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Alcuin Club Publications


I. Ornaments of the Rubric, by J. T. Mickelthwaite [External link]

II. Consolidation, by the Rev. W.C.E. Newbolt

III. Liturgical Interpolations, by the Rev Canon T.A. Lacey

IV. The Parish Clerk and his right to read the Liturgical Epistle, by E.G. Cuthbert F. Atchley

V. A First English Ordo

VI. The People's Prayers, by E.G. Cuthbert F. Atchley

VII. The Sign of the Cross in the Western Liturgies, by Ernest Beresford Cooke [External link]

VIII. The "Interpretations" of the Bishops and their Influence on Elizabethan Policy, by W.M. Kennedy [External link]

IX. Prayer Book Revision: The Irreducible Minimum of the Hickleton Conference, by Athelstan Riley [External link]

X. The Bread of the Eucharist, by Reginald Maxwell Woolley [External link]

XI. English or Roman Use?, by E. G. P. Wyatt, M.A.

XII. Russian Observations upon the American Prayer Book, translated by Wilfrid J. Barnes; and edited with notes by Walter Howard Frere

XIII. A Directory of Ceremonial [External link]

XIV. Ceremonial Pictured in Photographs

XVI. The Uniats and Their Rites: A Paper Read before the Alcuin Club on November 20, 1924.
By Stephen Gaselee.
London: A.R. Mowbray, 1924.


XVII. Traditional Ceremonial and Customs connected with the Scottish Liturgy
By F.C. Eeles. [External link]

Latin Versions of the Book of Common Prayer. [PDF]
By Frank Streatfeild.
London: A.R. Mowbray, 1964.

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