clarke
London: SPCK, 1922.

How to Make Mattins and Evensong Real: Some Practical Suggestions
By the Rev. Conrad A.M. Stewart
Little Books on Religion, Number 40
London: SPCK, 1926

The Middle Way: Suggestions for a Practicable Ceremonial
By Latta Griswold, M.A., Rector of Trinity Church, Lenox, Massachusetts
Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1928.

The Obligation of the Clergy to Recite the Divine Office
By Thomas J. Williams
From American Church Quarterly volume 27, 1930.

Holy Week and Easter: The Services Explained.
By E. J. Rowland.
St Leonards on Sea: Christ Church Publications, 1956.

The Subdeacon: His Duties at the Solemn Eucharist
No place: no publisher, 1962.

Liturgical Spirituality under the Southern Cross:
A Study of the Impact of the Anglo-Catholic Tradition on the Anglican Church in Melanesia

By the Rev. David V. Vunagi, B.Ed., Dip. Ed., B.Th.
A thesis submitted to the Graduate Studies Committee of the Vancouver School of Theology in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Theology.

The Ornaments Rubric: Its History and Force
By Louis E. Daniels, M.A., D.Sac.Mus.
Lecturer in Church Music in Bexley Hall Divinity School
Published by the Anglican Society, n.d.

An Examination of the So-Called American Missal
By Carl Eckhardt Grammer
Philadelphia: The Evangelical Education Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church, no date.

Convocation and the Psalter: A Criticism of the proposals of the Lower House of Convocation in the Province of Canterbury in regard to the revision of the Psalter.
By the Rev. A. H. Baverstock, M.A., Rector of Hinton Martel, Dorset.
London: The Catholic Literature Association, nd.

Legislation related to Liturgy in the Church of England

Public Worship Regulation Act

First Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Inquire Into the Rubrics, Orders, and Directions For Regulating the Course And Conduct Of Public Worship, &c. London, 1867.

Second Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Inquire Into the Rubrics, Orders, and Directions For Regulating the Course And Conduct Of Public Worship, &c. London, 1867.

Report of the Royal Commission on Ecclesiastical Discipline. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of His Majesty, 1906.

The Commission
Preamble and Chapter I. Procedure
Chapter II. Statement of Law
Chapter III. Departures from the Standard of the Acts of Uniformity

Chapter IV. Present Breaches and Neglects of the Law. (entire text, 209 kb; this chapter has been broken into constituent parts below for ease of use. NB that the section breaks are not from the original).

Section 1. Introduction and Non-Significant Breaches
Section 2. Breaches Having Significance, introduction
Section 3. Vestments, Confiteor and Last Gospel, Ceremonial Mixing of the Chalice, Wafers, The Lavabo, Hiding of the Manual Acts, The Sign of the Cross, Sanctus Bell
Section 4. Incense, Portable Lights, Lights upon the Holy Table, Holy Water
Section 5. The Blessing of Palms, Tenebrae, The Washing the Altars, Paschal Candle, Stations of the Cross, Observance of Days Not Appointed by The Prayer Book to Be Observed
Section 6. "Certain illegal practices of a graver kind which are connected with the service of Holy Communion"
Section 7. "Certain other illegal practices"

Chapter V. Confession.
Chapter VI. Prayers for the Dead
Chapter VII. Manuals
Chapter VIII. Result of the Evidence
Chapter IX. Historical Survey
Chapter X. Causes of the Failure To Check Irregularities, And Suggested Remedies
Chapter XI. Conclusion

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